We go through every team’s strengths and weaknesses ahead of 2019.

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Brisbane Broncos


They have one of the most promising rosters with a great combination of youth and experience. With a new coach and fresh approach to play smart attacking football, the Broncos will use this to their advantage like the way Rabbitohs played last year.


Anthony Seibold walks into a club and roster assembled by a rival coach. Who knows what kind of ticking time bomb Wayne Bennett has left behind for his successor?

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 16: South coach Anthony Seibold speaks to media during a press conference after the round 23 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium on August 16, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)


  1. Disagree with a few.
    The Broncos weakness is that Seibold is going from a team with a near perfect combinations to a team with a massive question marks. With the Rabbitohs, the starting 13 and their roles were obvious. Now he needs to ask the questions “who’s the dominant half and is he good enough?” “Is he an edge forward or a middle forward?” “Where does Jack Bird fit?” “Should I go for the experienced forwards or the young talent?”
    The Bulldogs have a big strength. They now have established players who can change the game with their attack with no obvious choice for bad defenders. The media might not be able to see it but I guarantee you the other 15 teams can. Kerrod Holland and Rhyse Martin have both shown great attacking spark, as has Reimis Smith to an extent. Dylan Napa might be able to do what Klemmer couldn’t and attack in short bursts while Will Hopoate might find some form back at centre. And if Foran and Lewis can get through a few consistent months, maybe we’ll see what Dean Pay wanted to make them into all along. Also, with the possibility of an untested fullback in Nick Meaney who might do some good, I would say that they are slightly better than “nothing to play for”.
    The Dragons don’t have as many people expected to make rep teams as you think. De Belin and Hunt are probably both on the outer, while Sims is still behind Cordner, Frizell and Crichton. I don’t think burnout will be a problem as long as Luciano Leilua can cover Frizell over the Origin period. Although I would be concerned about their depth in the middle if the young ones can’t fire De Belin can’t perform due to all the stress. Besides Vaughan, Graham and Sims, nobody else seems to be at an elite level.
    And the Rabbitohs may a serious lack of wingers if Jennings doesn’t re-sign. Besides Campbell Graham, all other possible wingers are either not first grade quality, off-contract, prefer other positions or planning to leave the club if they get put on the wing. It may not seem like a problem now, but it will certainly be when the edge starts leaking points like mad. Remember, this is a team who has stuck with only 7 regular wingers in the last 7 years. They got absolutely destroyed by the Broncos last year when they went with Kennar and Hunt on the wings. Without Jennings, that might be the story of the Rabbitohs season.

      • Unless he digs his heels in and threatens to leave if he can’t play fullback, as has been reported. And from the looks of it, Canberra, Canterbury, Melbourne, North Queensland and Parramatta all don’t have an obvious first grade quality fullback who can stand up to the best teams.

      • Souffths problem last season was their wingers, They can’t tackle and if Johnston ends up on the flank then this bloke is vulnerable in the defence department also😮😂😆🤣😁🎯 Preliminary Final Flashback. Souffths 0 tries Roosters 3 tries ALL scored on the wings.💪fact👍——🐓🏆

        • Here you go again, making everything about the roosters. You’re a half-wit, WoodChook. Pretending to know the first thing about RL once more.

        • How could I pretend to know RL when I have been following the evolution of Rugby League from the 1920’s. I presented facts that backs Lucas post above. Souffths wingers have been their weakest link and they proved that in their last game of the season against Easts. When the Sydney Roosters scored the only 3 tries of the match against souffths wingers. Facts mate. Only Facts. Lucas talks about how Brisbane demolished souffths wingers also.

          Any thing else you would like to know Katoomba bobert you full blown halfwit💪😮👉 Oh by the way the three sisters are at Echo Point👩‍👧‍👧

      • Souffths problem last season was their wingers, They can’t tackle and if Johnston ends up on the flank then this bloke is vulnerable in the defence department also😮😂😆🤣😁🎯 Preliminary Final Flashback. Souffths 0 tries Roosters 3 tries ALL scored on the wings.💪fact👍——🐓🏆🐔

  2. “The Dragons showed until round 17 last year that they are premiership contenders including an impressive round 9 performance against the future premiers, the Melbourne Storm”

    I’m sorry, did I watch a different Grand Final to everybody else? Was it just me or was it in fact the Roosters that were the future premiers? Not gonna lie Mr. John Caristo that’s a pretty big mistake to make.

    • John caristo obviously doesn’t watch footy, Every article he writes I’m going to take as a joke from now on.

      • Got to agree, this is a really poorly written article. Zero research done by someone who obviously knows very little on the current state of the game and the issues each club has. Would’ve expected something like this from Nicholls.

  3. The thing with Seibold is, he really isnt that great. Yes, he did do a change up of our attack but by around round 18 the cracks showed, aside from our games against Melbourne and a tigers side with nothing to play for, the team was ordinary in the backhalf of the year. Look at some of the results, lost v the roosters, flogged by an ordinary broncos side, lost to the bottom 8 raiders who had several of their star men including Croker, Wighton and Sezer out. Then in the finals we played out of our skin v a Melbourne team minus Chambers and NAS with a couple of bad calls going our way but lost, then struggled to beat the dragons the following weak and they were minus Widdop, Vaughan and Sims while De belin was literally on 1 leg, then we were tryless the next week against the roosters who were without Mitchell and Napa (Best attacking weapon/#1 goal kicker and an origin forward). So all in all, Seibold was a 1 trick pony who had no plan B to our attack once the good teams figured us out and that showed his immaturity, lets face it, Souths were expected to be bottom 4 battlers going into the 2018 season so he had absolutely no pressure on him until about the halfway point of the season (The time he first got linked to the broncos job and we were showing cracks), at the broncos he’ll be under almighty pressure in a culture where no premiership = not good enough, and he wont have an experienced campaigners roster that he had handed to him at Souths. So im backing the broncos to just miss the cut for the top 8 while the experienced head in Wayne Bennett takes what is already a top 4 unit to a whole new level. Stay tuned

  4. Souffs are in trouble with skeletor in charge.
    Look for Bennett to chase some ageing hacks to bolster his squad in 2020 after he misses the 8.

    • What is it with you Easts guys, Bennett i believe will be a good fit for Souths, stop listening to wooduck/Russc and just see how this season pans out, and has for our ouside backs, I believe Campbell Graham could be a future origin winger or centre, he is young and is very committed player, we also have Johnston who is one of the best wingers around, hopefully won’t go to the cowboys, we also have Gaigai, Burns who I believe will have a massive season, Cory Allen both wing / fullback, and young new zealander Heroti who is the fastest player at the club, Inglis of course and then Jennings who doesn’t want to leave and hopfully will be able to stay, so our outside backs are pretty solid actually, and has for woodducks Easts team scoring tries on our wings , they were mainly from high kicks to Toupu who is hard to stop, all teams struggle with him.

  5. penzo you can lie to SOME of the people SOME of the time but you cant lie to ALL the people ALL the time.

    2018 Preliminary Final tries
    1. 16th min Tupou ran in a try in the left corner after it went through 5 sets of hands.
    2. 49th min Ferguson runs a try in the right corner after 6 pairs of hands handled the ball.
    3. 70th min Momoroski scores a try after Campbell Graham can’t catch a bomb and it lands in Momoroski’s hands to score.



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