SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 06: Kyle Turner of the Rabbitohs watches on from the bench after leaving the field with an injury during the round one NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Allianz Stadium on March 6, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Free agent and premiership player Kyle Turner remains hopeful of an NRL lifeline as he sits in limbo without a team after not being given a new contract at the end of the 2019 season.

Turner, 27, was a key contributor in South Sydney’s historic 2014 premiership side and believes he can still impact the league in the same fashion next season.

I’m still on the lookout for a club, so my partner and I moved all our stuff back (to Coonabarabran) to spend some time with the family during the Christmas break and wait to see if anything comes up,” Turner told Fox Sports.

“We’ve been waiting to hear from a couple of clubs. It’s been a pretty tough year. I think there have been a lot of quality players who have had to wait towards this end part to sign. It’s pretty hard, mate, but it is what it is.

“You always hope to be signed around this time, but it just turned out this way. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. It’s a business at the end of the day so I’ve just got to take it as it comes.”

Turner made his league debut with the Rabbitohs during their grand final year and ends his South Sydney tenure with 91 NRL matches.

Despite being told to look elsewhere by his childhood club, Turner admits there are no bad feeling between him and Souths.

“Wayne came up to me, I think it was about halfway through the year, and said: ‘Look mate, as shocking as this might be, we don’t really want to get rid of you, but salary cap wise, we just can’t keep you on’,” Turner added.

“I just said: ‘Thanks mate, I appreciate the honesty’.

“It sort of gave me time to sort something out. My manager and I were both confident that something would arise, but unfortunately it just hasn’t worked out that way. It probably never does work out the way people want it to.”

Turner joins the likes of Josh Hoffman, Michael Lichaa, Aaron Gray, Danny Fualalo and Jacob Gagan as a number of players remain unsigned heading into 2020.

The former Country Origin and Indigenous All Stars representative has been sure to keep potential clubs invested.

“My manager and I have basically reached out to a couple clubs (to say) that we’re interested and looking to continue footy,” Turner said.

“We just haven’t heard much back. I’m just waiting to hear, waiting for that phone call.

“It’s not all about the money. It’s about the opportunity, where it’s going to be. There are a lot of factors that come into it.

“Money’s definitely not up there with the top of it so we’re not fussed about that.

“You know, my partner and I have always said if I can play until I’m 30 I’d be very happy. I’m coming up to 28.”

Turner was attached to a potential switch to the Super League earlier this season, with a move yet to be ruled out.

“I’ve got a young family. We’re keen on travelling and my young fella’s only nine months old so he’s not at school yet,” he said.

“I’d love to do it. It’d be a great opportunity. From what I hear and from everyone I’ve spoken to about it, they’ve loved the lifestyle over there.

“The people are great over there, so it’s just getting used to the cold weather, but I think that’s only a little thing.”

2019 saw the Rabbitohs conjure a depleted backline after a number of key players suffered injury, with several names being made to move out of position.

Turner mostly featured as a forward for South Sydney, but spent some time in centre proving his versatility.

“I like to think that’s a positive that a club could utilise,” Turner said.

“I actually really enjoyed playing centre. I was a bit nervous at first, but I think Wayne created a pretty stress-free environment where if I stuffed up, it wouldn’t matter much.

“It was a really easy transition there.”

While no sign of a move is clear, Turner is persistent on stating finely tuned for a call-up.

“Just the stock-standard going to the gym each day and doing a bit of cardio or running on the field afterwards,” he said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem trying to keep myself fit. I always stress about not being fat when I each chocolate and things like that.

“It’s never really been an issue which is a good thing from what I hear.”


  1. would have kept him – don’t know why we bough Lowe (I know he’s injury prone – that’s the only reason I can think off).. PS I don’t rate Lowe (I know he nearly wont that SOO game)

  2. If I had to pick from the list quoted-: “…Josh Hoffman, Michael Lichaa, Aaron Gray, Danny Fualalo and Jacob Gagan..” I would take Turner first.

  3. I think you’re right Phoenix.
    Turner would be a good cheap pick up for a lot of clubs.
    Gray also played well for Cronulla in 2019 . Another solid buy for clubs seeking an experienced wing or centre.

  4. How is Turner feeling now after some half backed excuse that they can not afford him…….

    “Wayne came up to me, I think it was about halfway through the year, and said: ‘Look mate, as shocking as this might be, we don’t really want to get rid of you, but salary cap wise, we just can’t keep you on’,”

    Appears like Souths have no courtesy nor dignity treating a player that won a Crowe purchased premiership with them in 2014, the way they have, Souths have no soul and no heart. The character of the entire organisition is pathetic.

    Souths claim to have 2 million to spend but lie through their teeth, telling a grand final hero that they cant afford him, yet are willing to purchase Arrow upwards of 850k.
    Plus chasing and failed…… with Mitchell, Ado-Carr and Fifita.
    Bennett and Richardson hang your head in shame. Just be honest with Turner and tell him the truth.

