during the round 25 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Cbus Super Stadium on August 26, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia.

Jarryd Hayne’s financial sacrifice to join the Eels has come under speculation, signing for well below his market value.

The NRL must acknowledge a player’s value before giving a contract the green light.

Why has Jarryd Hayne’s salary decreased by $700,000, in a single year?

Journalist Paul Kent has expressed his dismay towards the governing body for allowing Hayne to take a massive pay cut that not only allows Parramatta to confirm themselves as cap compliant but also helps the Titans bid to find a new owner.

“To be honest, I think the whole thing stinks. I think there’s a smell about this,” Kent told Fox Sports News.

“I don’t see how the NRL can justify Jarryd Hayne taking a $1.2 million deal, walking out on it and being allowed to get under the cap at Parramatta for $500,000.

“No concept of me can figure out why that’s a fair deal.

“The NRL, I’ve spoken to them today about it, they’ve argued that’s what Jarryd’s current market value is, but how do you establish that?

“Let’s also remember that they are an NRL-owned club at the present and the NRL are trying to offload them, so to get rid of that (Hayne’s contract) off the bottom line, maybe that helps as well.”

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“I’m thinking the NRL says to Parramatta if he wants to come back that’s fine but you pay proper market value,” Kent continued on NRL 360.

“By the time every other club found out about it (Hayne’s availability) he’d been signed.

“There’s a stink that a player is allowed to sign at one club and walk out on $1.2 million, to sign at another club without going to market for half that and we don’t even investigate it.”

The former Dally M fullback has agreed to a one-year deal with the Eels, however, it’s unclear where Hayne sits in Brad Arthur’s plans for next season.


    • 😛 He was going to get it on here one way or another Crowy . . .
      I actually think that there’s more of an NRL conspiracy than the Parra one.
      The NRL dont want to be seen to be loosing Hayne (again) and it reads like a Mills n Boon novel that he returns to Parra.

      My bet is its a smelly back ended “hazler” contract but if that is legal then so be it… i just want to understand what / if any 3rd party sponsors are involved >?

      • It’s got nothing to do with TPA’s, and they are legal, and used by every club.

        It all comes down to what’s his fair market value?

        • fair market value = $1.2 mill at the Titans

          Anything less is BS. Force Hayne to honour his obligations to the Titans unless the Eels can match that figure or let all other clubs bid for Hayne, I believe the Knights still have $1 mill to spend. That is if you want it to be FAIR.

        • Really?

          Fair value for Farah was $800k as per his current contract at the time, but the Bunnies are running him on their books at around $200k. That’s how you determine “fair value”.

        • mighty, I thought you had an encyclopedia of facts ready to throw at me. Haven’t you read the stories and numerous posts on ZT explaining that the Tigers were paying the bulk of Farah’s contract and Souths only had to pick up $200K of his contract. But if you like the Eels can have Farah for $200K and the NRL can give Souths back $300K on the salary cap that they can use to re-sign Crichton. Fair?

        • I know the Tigers are paying it, but the point is, “what’s his fair market value” , at the time of signing the deal?

          The simple point is, just because a player is worth x on an existing contract, doesn’t mean that’s his fair market value.

        • “what’s his fair market value”

          Farah? $200K seems “spot on”. 😉
          After all he spent a lot of his time coming off the bench.

    • No, Paul Kent’s story I just ran a “trailer” before the ZT theatrical release (which has happened a few times already).

      Here is where all the Eels fans now try to make a counter argument that amounts to (as they have all said so often in regards to other clubs)…

      “Nothing to see here. Lift mat and sweep!”

      And still the Rabbitohs are the only club to have the NRL intervene and force a club to pay a player more than they were prepared to sign on for.

      But, THIS is how the whole thing started for Souths so fingers crossed, this could yet snowball and the NRL could finally prove they are consistent and fair… no wait, I took the Red pill. Oh, well.

      • So SSTID how come you can bring up the Burgess matter but anytime anyone brings up the Falou deal you shoot it down?

        • Even the Burgess deal is pretty easy to justify.

