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John Morris and Jim Dymock are set to take over from Shane Flanagan as interim coaches of the Cronulla Sharks.

Flanagan was de-registered by the NRL on Wednesday and the Sharks received a fine of $800,000, after it was found that Flanagan had been in contact with the Sharks while suspended.

Cronulla also released the following statement on their website, which can be read in full below.

While disappointed at the severity of the fine imposed, the Sharks accept full responsibility and are understanding of the breach after an overview was provided to CEO Barry Russell and Chairman Dino Mezzatesta earlier today.

The $800,000 fine is based on preliminary findings and the Club will appeal the NRL’s determination prior to the January 31 deadline.

The NRL has indicated the breach concerns former club officials and staff and there are no current staff, players or Board members implicated.

In relation to Shane Flanagan, the Sharks have offered immediate wellbeing support to Shane and his family and will continue to do so.

While having opportunity to appeal his breach, Shane cannot have any contact with the Club, nor the Club make contact with Shane, in regards to football matters during his appeal process.

In the interim, the Sharks are confident they have a committed playing group and the coaching structure in place to continue their preparations ahead of the 2019 season. A coaching structure will be discussed pending the outcome of Shane Flanagan’s appeal process.

In relation to the fine imposed and the Club financial situation, significant progress has been made over recent weeks, shoring up our financial security, with the Sharks confident that they will navigate the current challenges.


  1. Appears that Reg and his mate angry eagle47 were spot on with their info, well done boys, guess will just have to go over to the roar for more of your insights.

    Must admit didn’t see the tigers thing coming, and wonder what Johnson must be thinking about now.

    • Peenz0 a new disciple of the nutter angered seabird 47. That fool has part of one of his six ridiculous prophecies correct and you want to give him credit for being spot on . Ahahahaha. Better you join the clowns at the site you mentioned full time if you are a gullible clown fan

    • Typical Souffths fan, everyone’s over the cap except us Souffths that love spending big on TPA’s ahahahaha

      • So tell us again why your dismal excuse of team should be relocated or removed from the league. Would love to hear your positive spin on this one. Surprised you even came out from under rock after this.

        • There’s absolutely no reason for me to tell you why my team “should” be relocated or removed from the league. They shouldn’t be. Well put question genius. No amount of drama will have the sharks finishing behind the chokers from further south. But yet again what’s new in that. I think the merged rabble have enough scandal on their own hands at this point in time. All the fake news and trash talk that you can dig up won’t make the JDB disgrace and embarrassment go away sunshine. That’s a criminal matter. This stuff isn’t.

        • Well you know how autocorrect goes sometimes, and I’m sure even someone as thick as you could figure out what I was saying. As for the relocation, well, must be fun to have lost your coach, best player and sponsor (why anyone would sponsor the sharks is beyond-talk about a way to lose customers for your business) all in the space of a few weeks. And you still have the salary cap issue to look forward to (and if you think that’s all fake news then you’re as delusional as I thought). Yeah JDB has stepped on his old fella but as people are fond of saying “innocent until proven guilty”. That’s not really something your team can say though is it – because they were found guilty numerous times with the drugs and now Flanagan (not to mention all the other crap things). Besides there is the possibility De Belin will be found innocent. Aside from him tooling around on his missus what will you have to crow about then? Criminal matter or not, mine isn’t the team going down in flames. Enjoy Perth princess, this is just the beginning. You’ll finish above the dragons? Ha, you’ll be lucky to make the 8.

  2. John Morris will do ok, well respected in the Sharkies playing group. Bye bye Flanno, i guess Gal has full reign on the press conferences now.

    • 2015 Gains :
      Ben Barba (Broncos) – GF
      Michael Ennis (Bulldogs) – GF
      Mitch Brown (Bulldogs)
      Sami Sauiluma (Raiders)
      Jack Bird (Dragons) – GF
      Gerard Beale (Dragons) – GF
      Saulala Houma (Newtown Jets)
      Jayson Bukuya (Warriors)
      Kyle Stanley (Dragons)

      4 of the players were part of the 2016 Premiership Winning 17, with majority of the rest playing at one point in the 2016 season. I think the quality of the 4 GF players signed in 2014 is enough to remove the premiership

      • That and the fact that had the league known about Flanagan, there’s no way he’d have been coaching them. I vote strip.

      • Its totally Irrelevant on who Sharks signed in 2015. The Point is what wrongdoings where committed in 2014 during the suspension? Well as we all know, its the emails & txts & nothing more than that.
        So you have NOTHING in regards of any laughable potential stripping of any premierships. End of story.

      • They were not over the cap so the NRL has already announced weeks ago that the premiership will not be stripped from the Sharks. Just another dumb prophecy from that nutcase angered sea bird 47 who got one out of about six prophecies part correct

        • It took 50 years, a team full of peptidides and a team over the salary cap to get 1 premiership, Cronulla will always be know as a the biggest losers in the game, if you only defence is that your not as useless as the dragons, well you have problems.

        • If we’re such a failure why does the red V have 16 titles and your rabble have one that in a just world should be stripped. Nice try little fella but we’ll always be the big brother in this relationship.

