SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 21: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs looks on during the round two NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium on March 21, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The NRL has taken the liberty of contacting all club bosses in relation to the salary cap ramifications of Greg Inglis’ retirement, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Chief operating officer Nick Weeks has sent an email to rival clubs on Wednesday saying there has not been a decision made about what’s included and excluded from the South’s salary cap.

Questions have been raised about how much the Rabbitohs will save and how much they will have on replacements.

“We have not made any decisions in relation to how that might be treated from a cap perspective, but will do after we receive information and a submission from the Rabbitohs. We will provide you with information about this once the decision is made,” Weeks wrote in an email.

Souths were planning on having Inglis work with the club and the NRL via coaching, community, mentoring and ambassador roles that would see him earn $200,000 a year, says the Sydney Morning Herald.

It is understood that some clubs believe that the outstanding amount of $500,000 should be carried by Souths for the current season. The same thing happened with Penrith and Peter Wallace last season.

Should the NRL come across any problems with the Inglis/Souths arrangement, the governing body can force the club to absorb some of that income into their salary cap.

“Greg has done an enormous job in the game, he’s been around a long time, we all want a place in the game for him, but we just want to make sure there is transparency,” Canterbury chief executive Andrew Hill said.

Inglis broke the news to his teammates after Sunday’s win over the Warriors, according to SMH.

Hooker Damien Cook admitted to shedding a tear, but “only because I love him, not just as a mate but as a fan of the game – he’s one of the greatest to have ever played the game.”

The Rabbitohs will officially start a new era that doesn’t involve Greg Inglis come Good Friday against Canterbury.

They have started looking for players that are likened to Inglis to replace him.

Sydney Roosters players Latrell Mitchell and Joey Manu are off contract at the end of 2020 and essentially become free agents from November.

Brisbane’s Gehamat Shibasaki remains on the radar as does Byrson Goodwin. Braidon Burns remains as the preferred left-centre option to take over Inglis’ old position, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. I think souffffths must cop it on the chin this year as Inglis was Injured playing this year and his injury has ruled him out for the season. Gregg Inglis was fit at the start of the year then reports came out that he hurt himself at training with one of his knees, then the next report was he was 15kgs overweight, then the next report was when he lost the weight which he said he was still 5kg over weight that Bennett ask him if he wanted to play fullback. Then the next thing was he got hurt during the Roosters game and then next game his shoulder was giving him grief and he couldn’t tackle.

    Then the next thing was he was rested for a couple of weeks until he recovered BUT reports came out that even with an operation this would not fix his shoulder. Yet he was able to play the first two games. Then the final bit of information was that he was granted a week off to see where his head was and the next week he announced his retirement.

    Soufffths are trying to pull a swiftie here because his shoulder was wrecked against the Mighty Roosters. Remember he played uninjured and played 20 games last season. This season he gets injured in the first game and then the diagnosis is not even an operation can fix it, so he is by retiring, trying to free up the salary cap when in reality he is out for the season through injury.

    We just want fairness and consistency by the NRL PLEASE. I s that too much to ask for.✔✔✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱

  2. Wake up Phoenix. Its obvious for all to see that Inglis was injured against the Roosters in the 37-38min, Phil Gould notice it and called it. Near the end of the game Inglis was nursing his injury on the side line with a coat around him in the rain after he left the field in the 72nd min. He looked pretty bad. Watch the game again and fast forward to those times.

    The following week against Saints he took another knock and again in the 49-50th minute Vautin calls it when Inglis is really sore now with his shoulder after he misses a normal conventual tackle. The rest his history as Greggo Inglis through the rest of that game he is missing tackles and is really struggling.

    Remember against Sydney Roosters he ran onto the field looking very keen and fit with no shoulder problems. And in the 72 min is replaced. Against Saints he looks 95% good until he takes a knock then the rest of the game he is finished.

    It is clear to all fans and officials that Inglis after playing 20 games last season and playing rep footy that he had nothing wrong with him and he has been injured on two occasions this season against Sydney Roosters and Saints.

    The NRL cannot cover this one up and sweep it under the carpet. So yes phonenix we ALL want Fairness and Consistency. No salary Cap relief in the vicinity of 1.5mil for injured players PLEASE.🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔

  3. Do you people (especially Woodchip) not understand he is forfeiting the remainder of his 1.5m?
    The others who retired during their contract were paid out.
    Get it?

  4. Why do people have a problem with this? He has walked away from the $1.5 million, Brett Stewart and Steve Matai were not willing to walk away from the money in their contracts and that’s the difference.

