NRL Rd 2 - Titans v Broncos
GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: David Fifita of the Titans celebrates during the round two NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium on March 19, 2021, in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

November 1st, one of the days every rugby league fan circles. It's the day that literally millions of dollars of talent become off-contract.

Titans and Origin superstar David Fifita is one of those players able to talk to opposition clubs come the first day of November.

Judging by reports this week, there is more than one club already preparing a massive bid to tempt the monster forward for 2024 and beyond.

With the salary cap set to rise and many clubs entering either a rebuild or a title window, Fifita will be highly sought after.

Here are the five most likely landing spots for David Fifita - the club he will represent come Round 1 2024.


5. Gold Coast Titans

Given the massive investment the Titans put into Fifita, you have to believe they'll be loath to let him leave. This despite an under-par 2022 season.

The Titans are in a rebuild right now. A rebuild they didn't even need 12 months ago but results this season dictate they now need to undertake.

Justin Holbrook may be looking to invest the million-or-so dollars Fifita is reportedly on. Whether that be in upgrading and extending his fullback or signing a marquee centre.

That said, to lose David Fifita, the very player the Titans have built around for a number of years now, would be admitting a complete re-set is required.

The Titans haven't gotten the most out of Fifita but when he is on, he's very much unstoppable. He's a weapon that only the Bulldogs (via the incoming Viliame Kikau) can match.

I can't see a world in which losing David Fifita can be spun as a positive. Only a massive signing on better value than Fifita would suffice.

The fact the Titans let Fifita remain unsigned as we head into October perhaps suggests they're not 100 per cent sold on their marquee player.

Perhaps they're going to have a cheeky dig at Cameron Munster before they sit down and talk figures with Fifita?



  1. Dan,
    Nicho Hynes is on $600K and looks like he is worth a million.
    David Fifita is on $800K and looks like he is not worth it because he is so unreliable .
    Factor in his high maintenance and I would not have him at any price.

    If DF is going to move, he won’t come down in price, and paying him a million without upgrading Hynes is just going to p**s off the Sharks’ best player.

    Solution, for your Sharks:
    – upgrade Nicho to $800K right now to build a bit of loyalty.
    – approach Newcastle to get David Klemmer for 2023. I reckon he would jump at the chance to play for a club that is going places, especially if it is for the same money.
    – Let Newcastle go for David Fifita (for 2023 if the Broncs will let him go) now they have money to spare.

  2. In the face of their tweaked 2023 squad (Verrills and Foran), the Titans need to retain DF. With the increased cap, the club’s reserved spending and their emerging talent pool then DF can get his market price. Downgrading him unreasonably would be a counter-productive step on several levels. Some of the new names that will be appearing, after Jojo Fifita and Klese Haas in 2022, are Alick, Puhulu, Tino’s brother Izsac, Liyou, Bryant, Weaver, Fuller, Francis, Spry, Kahn-Pereira and Tuaupiki, amongst others.

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