          The Bunnies agreed to pay Bath $1.5mil to buy his contract, and $1.5 mil to Burgess over 3 years. Under their original proposal they were to spend $3 mil to secure Sam for 3 years, paid for directly by the club, out the club’s cash, yet his “fair market value” was only $500k p.a, and $800k is an outrage.

        • There was a discussion on here a month ago rehashing this failed deal. The flaw, if I remember correctly, was that the Eels had little room to move in the salary cap in the first year of the contract and for whatever reason back ending the contract was not an alternative. So the Eels (i.e. Stuart) asked the NRL, “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, look the other way?” And the NRL said NO!

          I think batman, eels47, billy (someone like that) were involved in the discussion. Do I have to look everything up myself? Come on someone else do the work on this. Come on mighty, you have a dossier a metre thick which you are ready to submit as your deposition in evidence on this case.

          Kev, the NRL never said a word until clubs and journo’s started to throw questions at the NRL and apply the blow torch. The simple truth is that Hayne was under a current contract and Burgess was not. That Hayne has been back in the NRL for over a year while Burgess was out of the NRL for a year. Sam’s form and confidence was at rock bottom while Hayne has just finished playing in the World Cup and has not lost his involvement in the game. The fact is that the NRL have NOT involved themselves in the contract negotiations of other clubs. The fact is the NRL have ownership over the Titans and perhaps, just “perhaps” there is a conflict of interest here.

          As Kent says; “until someone gets some clarification from the NRL and some explanation, I think we’re entitled to ask a few questions.”

        • Oops! Outrage… now I get it. I fell asleep and woke up recently and my eyes are playing tricks. Outrage indeed mighty. His form in 2016 was barely with the $500K starting price and you know it.

        • Isn’t $800k p.a the value of Sam’s contract on your books for salary cap purposes, as opposed to the $500k the Bunnies tried to claim as his fair market value?

        • Yet the original terms of the Burgess deal were $1.5mil to Bath AND $1.5 mil to Sam for a 3 year contract. The Bunnies were prepared to fork out $3mil for a 3year contract, but his “fair market value” was half that ($500k p.a).

          It’s your turn. Can you give me an example/s of a player’s contract that has been registered with the NRL in recent times whereby the club has paid (physically paid, out of their own sky rocket) double what that players contract is worth through their books (on the salary cap), without that club being done for salary cap breaches?

          TPA’s, and offers from other clubs are excluded, as they are irreverent. We are comparing apples with apples.

        • All your words on this issue are starting to blur into one mighty. That is why I mistook Outrage for Outage. I thought you were talking about an $800K shortfall.

          Stop trying to avoid Paul Kent’s questions mighty. At least I have a journo who has come out and agreed with me. Have any put their name up in defence of your argument? No? Oh well that sums it up. 😉

        • That’s it?

          “At least I have a journo who has come out and agreed with me”.

          He sells stories for a living. He doesn’t even read his own articles, or those of his peers, let alone believe it, for example:

          ““By the time every other club found out about it (Hayne’s availability) he’d been signed.”

          SSTID, I’m happy to agree to disagree, and clearly we will disagree on this issue,. but I have to state, on the record, you are 1000x smarter, more knowledgable on all things RL, than to side with a journos, “I’m just selling a story” comments.

          You win, I give up, you’re right, as long as you don’t resort to that.

    • @ crowy

      I was a bit slow on this one mate… no I’m NOT Paul Kent, I’m Ray Martin and eelsalmighty is Chris Bath (formerly of Ch7) and
      MW47 is Paul “Fatty” Vautin. Turn it up! 😉

      • Screaming is Tim and eaglerock is Tom ,😂😂😂👍Manly WARRINGAH
        Manly WARRINGAH cmon Tom show us the Choo Choo train 😂😂😂

  1. Seriously this guy is an oxygen thief.
    For starters Hayne’s contract was 800k with 400k TPA.
    Also his contract with Parra is 600k so it is only 200k less than what was on the Titans cap.
    Last but not least this tool was whinging that Hayne wasn’t worth that much when the Titans signed him and now he is whinging that he is worth 1.2mil now Parra have signed him.
    Kent needs to get over the fact Parra dumped him after half a game because he was completely hopeless.
    Time to get over it you sook!

