ROCKHAMPTON, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 21: Luke Brooks of the Tigers looks dejected after losing the round 23 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Cronulla Sharks at Browne Park, on August 21, 2021, in Rockhampton, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

The 2023 season now seems like it ended many, many months ago.

With a large number of players returning to pre-season training, attention has quickly and firmly turned to the 2024 campaign.

With a new season comes new hope, new opportunities and most importantly of all, new recruits!

Today I'm going to rank the ins, outs and re-signings of each of the clubs who finished outside of the finals in 2023.

Not every player will be mentioned, just the ones I see making an impact.


1. Wests Tigers

Major ins: Aidan Sezer, Jayden Sullivan, Declan Casey, Latu Fainu, Samuela Fainu

Major outs: Luke Brooks

Re-signed: Jahream Bula, Apisai Koroisau, Starford To'a

The most interesting recruitment move for the Tigers in '24 if the departure of Luke Brooks. This felt well overdue for both player and club alike.

Replacing him are both Aidan Sezer and Jayden Sullivan, although Adam Doueihi's return from injury will also feel like a new arrival.

I'd imagine Benji Marshall's halves combination will be made up with two of those three players. Young Latu Fainu arrives with monster wraps but isn't ready yet.

Declan Casey adds depth to the Tigers outside backs. Starford To'a re-signed and looks a more than capable long-term option.

The club simply had to re-sign future star Jahream Bula, and did so very quickly. Api Koroisau's contract extension should be celebrated from the rooftops.

Both Latu brothers arrivals will be looked back upon as club changing, albeit in a few seasons time.

All the moves made were positive but unfortunately it doesn't fill me with confidence that the side is anywhere near Final contenders next season.

Grade: C



  1. Jeez Dan – Get Terry to proof-read the content before you publish it !
    Wraps for Raps (did the guy arrive in a big ball of cotton-wool?)
    They’re for Their
    Due for Duo
    Broncos for Bronson etc

    – D for the Dragons is really mean. They’ve got rid of Hook and signed Flanagan Senior. They haven’t let Ben Hunt walk. The attitude and motivation in the squad has go to be much higher than it was this time last year. Even if they didn’t sign anybody new, those two actions alone have got to be worth a comfortable B

    – C for the Titans is a bit mean. They’ve re-signed Mo and Tino and five good guys. They didn’t break the bank (somehow!) and could still afford Palasia. That has to worth a B at least.

    – C for the Dogs is generous. The quality of the guys leaving is greater than the quality of the recruits, (even with Crichton). D for me.

    – C for Parra is generous. Signing only Morgan Harper (no offence to him) is not good enough for a pass mark. D for me.

    – C for the Cows is equally generous.

    – Bunnies look like a B to me, but I won’t squabble over the A

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