    He is not wanted because he is an injury prone overrated player who needed to be released at the time when told mid season, so Souths could sign up an old dud player in 34yr old Goodwin….. to cover for the other injury prone dud Burns in the centres.
    Honesty is something Souths are undoubtedly unable to comprehend the meaning of.

  5. F.. off mark. your club are the worse for doing this over history, you know it and everyne else does as well, , at least Bennett had the decency to tell him halfway through the season, something Easts have never done in their history with players they wish to discard, what Turner needs to do is get another manager, obvious this guy, who ever he is, is hopeless , Turner is a solid player and I wish he was still there, but he is not and that is that,. hopefully a super league contract is not far away.

  6. Looks like penso has spat the dummy, nice language to use in a fair discusion you foul mouth girlboy.

    Your silly opinion Penso is quite useless regarding your favorite released dud player. Penso you CI0WN, Turner was asked to pack his locker mid season when not one souless Souths fan was aware that two Burgess brothers, would not be on the Souths payroll by seasons end. If this Turner guy who loved Souths as a child was a quality player, then why has Souths not offered him a small contract slightly less than he was previously on, now that Souths have come into a win fall of huge money at their desposal?

    Simply because Souths just Chew them up and spit them out. A club with a poor character wilfully displaying no heart and definately no soul.

  7. One more thing for Souths Supporters

    Melbourne – $809,998
    Brisbane – $349,852
    Penrith – $233,333
    Cronulla – $211,952
    South Sydney -$198,591
    Newcastle – $181,275
    Manly – $148,718
    Wests Tigers – $132,458
    St George Illawarra – $82,951
    Parramatta – $80,166
    Sydney Roosters – $68,966
    Canterbury – $59,680
    Canberra – $45,333
    Warriors – $27,591
    Gold Coast – $18,153
    North Queensland – $15,667

    Looks to me Rusty Crowe the transit lounge owner has Souths 5th on the ladder of being over the cap with extra income generated by TPA’s

    This is what you have been accusing the Roosters of but Penrith and Souths fans with three comps between them in almost 50 years are two of the biggest offenders. Not Sydney Roosters.

  8. Now when Latrell Mitchell has another season to shine for the Roosters in 2020. And secures a nice five year extention those TPA’s might increase considerably for the Roosters by another100k plus.

    Latrell loves the Roosters and as reported during the week, shed a tear at the thought of not playing for them in 2021. However my inside information is one of a few well known buisness identities in the Eastern Suburbs corner, are more than willing to make sure he retires a Rooster.

  9. Mark.mywords
    December 13, 2019 at 9:50 pm
    “One more thing for Souths Supporters

    And wombats like you believe this.
    Do you honestly believe the roosters are going to reveal the true facts about their TPA’s?
    I told you and your 8 aliases (7 finally barred) Latrell gonski.

  10. Hey Mark.mybutthole speaking of clubs with no soul etc, hows the sombreros membership going?
    Souths pushing 28,000 at the moment to sombreros 11000(6000 free)
    Quit while you ahead imbo.

  11. @markmywords “Souths claim to have 2 million to spend but lie through their teeth”… how is that possible without teeth mark? Hahahaha

  12. TwentyOne its TWlTS like you that do not believe facts. Those TPA figures are an official fact forwarded from the NRL, who have All the information on every contract of every player. Nevertheless fools like yourself who are in denial of facts, put simply are fools.

    As for the Sydney Roosters membership tally in which there are no freebies, it is now fast approaching 13k. Before you mouth off with false figures in future, click onto the Roosters website then click on membership, low and behold the facts will appear before your very thick glass four eyes and take that three toothed smile off your dial after viewing the current correct amount.

  13. TheRopeableRooster you are correct although there is a large amount that are still going through maturity that still have three teeth left in their gob.

  14. T.P.A’s have nothing to do with seperate corporate payments. Payments from companies , that are paid directly to the players . Supposedly from companies that have no association with that club. They can also be paid by individuals . There are no caps on such payments.
    That’s what your Chickens use. As you’ve been told many times .
    So, I just hope that saves the rest of us from any more long, repeated, boring rants.

  15. EastOfDivide in fairness to the wombats on here they dont know how the TPA’s work and want us to believe that based on the figures above the roosters have 5-6 players sharing $68k between them in TPA’s.
    No wonder they want to sign up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Then we have one boasting membership figures of 13,000 . Not sure what there is to boast about there given Souths are pushing 30,000 as we speak. Now thats something that adds to being a proud Souths member.

  16. Hey people, don’t argue about who’s got the most or least TPAs, the list is only what the clubs tell Head Office. I’m waiting for the list of the Brown Paper Bags that doesn’t have to be declared. Sadly it probably will never happen.

