SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 08: Paul Gallen celebrates winning against John Hopoate during the Star of the Ring III Charity Fight Night at Hordern Pavilion on February 08, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Paul Gallen and Josh Aloiai have become involved in a verbal slanging match ahead of their likely fight later this year.

Gallen and Aloiai have had previous wars of words, with Gallen calling Aloiai out last week.

The pair were then involved in an Instagram live video on Saturday evening, with things becoming incredibly heated between the duo.

The end result of the Instagram live was an eight two-minute round fight being locked in for December 10, with the Instagram lasting for almost 20 minutes.

The length of the fight has been the key sticking point in the fight not being agreed to yet, with rumours persisting that Gallen had instead gone to off-contract Wests Tigers' centre Joseph Leilua, who has never fought before, instead of Aloiai.

The pair joined the Instagram with No Limit's George Rose and Main Event's Matt Damon.

Gallen accused Aloiai of backtracking on an agreement for six three-minute rounds, before Aloiai accused Gallen of backing out of that deal to fight Leilua, despite Aloiai accusing him of saying it was a "bigger name."

“It was six (rounds) by three (minutes) and then you said ‘there’s someone else I want to fight... I’ve got someone that’s a bigger name than you, it’s going to be one of the biggest fights in Australia," Aloiai said during the Instagram live.

“Then next minute you’re calling BJ (Leilua), who’s sitting right next to me, and say ‘BJ do you want to fight? We know you haven’t got boxing experience.’

“Pauly, come on, you’re telling some porkies now.”

Gallen hit back saying he "never considered fighting Leilua" before also adding Aloiai pulled out of the agreement for three-minute rounds.

The former Shark then called Aloiai a "lazy sloth" before accusing Aloiai of "lasting ten to 15 minutes in his football career," and implying that is why he would want two-minute rounds.

The pair continued to bicker, with multiple expletives being dropped each way, before the pair finally agreed on the length of the fight.