    • Souths had also signed Sam Burgess Kev, that’s when it all erupted. The contract had not been registered by the NRL and media pressure and pressure from the clubs forced them to intervene and up the ante on Burgess. Same can happen here unless the NRL have registered the contract. Have they?

  2. Put another log on the fire..
    Cook me up some bacon and some beans…
    And go out to the car and change the tire …
    Wash my socks and sew my old blue jeans…

    Nothing to see here – sing a song.

    • The Eels got caught with their hand in the salary cap cookie jar pedro and they are trying to say they weren’t taking the cookie out but putting one in! Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • Souths have never rorted the salary cap, Souths have always played by the rules (including Madge not roasting referees in post-match press conferences always saying he would go through “the proper channels”. Richo is pretty clear on Souths salary cap situation whenever he is asked and even in streamed interviews on the official Souths website. Souths have never been docked competition points for salary cap infringements. So NO, NOT the same. Not angry at you mate but don’t try to drag Souths into the same club as the Storm, Eels and Dogs. Please!

        • I’m sorry but surely you aren’t that naive to think there have been no dodgy deals done by Souths ever. It is pretty widely accepted that every team does it, some just do it better. And every club administrator over the years has claimed to be compliant and have open books, it doesn’t necessarily make it true.

        • I am that naive mate yes. I think Souths, as the ONLY team to have done a Lazarus and come back from the dead, appreciate only too well being back in the comp and have proven that by their professional approach and the practices they have put in place. I think since Madge’s arrival and the with the work or Richo and Crowe they have become a very professional club and regular video updates from Richo to members about the state of the Rabbitohs salary cap is further proof of the organisations desire to be transparent. If YOU think Souths are doing dodgy deals then prove it. Is there any proof? Don’t try and throw mud in the hopes that it will stick. Did I ever go after the Eels or the Dogs when they were caught rorting the system at the time?

          As an eels supporter you just have to face facts that YOUR club not mine has behaved inappropriately, fraudulently and they have been caught. Until such time that Souths are proven to have done likewise please show the proper respect and don’t try to drag the Rabbitohs into the scandal that the eels brought on themselves.

        • Seriously mate, i never excused the eels of anything. Like i said, it is widely accepted that every team skirts the rules. Of course i have no proof, nor do you that Uncle Nick uses his brown paper bags, but you are happy to accept that assumption.

          For the record i didnt go after Souths, just stated something that just about every league fan thinks about every club, no need to get so defensive.

  3. It does stink, but at the same time what club would currently pay 1.2 million for Jarryd Hayne? If clubs would only be willing to pay him around the 500k mark then thats what his value is. What we really need to ask is were there other clubs willing to pay closer to 1 million for his services? (doubt it)

    • Spot on.

      If anyone wants to throw a higher bid in, then he can go there, or we have to pay up. It’s pretty simple.

    • As Kent said, Hayne and his management have not gone to the market. I am sure with over $1 mill to spend the Knights would be interested at the very least. Let’s see the Eels match that for starters.

        • The Knights are being forced to spend $2 mill on their salary cap. Now they have signed Pearce they have $1 mill left so GAME ON! Hahahahahahaha

  4. Kev, your kidding, your worse than Rothfield when it went over his head and yours as well, the argument is why did the NRL value his salary cap at $500K or is it $600k , the figure posted was $500k so you know better then? he could have got more from other clubs that is what this is about, nothing more, very simple and now the NRL has set a precedent which may prove to be not good in the long term.

    • Nothing went over my head penso.
      The media put up the 500k figure. Do you always believe what the media tells you?
      Saying he could have gotten more from other clubs is pure speculation on your part. I doubt any other club would have paid more for him. If they are willing to then he can go as I don’t want him at my club. We have been travelling fine without him.

  5. To be perfectly honest, the way hayne played this year, he’d be lucky to get 500k. If anyone else played like that and asked from more than basic wage they’d be laughed out of the building. I see Kent’s point, but you’ve got to ask, if the Titans were dumb enough to pay 1.2 mill for a guy who hadn’t played in over a year and who had a s*%t selfish attitude to begin with, well isn’t that their problem?

