2019-09-08T06:05:00Z - Panthers Stadium
2019-09-08T06:05:00Z - Panthers Stadium

Match Summary



Nathan Cleary 24'
N. Cleary 24'
Brian To'o 31'
B. To'o 31'
Nathan Cleary 35'
N. Cleary 35'
Billy Burns 49'
B. Burns 49'
Wayde Egan 51'
W. Egan 51'
Moses Leota 57'
M. Leota 57'
Nathan Cleary 62'
N. Cleary 62'
Billy Burns 64'
B. Burns 64'
Nathan Cleary 66'
N. Cleary 66'
Starford Toa 20'
S. Toa 20'
Herman Ese'ese 43'
H. Ese'ese 43'
Nathan Cleary 25'
N. Cleary 25'
Nathan Cleary 32'
N. Cleary 32'
Nathan Cleary 36'
N. Cleary 36'
Nathan Cleary 50'
N. Cleary 50'
Nathan Cleary 52'
N. Cleary 52'
Nathan Cleary 59'
N. Cleary 59'
Nathan Cleary 63'
N. Cleary 63'
Nathan Cleary 65'
N. Cleary 65'
Nathan Cleary 67'
N. Cleary 67'
Mason Lino 44'
M. Lino 44'

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Previous 5 Games


31/8/19RoostersL 22 - 6
23/8/19CowboysL 24 - 10
16/8/19BroncosL 24 - 12
9/8/19SharksW 26 - 20
3/8/19BulldogsL 16 - 8


31/8/19TitansW 38 - 4
24/8/19Wests TigersL 46 - 4
17/8/19CowboysW 42 - 6
10/8/19EelsL 20 - 14
3/8/19Sea EaglesL 30 - 6


  1. Despite that “rooster” originally coming from Manly. Can’t let facts get in the way of a good old fashioned dribble can we?

  2. FrankSpencer I hope that the grub, aka JWH, does not become a Panther. Also the Panthers trained him from a young age.

  3. Penrith Poachers?????
    Parramatta Poachers yes. Sydney Roosters Poachers yes. Souths Poachers yes. Penrith is the one club in the NRL who can’t be called poachers – all their juniors are local and almost no buys except Koroisau

  4. Juniors like Sivo, who joined the Panthers at age 20, never got a FG game, and who we signed for min wage?
    Juniors like Blake, that the Panthers picked up at age 17/18 from Perth?
    Poaching like signing a player at min wage that was off contract, or taking over a players contract that Penrith was unloading, and still paying part salary for, poaching like that? Not to mention the similar DWZ to the Doggies deal.
    Or what about poaching like negotiating to take over the contract of other players, like RCG, who Penrith are also trying to off load, and will continue to contribute to his salary. Is that the sort of poaching you’re referring to?
    Every club signs players from other clubs, and in some years more than others, but Penrith is doing more unloading, than being poached from, this year at least.

  5. Ralph is FrankWoodDribbler again.
    How can someone be poached from Parkes? Do they have a new NRL team that we don’t know about?
    As Penrith runs coaching clinics & actually helps in Western Division, it’s quite normal for a few players from the country areas to want to try their luck coming through the Penrith system.
    If they were coming through the Chickens system Wood Head & his alter egos would want to call them Chicken Juniors. Just as he thinks someone such as JWH is a great player from there. Even though they bought him when he was playing first grade at Manly. Or the Great chicken centres who come from the Central Coast & NZ.
    Plenty of players that come right through the Penrith juniors throughout the NRL & at Penrith.
    However, Billy Burns looks a player of real promise. Good step , can score a try & didn’t look to bad in the centres for a second rower.
    Also, say what you like Eels.. The Eels first grade side would make for pretty slim pickings , without Penrith to help them out. Take out all the players that don’t actually come from Parramatta’s junior system, what do you actually have left???

  6. Penriff proved they’re duds in a nothing game.
    The coach they sacked was more successful
    The coach is a fibber, tried to nobble the refs… denied it …..’ ….errrr I may have talked to them, I can’t remember”
    Son of Coach is a ‘fair weather sailor’ …. Daddy better find a smart 5/8 ….

  7. Oh, chookstir, laughable comment. I would love to see what Robinson would achieve with a relative inexperience side.

  8. Oh Panthers18…. All that money on Cleary & Son … Penriff won 10 games…. only..”Oh, chookstir, laughable comment” Really, ??? have a look at your history …. you’ve gone sdrawkcab with an improved team & coach ….. how many years do you want to tag on your 5 year plan ??

  9. chookstir, so you believe media gossip? Clearly you do. Only the Cleary’s x2 and the club knows how much they get paid. Also the “five year” plan was a media beat up, and can your club claim that you develop your own players? No.

  10. Panfa18 you obviously don’t follow footy…
    Have a look at Panfas last 3 year finishes… They’ve gone backwards… Clearly, not as backward as you…

  11. Why bother signing in as Ralf Woodheap?
    Unfortunately, you think that players from anywhere that the Chickens poach from other areas ( as you put it yourself ), are Chickens juniors. You say Great Chickens players. When they are not.
    I never claimed that for Billy Burns or anyone else from the country Are Penrith locals. I just say that they have come through the Penrith system. That’s quite Different to claiming that they are local juniors.
    The country players go through the pathways system at Penrith.
    Having said that , Penrith actually have many local junior products .
    Your Chickens do not.
    Nor is JWH a great Chickens player. He’s a blow in as well.

  12. Chookstirfrie, Woodhead again…
    If you think Griifin is a great coach, why don’t the Chickens take him on as an assistant coach? As they just lost one. Notice no one has employed Griffin since . The coach Brisbane thought was rubbish as a coach also.
    Player retention, purchase , cost also plays a big part in how a team does .Clearly, Gould, Penrith haven’t done that well. Especially when you see an ex Panther at the top of the try scoring list & others doing well elsewhere. Having said that, those who wish to leave any club aren’t worth keeping. Such as DWZ & Blake.
    The Chickens were also trying to buy Nathan Cleary a little over a year ago & would have taken on Ivan as an assistant no doubt to get him there.
    The video scandal was always going to have a bad effect on the team coming just on the start of the season. They also lost a first grader for the year & had one less player to use, that they still pay. Plus two other players that they released for their part in it.
    So, I think supporters will give Ivan the benefit of a doubt for this season . At least he’s willing to try the young guys coming through the club.
    The Chickens would have paid the same for Nathan, with a brown paper bad for his trouble.

  13. Haven’t you got any new insults WoodPecker? Wow Ralph doesn’t seem to be the same person as WoodChuck at all? Different names you hide behind , for all the same crap.
    Tedesco had a new TPD arranged by his ‘ Player Manager ‘ yet Chicken Yoker? Nothing to see there folks! 👍

  14. Lucky Cronulla let The Chicken Delights buy Flanagan. or where would the perennial player buyers have found another halfback? Use one that comes from lower grades? No thanks!!! We buy our team! 👍

  15. Chooks should change their name to Chicken Tonight. So it goes with , ‘ I Feel Like Buying A Comp, Like Buying A Comp ‘ !

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