Kieran Foran’s impending move to the New Zealand Warriors looks set to deliver Brisbane an unexpected bonus, with talented youngster Tuimoala Lolohea on the verge of a move to the Broncos.

One of the most talented young backline products in the game, Lolohea’s future at the Warriors has been the centre of ongoing speculation since midway through the season, with sacked Warriors coach Andrew McFadden clearly not sharing the high regard in which Lolohea is held by the vast majority of fans and rivals.

But the Warriors must now clear the necessary salary cap space, with the signature of Foran likely to force up to three players out.

And if Lolohea’s social media posts are anything to go by, he would seem to be first cab off the rank, with the versatile speedster posting a picture in front of the Broncos’ Red Hill facility on Friday, where he is believed to have met with the club’s performance and recruitment staff.


  1. Obviously my Dragons are happy with their halves roster for next season because I don’t see us being mentioned at all.
    Imo this is one guy we should chase.

    How’s the heads Sharks fans? I hope you all partied hard and made it safely home and for those still partying enjoy it.

    • cmonthedragons

      “this is one guy we should chase.”

      I agree he would look good at the Dragons but partnering Widdop? Neither one has a kicking game.

  2. Lolohea to Brisbane just makes no sense at all… I know they have no salary cap but what position does he play???

    • +1
      Like I have been discussing with danford, the money would be better spent towards either a big name forward or a couple of good young up and coming forwards IMO.

      I believe Lolohea’s prefered position is in the halves (5/8 I think) but he also covers FB. Anything else would be a waste of his talents and the Broncos already have this covered in any case.

    • like they did with fullbacks, they just want to stockpile them and see who turns out the best.
      At the same time improving their salary sombrero.

    • I agree, we need Forwards not backs. as for the salary cap I get sick of the continued rubbish that spews forth about their cap. they are the most audited club in the NRL as well as having to open their books to all shareholders and asic every year. last year they lost Hodges who was on big money and the only pick of note was James Roberts at 1/2 the salary this year Jack Reid is retired as has Corey Parker, both on big pay, also Maranta gone to union and Jarrod Wallace, thats a lot of cap with signing so far being not much in numbers or cost. I know this water of a ducks back back to you and your green eyed ilk, because bronco bashers never let the truth get in the way of a good Bronco sledge.

    • Remember that Jack Reed and CP13 are retired now. JRoberts is also on rehab so his future at Bris is uncertain.

      He could play at centre like he did at some point this year at the Warriors. Milford maybe not be offered another contract after next year since he is worth over 1m.

      Remember Wayne Bennett is the coach who did not offer Wally Lewis a new contract because he wanted too much money.

  3. Any real info on these or just speculation?? Can’t imagine Roberts to Manly is a thing and really can’t see any of those trades happening

  4. Agreed crowy3301, what position he’s going to play is the question, unless Hunt to eels is happening, but then why would they release him and put Lolohea there, this article doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t be a bad signing just a stupid one.

    • As much as lolohea is a good player he is a downgrade from hunt, so definetely makes no sense, I think Knights should be after lolohea, at least he is garunteed game time there in whichever position he prefers, fullback or 5/8th

  5. Yeah Brisbane should take him. After all, he would surely save them money on the cap. It only seems fair and right…

  6. Id like to see newcastle chase him for fullback i might be biased but we dont really need a 5/8 we just need ours fit if mullen os fit and firing he has the est long kicking game in the comp then add hokkos kicking sign kostjaysyn or rein to partner levi at hooker add a few more quality forwards like bird jeff lima and heighington then bring in a other quality outside back like hymel hunt or dean whare who has being rumoured to be on the outer at penrith then you could consider bad boys carter and auvaa and maybe even hardaker or moa if we have the cap space then wrre starting to look like a decent team

  7. Does anyone have any news on where Todd Carney’s future lies??
    Last time I heard his name was when he was linked to us?
    Not sure this is a good idea.

    In saying that though Hutcho did have a great game yesterday but I don’t think he’s up to the standard of the NRL.

    • Only looks like wishful thinking on your behalf. Dragons looking to sign everyone but signing no-one, wow what an ugly club the red V has become.

  8. Reed, Maranta, Parker, Wallace, Eden and potentially 5 or 6 others from top 25 may be moved on who are of contract. Talk Kahu may go as well. No more contributing to Barba either. They have only picked up Mead. So I presume there is some cash even though they will need to upgrade some contracts.

    I think Brisbane will shake up the squad a fair bit. I think they know they can’t keep both Hunt and Milford and are acting early. Lolohea will go to the outside backs initially if he comes. Oates to the forwards.
    Nikorima may go to half back. Soward may be a possibility given his previous relationship with Bennett. Who knows? Bennett made swift changes when he came he may do the same again.

  9. whats with the drags chasing players ..the only players they can get are rejects from other clubs … as most of the player experts say 2017 drags favourites for the spoon ..i agree ..believe that

    • U pinned “Dragqueens” for wooden spoon this year. Who are these experts apparently predicting the same for this year?

