NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 09: Blake Ferguson of the Roosters in action during the round 14 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Sydney Roosters at McDonald Jones Stadium on June 9, 2018 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Parramatta have added Sydney Roosters winger Blake Ferguson for the next three seasons, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Ferguson was reportedly weighing up an offer from the Knights, but knocked it back in order to sign a three-year, $1.5 million deal.

The 28-year-old had a contract on the table from the Roosters although it was only a one-year extension, and wanted more security surrounding his future.

Ferguson has played 181 first grade matches for Cronulla, Canberra and Sydney, and will leave the Roosters after 79 appearances and four seasons with the club.


  1. Definitely doesn’t seem to be a ‘no d1ckheads’ policy in place at parra these days. Between Hayne, Moses, Norman, Jennings and now Ferguson. Some top notch characters there.

        • Dugan and Packer are the ones I can think of straight off the top of my head, but they both seemed to clean up their act when they moved to the Dragons. I think most clubs have had a d*head or two, I know the Titans certainly have.

        • Yeah and Dugan got shown the door, McGregor knew keeping that bogan would only lead to trouble. Packer may have been a screw up once but at least the guy made something of himself and reformed his ways.

  2. Oh well another upcoming victim of the nrl graveyard… shame really, another one bites the dust

  3. Good player in good form. Price paid might be a bit high but my biggest worry for Ferguson in Parra is the bad boy culture. Hayne, Norman, Paulo now Ferguson.

  4. What a tool going to parra.
    Newcastle or the chooks would have been much better.
    He will be in the news next year for sure, and not for his footballing skills

  5. 1: C Gutherson
    2: B Ferguson
    3: M Jennings
    4: R Jennings
    5: K Maumalo
    6: B Austin
    7: M Moses
    8: Jr Paulo
    9: J Seggy
    10: M Taupau
    11: M Mau
    12: T Moeroa
    13: N Brown

    14: R Mahoney/ B French
    15: Jr Tatola
    16: D Alvaro
    17: M Nuikore


    1: W Smith
    2: G Leleisiuao
    3: B Takairangi
    4: D Aukafolau
    5: G Jennings
    6: J Salmon
    7: D Brown
    8: P Terepo
    9: K Pritchard
    10: T Mannah
    11: S Faaniga
    12: S Lane
    13: R Stone

    • Semi, from your list I think Austin is the most likely pick up, and if Norman wants out I’d be happy to replace him with Austin.

      From what I’ve read, just in media reports so how true it is I don’t know, but Taupau is 1 of a very small group of players Manly won’t release, and he knows that because he’s already asked to be released. As good as Taupau is, and he’s obviously one of, if not the top FRF this season, I think he would of been a huge risk for any club to sign at the moment. He’s already on top dollar for the next couple of years, given his backended deal, so you’d be looking at $1mil p.a for 3-4 years to intice him from his current deal, and that could backfire.

      • @ Eelsalmighty

        I’ve heard that parramatta are after the following players

        B Austin
        M Taupau
        J Morris
        B Morris

        I think they should go for big outside backs to get them on the front foot players like Corey Oates rob Jennings and Ken Maumalo are over 100kg they should be chasing

        Ferguson is a very good pick up at 103kg..

  6. I thought Parra needed forwards, if Ferguson gets on the piss , and he will within a three year period, it could end in tears, anyway hopefully it works out for Parra, they sure could use a break at the moment.

  7. I think that’s a good signing, and $500k p.a seems reasonable, especially considering bottom 4 clubs have to pay a bit extra. I also think that should stop us looking at the Morris’s, which I didn’t like given their age.

    And there was some more good news today, at last as far as I’m concerned, in that what we are paying J. Paulo p.a was inflated by the media (I’m shocked).

    • eels – we all know what happens there don’t we?
      if the media want to report a certain way, 500k gets rounded up to 750k, 650k gets rounded up to 1m and conversely 1m can get rounded down to 750, 750 can get rounded down to 450.
      Is it called poetic licence? 😉

  8. Na..they reckon they signed him as a centre..on centre money?. I think his handling and brain explosions these days prove why the Chooks dont want to keep him for much and feel he aint worth it. He owed them big time this year hence playing on a small 1 year contract there for 18. Not sure he is an improvement to Parras current back 5 in respect to who they put out against the Drags.

  9. You’re ok with $700k per year for 4yrs for a bloke that struggles to get through 45mins a game…

    Ferguson is a great winger on his day… But with French, Hayne, Jennings X 2, Gutho, Au’avaa they’ve just overcrowded a position they didn’t need to and haven’t fixed their issue with being to soft in the forwards….

    • who did we sign on 700k for 4 years? think I missed that press release.
      Fergo has been signed as a winger for 3yrs on 500k per year – pretty sure that’s the going rate for a winger at top of his game and averages close to 200m a game from the red zone.
      but don’t let fantasy get in the way 😉

      • Paulo mate. Tried to reply to Eels about his Paulo comment…missed the reply. Paulo $2.8m for 4yrs for 45mins a game. Madness.

        Fergo on $500k is overs… Top of his game?… Dropped from rep footy?…

        At least it’s better than M.Jennings being the most expensive player at Wentworthville…

        Really needed to strengthen your forwards…not the wing position. Strange signing by BA… Especially for half a million.

        • ok – gotcha.
          anyway, that figure has been strongly repudiated by the club, they claim it is widely exaggerated.
          Wing needs strengthening – we don’t have a power winger like most other clubs and it has hurt. Gennings is the closest we have and that’s not saying too much.
          You need to check out what wingers are earning these days – 500k is fairly standard for a quality – but yeah I know what you guys always say “Parra paying overs again but we at manly always get them cheep cheep prices are down”.

        • Time will tell. Just hope he doesn’t go of the rails amongst your bad boy playing group…
          Looks like one hell of a party group…

      • $500k is no longer overs for one of the best wingers in the comp, not by a long shot. As billy said, Parra lack that big body that can put in decent kick returns/dummy half runs out of trouble etc. Fergo is one of the best at that. Is it a risky signing? Of course it is, but unfortunately when you are struggling sometimes you need to make those risky signings. He has been on a self imposed grog ban this year, whether or not that continues remains to be seen, but the benefits of it are there for all to see on the field. As for signing someone in an overcrowded position, of the guys you have mentioned Auva’a is off contract, Hayne is off contract, George Jennings is off contract. Of the three I would definitely be extending Jennings, and Hayne depends on how he finishes the season. based on that there is a back 5 of Gutho, Fergo, Jennings, Hayne?, Jennings?, with French also there, although I expect him to leave looking to play fullback. Hardly seems crowded.

        As for the forwards, of course we need forwards, but that doesn’t mean we ignore other players on the market. Paulo is a good pick up, and the club has stated to members that the money spoken about in the media is inflated. Whether or not this is true none of us actually know, but we do know the media likes to sensationalise things to grab headlines don’t we? Lane is a depth signing, and if he can find his form from the Bulldogs he will be an asset as he plays a bit different to the constant supply of workers we have. We are also still in the market for another prop and a hooker as far as I am aware. Whether or not we get Tapau (very unlikely I think) remains to be seen, and probably relies on either Norman or Jennings going to free up some space.

        • Youd love to steal taupau but it wont happen like hes gonna goto the spooners LOL seriously

        • theres also a lot of chatter about that Zane Musgrove from bunnies has also signed – I don’t know much about him but I hear he is big and young….

  10. Fergusson is like another forward, this season he is leading the hit up metres by a mile and that includes ALL the games best forwards.💋

    • The bush coach stikes again.. i hear his biography will be out soon. The bottom 8 king the eels dalai the leader of the doldrums

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