    • “the Titans were dumb enough to pay 1.2 mill… well isn’t that their problem?”

      Actually, as they are owned by the NRL it is the NRL’s problem. And I think they have found a way to solve it. Does anyone else see a massive conflict of interest here?

      • Good point, NRL needs to show a bit of bloody consistency here, that is a pretty bad conflict of interest.

        • The NRL have already solved “the Titan’s problem”. The Titans have signed Michael Gordon (a far more consistent player) for half of what Hayne was on, possibly even a third of Hayne’s $$’s. Who said that the NRL couldn’t even manage a lemonade stand? Shrewd move boys… “Smile and wave boys! Smile and wave!”

  6. The nominations for the signature of Angus Crichton are… The Rabbitohs, the Roosters and the Sharks.

    The envelope please, and the winner is…

    Media Watch: Angus Crichton reveals the three clubs in the race for his signature

    He’s committed to fulfilling his contract for 2018 with South Sydney but admits he is weighing up his options for 2019 and beyond.

    And he says he will choose the club he believes can best help him be selected for NSW and Australia down the track.

    “People tend to think it’s all about money. It isn’t,” Crichton wrote.

    “I need to grow as a player, so I need to be in the best environment to make that happen.”


    Brace yourself Rabbits fans, it is looking shaky at this point but Angus does say he IS committed to Souths for 2018.

      • You missed 2 crucial points mate:

        “he will choose the club he believes can best help him be selected for NSW and Australia”
        “I need to grow as a player, so I need to be in the best environment to make that happen.”

        Manly did wonders for DCE in THAT department didn’t they. As you say DCE will NEVER play rep football again and how he has developed as a player since becoming the $1.2 million dollar man. I don’t think Crichton wants that “albatross” around his neck. Besides Crichton and most players only have HALF the neck that DCE does to begin with!

        • “he will choose the club he believes can best help him be selected for NSW and Australia”
          “I need to grow as a player, so I need to be in the best environment to make that happen.”

          Isn’t that irrelevant, as he’d have to go to the highest bidder, otherwise it would be a “conspiracy”, surely?

        • It isn’t slave auction mate. Just how far south are you mighty?

          You keep throwing up red herrings. Did James Roberts go to the highest bidder? (Souths = $500K, Dragons = $400K, Broncos = $300K). WHO does Jimmy the Jet play for mighty? Gillett also turned down an extra $300K from a rival club (an official tabled offer) to stay with the Broncos whose “lowball offer” was accepted in the end. There are so many holes in the consistency of NRL “market value” contracts it is hard to imagine that you are actually defending it. NO PLAYER IS FORCED TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER! Can I make it any clearer?

        • Agreed, and weren’t these (some at least). recent examples you used to argue how some clubs get around the system?

    • With statements like that, Crichton is most probably off to the Roosters. No better player to learn off than Cordner who is the NSW captain and Kangaroos Vice Captain. Roosters probably give him a better chance of winning a premiership too. Imagine having Cordner on one side and Crichton on the other, scary sight 👀

  7. All the more reason that a complete payment restructure is required urgently, we currently have young “potential “ players on over inflated salaries even some seasoned are being paid far to much then those that arnt being paid enough and topped up with TPA’s , Rugby League can’t survive if this continues, it will look like Rugby Union sooner than you all think , a massive overhaul of payments and clubs is a must for survival, we are not and never will be the USA , we can’t support massive ridiculous wages , we don’t have the population, Kent is right , SSTID is right , Parra need to come clean on the exact amount Hayne is being paid , Burgess is not worth the same money he was on before he killed his career and skills playn that union garbage , that sport destroys NRL skills , any NRL player can excel at Union and often do however Union players cannot ( very very few) exced at NRL level , SBW was never the same when he returned nor has big Sam been the same , so summing rabbits payed overs for Sam and Parra get Hayne for squat ? Why ? Hayne tanked in 2017 , he should be a marquee player just like Teddy , Pearce , Sam , etc this contract stinks big time

  8. And Paul, this is classic journalism:

    ““By the time every other club found out about it (Hayne’s availability) he’d been signed.”