        • By the juvenile content of your dribble pal I would guess that the mighty red v racked up those gongs a good 40 or so years before you were even born. In your time they were forced into an embarrassing merger that had them lose their identity, no matter how much denial there is, and a lot of their pride and tradition. They have one lonely dubious title in all that time due to the best team (Melbourne) of 2010 being unable to play finals footy. They’ve stuck their hand out to the NRL more than once and are on the brink of another financial meltdown with no assets to fall back on. They also have the tag of perennial chokers which they’ll never shake and a bloke called Doust who has dragged them backwards for years. There is no other team where their own “fans” get on this site crying for their coach’s blood when the inevitable failure comes, begging changes, new players etc etc. On the whole, with a few exceptions, drags fans are the most fickle and disloyal of all. Must come from that loss of identity I guess. Sharks fans have been through rough patches before and stuck true. They’ll get through this as always and be there when it matters in September. You won’t be able to say that about your mob and sadly know it so just go away and focus your diatribe elsewhere. There’ll be an article or two once JDB is convicted for you to comment on.

        • Oh dear little brother you are delusional aren’t you. You go on about Melbourne being the best team in 2010 (we beat them during that season by the way) when they were fielding an illegal lineup. But hey you’re a shakies fan so rules probably don’t mean much to you do they. And you know plenty about illegal lineups don’t you. From your salary cap shenanigans to Benny Barba ‘lining them up’. And no, I was around for their two previous titles and remember the 79 one.
          As far as financial matters are concerned, you’re joking aren’t you? You’re CEO is currently begging the league not to impose the 800k fine because you’re about to go under. You had a 4 million loss last year and just sacked 10 poor ba$tards to cut costs. Again you fail when it comes to debating adults.
          As for our identity, we actually put our hand up to merge with Illawarra. Made sense since a lot of our players came from there anyway. Glad to have them on board as we retained our identity, the red V, the name St George and the title of the Dragons. As for being in denial, please, that’s a Cronulla thing, I’m sure most people would agree with that (ASADA ring a bell?).
          As for getting stuck in to players and coach when they underperform, well yeah of course we do. We expect better and want them to know it. We don’t follow them blindly down a dark hole like you lot have with Flanagan. See where that’s got you?
          We’ll be there in September princess, as for you guys, not so sure. You go on about rough patches and that halfwit druggie Gallen was barking about resilience. Well yeah, you screw up that often I guess you need a little resilience don’t you.
          As for De Belin, I’m happy for those articles and the truth to come out. Unlike your club and it’s supporters we believe in transparency. Can’t really say that about the sharks can we.
          Good effort and nice try as usual little brother, but as usual you just keep walking into slap downs. Might be a good idea if you have an off season too. But I know you won’t and I’m hoping you keep it going because I get a little bored on leave and playing with the low hanging like you keeps me amused.

  3. Had high expectations for them this seaseon, particularly with the addition of Johnston. Can’t see that happening now with teh apparent instability at the top. They need change, and although many of us will jump at moving them to perth, that’ll only increase instability, putting the club in a dangerous situation. Maybe somewhere down the line, but for now, they should appoint Steve Price, or Trent Barrett if Price isn’t available. To be fair, Price is contracted to Warrington, so sharkies fans, brace yourselves for a tough season.

    • Will be a tough season but that’s what you get for cheating your way through life. I wouldn’t be chasing Price though, he’s that bad he makes Jason Taylor look like a SuperCoach..

  4. @ penso and Pennie Wise

    Reg gives AE47 all the credit. It was his news, his source. This is the same source of the “Angry Eagle’s” that predicted the Sharks salary cap breach and Flanagan being history that also confirmed that Nick Politis runs the NRL behind the scenes and it is common knowledge within the game. Why else do you think that the NRL looked the other way over the appointment of former NRL salary cap auditor-general to control the Roosters books? They DON’T WANT to find anything and “the NRL’s No. 1 accountant” knows how to present the figures to satisfy the NRL for appearance sake. It’s all a shell and pea game. The facts have been presented often enough on this site if people want to run the figures for themselves.

    One more point to think about… remember SSTID and Reg have talked about the NRL’s expansion plans and clandestine scheme to eliminate a number of the 9 remaining Sydney teams to allow expansion to continue? Well, isn’t it a “coincidence” that since the NRL have now set a deadline for expansion that two of the most vulnerable Sydney based clubs financially speaking have suddenly been found to have breached the salary cap and look to be in trouble financially. Wouldn’t it be “convenient” for the NRL if two Sydney clubs folded just in time for the planned expansion of one additional team in Brisbane and one in Perth? I mean, what are the odds right?

    • Gooday Reg what happened to Nero????? I see your still into writing long boring stories on your favourite subject. Let’s attack the Roosters cap. Ahahahah now take the other clown Penzzo and stay over at the new home with your nutter mate angered seabird47 at the roar

  5. You’re full of it Milton.
    Reg Reagan December 5, 11:37
    How will these new clubs be financially viable in a saturated market with little talent to build a new franchise around?

    Also how will the NRL expand the competition nationally when the game is already saturated and there isn’t a large enough pool of quality talent to support your over ambitious idea?

  6. & as the legend Gal has recently been quoted on saying…. Sharks skipper Paul Gallen has been at the club for 18 years and said the latest setback would have the players determined to perform next season.
    “It’s the most resilient club in Australian sport,” Gallen said.
    “We faced going broke half a dozen times, scandals, but we’re still here fighting and will continue to be. We’re a side teams do not want to play. We’ve got a superstar in our team in Shaun Johnson and he came to the club because we’re a tough club.
    “I’ve seen this before, it’s not good, it’s a distraction, but times like these you find out a lot about people, who’s with you and who’s not.” Well said Gal you legend….. Well said. There are a lot of jealous nervous haters out there, & you know who they are when they open their big fat traps.

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