GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 04: Israel Folau passes during an Australian Wallabies training session at Sanctuary Cove on September 4, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Andrew Fifita is all for Israel Folau returning to the Tongan rugby league team.

Andrew Fifita made it known that the Tongan players weren’t too keen at first with a Folau return, but feel a return to the Nines would be a perfect way to return whilst also helping the country’s young backs in the process.

Folau is set to make his Super League debut this weekend with Catalans, and if all goes well for him, Fifita said he has no issues in Folau playing for Tonga as early as the middle of this year in a proposed test against Fiji.

After the Tongan players refused to play last season following a misunderstanding with the national board, Folau made himself available to play for Tonga officials before they were later suspended by the Rugby League International Federation.

Fifita has forgiven Folau for his past actions and is hoping that Folau has learnt his lesson and will refrain from anymore homophobic social media posts that indeed costed him his rugby career.

“We had a group chat at the time and we said, ‘If he’s in, let him play in the Nines’,” Fifita told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“We had a lot of young boys who hadn’t even experienced under-20s. We had a forward pack full of experience but a backline full of young pups, and we could have done with his experience. He was going to get sprayed no matter what, but for a good stepping stone, it was the Nines.

“I don’t agree with some of the terms he’s come out with and said, but football is football and, mate, I’ve done a lot of things in my past and I know all can be forgiven.

“For myself, it’s been adversity, adversity, adversity, then next thing you know, one year on, I’ve come back and captained my club [for one game]. There’s always room for forgiveness.

“He can’t come out with those crazy posts again. I’m all for God as well but in saying that, everyone in life deserves to be happy.

“When we’re talking about gays and lesbians, I got one who’s close to me in my sisters, I got family who are also gay and they’ve got the right to be happy. If he has a really good year, the international jersey will be waiting for him.”


  1. Toddy I thought it would be the wife bashing theiving drunk walk-about petrol sniffering child abusers who steal off the government every week because the bludgers are to lazy to work.

    You know Toddy, the blokes you reckon you help when they get released from gaol. The ones you have found an easy scam how to get money and not do a real job by attempting to educate nohopers.

  2. Mark.mywords, just like you have stolen a place in our education system. Your sentence structure is poor. Even a five year old can construct better sentences than you.

  3. Who are the Christens toddy, are they a wealthy family from Denmark?
    Of course he should be allowed back to play for his home country.
    He should be allowed back to play for an NRL club also.
    Damn you Israel Folau for having an opinion other than the angry little panzzies entitled MINORITY, with their panties all in a twist because “someone offended THEM”.
    Get over it NRL….we all get offended by others, everyday…it’s called life.
    The NRL and ARU should stop playing judge jury and executioner with people’s careers because they have the guts to stick to their beliefs. Especially when they allow women beaters and ex cons back to the game.
    ……. well said NorthenChook

  4. Have to agree with mark. something of a rarity, Folau should be allowed to play where ever he wants, free speech should not impact in sport, same has Margaret Court, honor her for her achievements in tennis which they did, interesting that a lesbian led the attack against her in Melbourne, I believe that the NRL have no right to bar him, love to see Israel take them to court.

  5. Mark.mywords February 15, 2020 at 1:07 pm
    Who are the Christens toddy, are they a wealthy family from Denmark?


    That’s funny!

  6. It was very funny my darling Mole. I found it in ZT trash bin from the NorthernRooster. How is our idiotic lust child 21 going? Is he still dribbling his Soufths garbage about Fatrell heading home to Everley St head quarters, where they drink cheap wine and dance around a fire, powered by the wood of the Rabbitohs nine Wooden Spoons.

  7. ….was actually MY comment….ZT “moderated it “ and then didn’t post it, but MarkMy Words reposted it and they did. Thanks MMW.
    So just who ARE the Christens toddy????
    Dumb Ass

  8. Looking at your original post The Great Northern Rooster, which I found in the ZT pending section, not the Trash section. It looks as though MMW changed a few words that may have been offending words as to get it past through.

    Anyway I am with you on what you wrote and agree 100%.

  9. It is just brilliant that Folau is back playing footy. Notice the tiny amount of idiot protesters at the ground with their ugly little multi coloured flag. You could count the nutters on one hand for that minority clan of fools.
    Just beautiful words to the ears what Mrs Folau said afterwards. God has blessed them by opening this door for Izzy.

    For those that are faithful to the true God. Nothing is impossible. Nrl and Union who gives you the right to over rule the majority Of fans by banning Folau. Congratulations Catalans. For knowing what is right and just.

  10. Good on you Adam Howard for making unbiased and sensible comments about Christianity. When practised in its original form it is a wonderful thing. The problem these days is that it has been tampered with by so many different groups which has caused a lot of division and many have turned away from it.
    As for Israel Falau, I think he should be allowed to play for Tonga if the players want him and his form warrants selection. The comments he has made in the past might have been insensitive and biased, but it’s not the first time a member of a Church group has spoken out about these topics in the privacy of his/her Church. The sh^t didn’t hit the fan until somebody released Israel Folau’s comments to the media.

  11. Many people say things which we don’t agree with but we choose to ignore them and move on.

    Why don’t we ban politicians from attending our games after they send our young to war to kill people who disagree with their values?

    They are only words… we should be emotionally mature enough to ignore them

  12. toddy123 February 15, 2020 at 8:34 pm
    😂😂😂almost as funny as replying to your own comments with the multiple accounts you have

    Sorry Todd, your off the mark… or just another jealous hater judging by your earlier posts.

  13. toddy123 February 16, 2020 at 6:02 pm
    See if the money is right the great religious man can keep he’s mouth shut.

    Please think before you post…

  14. toddy has a point though, as much as i defend Folau to speak his mind, it appears money will silence him, not a good look in the grand scheme of things

  15. Exactly right penso
    Folau should have stuck to the so called words of god, he has his own church he’s own devoted followers, yet he shys away from he’s own beliefs for the sake of more money. Believe it what you want to believe in, but don’t let money become the major factor in your life. Folau could have stood for much more if he actually stayed true to he’s own words

  16. I had a beer with lunch and went back to work. My boss said I couldn’t do that.
    I said ok, I won’t do it anymore, and I kept my job.

  17. Give it up Toddy you fool. Your personal attack on Christianity is far more severe than Folau quoting a factual verse from the Good Book.

  18. ……… Give it up Toddy you fool.

    Folau still is young enough to play sport and make a living. It is not a sin to earn good money. His tem percent tithe contributes to glorify his God helping and educating others to make a choice.

  19. Ten percent if all which Izzy has earnt to help others learn of his Gods love is a massive amount of money Toddy. Izzy is not putting his money before his God.

  20. I told you mark.myterds the crack is making you silly
    Ten percent if… do you mean ten percent of
    Or how about His tem percent tithe contributes to. But the crack pipe down for god’s sake

  21. Sorry mark myterds should I wait for you to do your amazing repertoire on the rabbits roosters garbage. Just face it your messiah is a fraud

  22. Mark my words – “Folau quoting a factual verse from the Good Book”
    Facts are supported by evidence not faith.

  23. Fact is greggo you clown is that there is more about Jesus in the encyclopaedia than Captain Cook. The Good Book is a history book backed up by history facts and archeological evidence.

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