  17. Boy , doesn’t mark.w bite when you feed him, three seperate posts on why souths are terrible, just goes to show how jealous he is, the sooner this clown is gone the better,. come on ZT get rid of this bloke.

  18. From the Daily Telegraph

    “Latrell Mitchell eyes Rabbitohs switch but would have to take a pay cut
    What’s the Buzz: Bunnies decide on Burgess replacement
    Latrell Mitchell hasn’t given up hope of playing for the South Sydney Rabbitohs next season, even if it means him taking a substantial pay cut.
    The Sydney Roosters discard will not commit to the Wests Tigers and their $1 million-a-season offer until his manager has explored all options … which includes the Rabbitohs.
    Mitchell is extremely close to Souths five-eighth Cody Walker and centre James Roberts. The trio were spotted sitting together at the Tim Tszyu-Jack Brubaker fight last week.
    He also loves the indigenous culture that has been such a rich part of South Sydney for decades.
    No official talks have taken place at this stage because the Rabbitohs have prioritised the signing of an elite middle forward to replace Sam Burgess.
    They will then look at finalising their roster. Souths have a number of ways to squeeze Latrell into the salary cap.
    There will be money left over from Burgess’ $1.2 million, there are many third-party options for Latrell and the Roosters would no doubt contribute to his 2020 contract.
    For a number of reasons the Rabbitohs are Latrell’s best option. For starters, there is Wayne Bennett, who has a long and proud relationship with indigenous footballers. Mitchell could stay living in the eastern suburbs. He also has Greg Inglis on staff.
    The problem is the money. The Rabbitohs cannot match what the Wests Tigers can offer. At the Rabbitohs, he would have to accept probably $200,000-a-season less.
    It would, however, be a wonderful thing to further inflame the ugliest rivalry in rugby league history between the Roosters and the Rabbitohs.
    His presence would sell thousands of extra tickets when they meet in Round 3 at ANZ Stadium in a Friday night blockbuster.
    The Rabbitohs are aware of Latrell’s preference to play at Redfern and are desperately trying to sign the Burgess replacement (Jai Arrow or David Fifita) to move on to Latrell.

    The tele obviously has the same insider information as some of us do.
    Couldn’t have worded it better myself.
    He wants to do it for his Souths adoring family, his people and for himself.
    Welcome home Latrell and good riddance to the rednecks.

  19. Boy , doesn’t penso bite when you feed him, a seperate post on why souths are terrible Which enables him to really become fired up, just goes to show how juvenile she is of the Sydney Roosters for being the best team this century. 8 grand finals 4 Premierships, 5 Minor Premierships and 3 World Club Challenges to Souths 1 Premiership and WCC. Penso grow up and grow out of your childish jealousy accusations. Wise people are aware of your insecurities when you try to hide your own jealousy by diverting the false claim onto others. You should seek professional help only young children are jealous and all should hrow out of the curse. Just grow up for God sake. You baby. Hahahahahaha Fairdinkum.

    Hello penso anything working upstairs in your thick boofhead. Why on Earth could any Rooster fan show the slightest sign of immature jealousy. We are the most dominate club in the 21st Century.
    The sooner this clown is gone the better,. come on ZT get rid of this woman.

  20. Perhaps ZT could consider having one permanent topic stream for the few Souths and Easts contributors to post their repetitive, boring and childish comments and insults so that the rest of us can make on-topic comments?

  21. Turner is solid player who can cover a number of positions. Too bad injury has interrupted his career I can’t believe no-one has picked him up.

  22. Penso alias brisbaneRabbitBrain, if the south.transit.lounge show the door to players, then all other clubs are aware those players are the worst of their recruitment duds and stay well clear of such outcasts.

    It is a well known fact Souths only keep the best of their purchased imported duds for a season or two before the dreaded transit doors are opened each off season, in a neverending revolving door system they have setup in the toxic rabbit organisation.

  23. ……..NEWS FLASH……..
    Penso is indeed the BrisbaneBunny…..lets look at his two separate logins and notice the exact same words used in this story by the same penso the clown individual.

    pensoDecember 13, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    “F.. off…..Turner is a solid player and I wish he was still there, but he is not”

    brisbanebunnyDecember 15, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    “Turner is solid player who can cover a number of positions”

    The evidence is overwhelming that penso is still in love with his sacked hero Turner both as penso and as the BrisbaneBunny. Hahahaha. Your busted big time Shadow/penso/brizyrabbit!!!! Haha

  24. So penso, are you taking on the name BrisbaneBunny to make out there are thousands of Souths fans in Brisbane, hahahaha you clown.

    Membership numbers do not win premierships.

  25. I am disappointed that Souths let Kyle Turner go, just as they let Clarke go a couple of seasons ago. These guys are the grafters of the team and they turn up every week to do their job. they were replaced by …who???

    Every year this club release 7-9 players and replace them with player of potential……. few kick on..

    With respect to Bryson Goodwin i don’t see the value in the recruitment of this player.

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