  9. The stupid bit about all of this is, I don’t know if I even want him at the club, and I’m sure many Parra fans are in the same boat, but some people want to bag the NRL and/or play victim so badly, it becomes a “conspiracy”.

    The only question is, what’s his fair market value? That’s it.

    If any club wants to up the Parra offer, then you get him, or we have to pay up. Simple.
    P.S – don’t put in dummy bids because Parra won’t pay up (not any more than an extra $100k tops).

    • “some people” mighty? Who? Are their conspiracy theorists in our midst? So you think the system is fair and that there are no inconsistencies if you like, blue pills do that to a person. I think otherwise or does that make me a total loon?

      You STILL have NOT explained why the Broncos have gotten away with paying MASSIVE unders for Robert, Gillett and Parker despite offers on the table (official offers by other clubs)? You see mighty the Broncos have already done what the Eels are now attempting to do, do a deal under the table and top it up with TPA’s on the quiet. At least call a spade a spade and explain why Souths were not also allowed to do this? Why are you ignoring the Broncos unders signings? Souths Raised their offer to $500K (which is what the NRL said THEY (not other clubs) but THEY were valued Roberts at, the Dragons dropped out with a $400K offer (all they could afford under the cap) and then at the last minute the Broncos sign Roberts back on the same money he was on at the Titans $300K. His ONLY excuse to leave was to earn MORE $$’s and a loophole in his contract allowed him to do this. The NRL said they would ONLY register a contract if it was for $500K. So HOW could he sign for $300K when the Rabbitohs had a formal offer of $500K on the table? Wasn’t $500K James Roberts “market value”. mighty, is that… is that… CHECKMATE!!

  10. mighty doth protest too much, methinks. You know the old saying, “Empty ARGUMENTS make the most noise” Bahahahahahahahaha

  11. saints diid it – Gasniew
    Broncs did it – Alfie
    Parra did it – Hayne
    Souths did it – Sam B
    Newcastle did it by ending one contract where Johns playe 3 games and came back on a new contract (reverse parody)
    They all do it!!

    • Well said pedro. The ones who complain about it have blinkers on when it comes to their own club. Every club does it and every club cheats the cap. Unfortunately my club was run by a bunch of amateurs who didn’t know how to hide it properly.

      • OK Kev, pedro riddle me this… I have asked mighty but now I will ask the 2 of you are well.

        SSTID_1970 December 5, 2017 at 11:13 pm

        …the Broncos have already done what the Eels are now attempting to do, do a deal under the table and top it up with TPA’s on the quiet. At least call a spade a spade and explain why Souths were not also allowed to do this? Why are you ignoring the Broncos unders signings? Souths raised their offer to $500K (which is what the NRL said THEY (not other clubs) but THEY had valued Roberts at, the Dragons dropped out with a $400K offer (all they could afford under the cap) and then at the last minute the Broncos sign Roberts back on the same money he was on at the Titans $300K. His ONLY excuse to leave was to earn MORE $$’s and a loophole in his contract allowed him to do this. The NRL said they would ONLY register a contract if it was for $500K. So HOW could he sign for $300K when the Rabbitohs had a formal offer of $500K on the table? Wasn’t $500K James Roberts “market value”.

        Answer me (in light of what happened to Sam Burgess and Souths), IS THAT FAIR? IS THAT CONSISTENT OF THE NRL?

        • no – its not fair but the political pull that the broncs have in tv rights and revenue generation give them an advantage on TPAs that Souths may not have genuinely had….still not fair but these certain clubs also are big in terms of revenue to the total NRL system of where the salary cap comes from.

        • pedro, on the cap mate. The argument is about fair market value on the cap (forget about deals under the table). Souths were offering Roberts $500K a season on the cap, the Dragons $400K and the Broncos signed him on $300K. That blows the “market value” the “player goes to the highest bidder” argument out of the water!

          “certain clubs also are big in terms of revenue to the total NRL system of where the salary cap comes from.”

