Former Storm star Cooper Cronk at training this week with Cameron Munster. Image: Instagram

Retired Storm champion Cooper Cronk has turned heads after being spotted at his former club's training along with ex-teammate Billy Slater despite being an assistant coach at the Roosters.

Vision of Cronk and Slater at the Storm training session can be confirmed through the club's social media, accompanied with the caption: "Billy and Coops led training yesterday".

According The Daily Telegraph's Phil Rothfield, Cronk's appearance at the Storm camp has "created shockwaves" at the Roosters.

Since retiring, Cronk is now a corporate ambassador for the Storm but has also been working for Fox League and helping Trent Robinson's staff with coaching in the halves in what they thought was an exclusive deal.

It makes training with the Storm players all the more interesting given he's already associated with the rival club for the upcoming season.

He reportedly has a contract at both clubs but the Roosters were not made aware he would be at the training session.

Regarding Cronk's appearance at Storm training, his manager George Mimis told The Daily Telegraph: “It’s very clear – Cooper was down there for the executive club launch,” Mimis said.

“He’s a corporate ambassador and his work at the Roosters is different to that.

“He was invited onto the field by Ryan Hoffman. He wasn’t dressed in any Storm apparel.”

Cronk made 323 appearances for the Storm over the course of his career and was a two-time champion with the Storm before moving to the Sydney Roosters in 2018.

He played a further 49 games at the Tricolours and won two premierships in 2018 and 2019 before retiring at the end of that season.


  1. tsk tsk tsk. Roosters feigning outrage to cover a playing contract deliberately extending to post career I’m sure. I’ve said this many times – players should not be allowed to take up a contract with the last club they played for whether its coaching or ambassadorship – at least for 3-5 years. I would not be surprised if he’s getting back ended deals from BOTH Roosters and Storm. Its a rort clear as day.

    I mean what value does an ambassador even offer to a business. Ridiculous.

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