      Oh, how did ur team go this year, believethis?

  10. Lolohea goes to the Broncs then either Hunt or K Niko are leaving. Maybe K Niko the Storm to replace Green.

  11. How about the nrl investigate souffs and all the rusty brown paper bags or the drug cheating with ice chips? Souffs are the most corrupt organization in sports lol, fact.

  12. Souffs are a fake club lol, they always have been because if you look at their history most of their wins were achieved from unfairness and cheatary. just take 2014 for example with the ice chips, they actually needed drugs and rustys money to win lol, they’re without a doubt the fakest club in the nrl with the fakest achievements, fakest culture and fans that are just to dense too know any better, facts.

    • BroncoMatt

      “just take 2014 for example with the ice chips”

      I’m calling BS on that one. The “ice chips” were approved and sanctioned by the NRL at the beginning of the year and other teams would have been aware of this. Is any team now winning premierships with “ice chips”?

      What about the Broncos “alleged” eucalyptus oil in the mouth before each game this year? Are we SURE that it WAS what they say it was?

      If there is anything shonky going on mate it is the bottomless TPA deals done by the Broncos and their ability to pressure players (in the name of state loyalty) into signing for well under their market value.

      “fakest culture”

      “BroncoMatt! Don’t start me BroncoMatt! Don’t start me!”

    • Part time casuals that drank, smoked, had entire diets that consisted of meat pies and coke and a lot of the time just drunks that they pulled from the pub. They can’t even be considered real titles lol.

      • BroncoMatt

        “that drank, smoked, had entire diets that consisted of meat pies and coke… and a lot of the time just drunks that they pulled from the pub.”

        And RL has gotten soft and been in decline ever since! LOL 😉
        “Brink Bag the Biff!” Where are you Reg! Back me on this. Hahahahahaha

  13. itsonlyagame

    Hey fool with the “chimp brain” you just made it open season on Rabbits you clown! The only positive contribution you could EVER make to this site would be by leave it!

    Oh and I can already hear the sirens from the justice league (tohulola12 & danielle) about to swoop in and tell me I have no authority to suggest people should leave ZT (despite thousands of examples of others here asking these CLOWNS to do so). Where’s the consistency guys?

  14. Lol Roberts to manly lol
    Not gonna happen he’s set to resign with Broncos
    And his manager has stated Roberts wants to remain a bronco
    And if he did have to leave it wouldn’t be manly
    He’s got no interest in going there

    • mickization

      Totally agree but if the Warriors can get Foran across the line they will have the full NZ test spine. They also have great options at centre (with the exception of Atshford) and on the wing.

      IMO Lolohea needs to find a club that is in need of a good 5/8, half, FB where he will get to play for 80 mins. The Dogs and Knights come to mind.

        • I know your a Souths supporter, so what about to Souths for lolohea, personally don’t like Souths but imagine walker at 1. Lolohea at 6 Reynolds 7. Then through in Inglis at centre, calming influence of Reynolds to let lolohea and walker do there thing

        • crowy3301

          I do rate Lolohea but I like Souths’ spine just as it is:

          1. Inglis
          6. Walker
          7. Reynolds
          9. Cook

          11. Sutton (left edge second row)
          12. Sam Burgess (right edge send row)
          13. Farah (back up/relief hooker)

          Lolohea deserves to play 80 mins in the halves/FB at some club.

          Would live him at Souths but it would be a waste both ways.

  15. Fair enough, just thought if Inglis state at centre it gives Souths another dimension altogether, as I don’t rate rabbits centre real highly is all, hunt was good but Goodwin, maybe not.. Just my opinion of course

    • crowy3301

      If Inglis is out of form at FB then bringing him closer to the action (centre) is an option. As he finished the year in great form at FB I wouldn’t change a thing with our spine. Walker is a descent FB but an outstanding 5/8. Like I have said, the player IMO who most resembles Cliff Lyons!

      Hunt is one of our centres for sure, Aaron Gray will fill in until Braidon Burns can take over and, after the glimpses he showed in the Holden Cup GF, I hope that will be sooner rather than later.

      Goodwin had an improved year on form earlier this year but will be there to add depth (unless he can transition into the backrow) younger legs would be a better option out wide.

  16. i hope Moses Pangai gets a run for the Broncos, could be a good player.

    Lolohea, if it comes at the expense of Jonus Pearsons’ development then I’m not sure
    1. Darius Boyd
    2. David Mead
    3. Tom Opacic
    4. James Roberts
    5. Jonus Pearson/Lolohea (if he comes)
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Ben Hunt
    8. Josh McGuire
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Adam Blair
    11. Matt Gillet
    12. Corey Oates
    13. Jai Arrow
    14. Kodi Nikorima
    15. Sam Thaiday
    16. Tevita Pangai Jnr
    17. Jayden Sua’a???

    Definitely need a front rower and maybe a lock/second rower.

  17. hope its bullsh#t but heard whisper parra are goin to go hard 4 lolohea and also carney will be in blue and gold,plus semi is a broncos bytch

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