          Thanks. When I have said that I am called a conspiracy theorist but THAT is the truth. I just wish we could all talk about the elephant in the room and admit that Souths were not afforded the same “opportunities” that the Broncos (and more lately the Eels) have been. Given the multiple examples to the contrary at the Broncos the NRL had no right to come in and interfere with Souths signing a “weakened” Burgess for more money than he was on when he left.

        • You have got be joking SSTID.

          You put the Eels in the same category as the Bronco’s?

          TPA’s are one of my contentious issues, and an entirely separate kettle of fish to the “Hayne” debate. Mixing the 2, or throwing in other “conspiracies” just muddies the water.

          If you, or any other club, thinks Hayne is such a bargain, make an offer. Get him on your books or force Parra to pay up. If not, his market value is $500k, because that’s what we’re prepared to pay.

  12. Oh cry me a river ….What has parra done wrong here?Parra offered Hayne a contract when returning to the NRL.He took a higher contract by a owned NRL club reported to be worth $800k plus 400k TPAs.Parras offerer was reported at the time to be under that of the G/C an Hayne signed with G/C in his contract was a clause he could sign for a further year on the same value.Now ask yourself this did the G/C pay overs? yes .Has Hayne played like a player worth that money ? No .Would it be fair to say what parra offered all considering would be a fair market value? Yes (pls remember we are talking contract not TPAs) .Simple fact is Parra has done nothing wrong here.Parra offered Hayne a reported contract on his return to the NRL of a reported some of approx 700k.Hayne declined signing with G/C for a reported contract of 800k .For what ever reason Parra has now signed Hayne for a reported 600k.Yes only 100k less than there offer on his return to the NRL.Simple question.Has Hayne live up to the hype and the money offered since his return and is him as a brand worth the same?NO it isnt.So in all of this what has Parra done wrong except taking a gamble on Hayne as this could backfire big if he doesnt pull his head in an buy into BA coaching.Parra might of quite easily bought Wenty a 600k ego an in doing so if reports are true broken up team harmony which has been built since he left

  13. If you go to a car auction an hoping to buy a car for 700k but you are out bidded an it goes for way overs but a few months later you hear the ppl who bought it realise they paid overs an it wasnt worth putting the effort in to repair.You pick it up for a bit less than you first hope as you still think it worth your risk if you willing to put the effort into repairs.You have done nothing wrong.All it means is somebody paid way overs

    • Then you get the car home and it’s a Lada 😂😂😂😂😂😂 your lot bought a Lada with God on its side 😂😂 you can carry the spoon in the boot

  14. Kent and everyone else are missing the main fact here.
    A club and player are allowed to sign a contract lower than the previous contract as long as he is registered with the NRL.
    This whole rule came in when st George paid gasnier, not with the cap, to come back from French rugby on massive unders.
    Parramatta tried to do the same to get foloau from rugby but, but it got canned by the NRL.
    Burgess, also, was not registered with the NRL so rabbits had to pay “market value”.
    Hayne is registered, so he can get paid under his previous contract.

  15. Very poor journalism Kent. Don’t you remember your own comments or articles?

    You can’t bag Hayne, complain about his lack of value to the Titans, tell everyone he’s not worth the money, tell everyone he is bad for the team, and then turn around and suggest he is worth $1.2m for Parra.

    He is a risk at $500k and no one would pay $1.2m. Are you really suggesting this?

    If he plays well in 2018 the Eels will have to pay a lot more, but until then he is worth what the market will pay.

    I really have to question your intelligence after this article.

  16. Ok so every player needs a fair market value or cap value. You can’t just pick out one guy, or three guys or twenty guys. All or nothing. I’d love to know what the fair market value of the storm squad was this year. They were so much better than any other team with their three all time greats, six origin reps in key positions plus kiwi international prop etc.

    How would you measure it Kenty? At some point you need something objective to measure it and typically in business and sport the easiest measurement is cash in an arms length transaction.

    Reality is no one wants Hayne at his asking price so he either plays at his existing contracted rate for a team he’s not enjoying playing for or he takes a haircut to get a game. I think he’s lucky to go there for $500k

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