    I would imagine the majority of NRL players would not walk away from that kind of money, so how can this be used as a tactic moving forward when signing players? If I signed a contract for 4 years worth $4 million and the club said in the last 2 years of that contract we are going to make you retire and pay you a salary with the club of 200k-300k, I would say no way. I read a comment early saying that the Dragons should have used this to get Gareth Widdop off their books but why would Gareth agree to this? Why would he happily give up the money in his contract? Especially as his still playing.

  5. Will be too obvious the roosters will be over the cap to better the Rabbitohs offer.
    Like other signings for the roosters he might end up staying there and state the usual when they say “its not about the money” LOL.
    Might be happy to sacrifice around $300G to remain a rooster. Yeah right.

  6. He signed a contract and was injured at the beginning of the year which rules him out for the season. We all are aware he was going to retire sooner rather than later but he decided to participate this season only retiring from rep footy.

    If he retired before a ball was kicked off then what you say is a fair call Stevesyd. But he elected to play this season and received a season ending injury within the first two rounds and has waited until the 6th round to make a call, 1/4 of the season is over. So now he wants to retire early. But the contract has been signed and that player is signed for all this year.

    No cap relief entitlement is warranted. 🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔

  7. I think this process really highlights just how out of control the Salary Cap is with the Fan’s. There’s been so many issues over the years that now when ever something is brought up about the salary cap the fans always think the worst or are untrusting that the right thing is happening.

    I think Souths not being able to get salary cap exemptions this year is a fair point but with that being said are they really going to be able to sign a million dollar player this year?

    I see them marking a play for Pangai Jnr or Valentine Holmes next year to be more realistic.

  8. Who are you talking about stevie wonder.❓❓❔❔❓❓❔ When did your love affair begin with the Sydney Roosters stevesyd❓❔❓❔ Its a well known fact players will always sacrifice a little coin to play semi-final footy, win premierships and play rep footy. Something that occurs many more times in the past 20 years at the Sydney team than has occurred at a team like soufffffths out in the Western Suburbs. Not that their is anything wrong with the Western Suburbs, its a beautiful place but Soufffths representing a Western Suburbs team is ridiculous.

    The Roosters cant keep all players on top dollar and have let go many players chasing dollars only like Maloney, Tuivasa-Shreck, Ferguson, Jennings, Heggetty, Fletcher, just to name a few but the core of our team are happy to be on Exellent money and have a crack at a comp with rep honours rather than get paid I mil like Tuivasa- Shreck and never play in a grand final again.

    See the Roosters still pay top dollars competitive with the offers to rempt them away but why would Manu or Mitchell ever want to leave the excellent environment of a professional club and join souffffths. The trend is players want out of souffffths to join the Roosters. Keary, Crighton are examples and George Burgess wants to come over next season🤪🥴😆🤣😂

  9. And that’s a fair policy. This year the judgement of all involved has come back to bite souffffths for this year. But next season definitely is not an issue. 🎱💪🎱👍🎱

  10. Great, Maybe he can get on Sam Burgess’s Facebook account 💊🥴 and together they can have a heap of fun. ah😂😁😆🤣😆😁😂

  11. WoodChook you are the encyclopedia of the NRL.
    Your wisdom and knowledge is unsurpassed.
    I bow down to you.

  12. Thanks mate, its nice to be complemented and appreciated. 💪🐔👍

    There is a stack of CLOWNS 🤡🐇🥄🐇🥄🐇🥄🤡 on this site that talk absolute garbage against the Roosters. Every time I present deadest facts with links to prove the facts, they just deny the truth and attack me from left right and centre. All of my attacks upon those CLOWNS is in simple response to their attacks. I love to counter attack. Then I don’t give up. 🐓 We Rise Up 2019 🐓

    At 99yrs old Kelby, I’ve been around long enough to know how to handle a few one eyed fibbing CLOWNS.

    Again Kelby, good on ya mate for being a good bloke for acknowledging my recent facts and figures.💪🐔👍

  13. The difference is that a credible a encyclopaedia is based on facts, not on gibberish, make believe statistics and biased theories around club membership numbers.
    If the uninformed read woodchips posts, they would probably believe the roosters have won more premierships that Souths and enjoy a greater member and fan base.


    Read the table, Facts mate, Facts. Something a typical souffffths fan is unable to accept. See typical soufffffffths NITWITS, LIKE YOURSELF. Have this knack of twisting the facts turning then upside down and back to front, then come out with such garbage that they end up saying that what you have just posted. 🤣😂😆😆😆😂🤣

    Stevesyd 🐇🥄 I ask you to look at the link, Click onto soufffths, then all the years will come up. Click onto all the years individually and add the average home crowds up and you will find the TRUTH.

    A fool like yourself is a person who denies FACTS/TRUTH. 🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔

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