LEEDS, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 11: Tom Burgess (C) of England shows his frustration after his side concede another try during the 3rd International Series match between England and New Zealand at Elland Road on November 11, 2018 in Leeds, England. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

England have moved past New Zealand in the latest update of the rugby league world rankings, after a recent 2-1 series win over the Kiwis.

Wanye Bennett’s side picked up three wins over the Kiwis from four attempts in 2018, and have now closed the gap on Australia, who remain in top spot.

“This is a good way to round off what has been a successful year for all our teams in the England Performance Unit,” England director of rugby Kevin Sinfield said regarding the updated standings.

“We saw a good number of new faces come through into the senior England squad, some of them from the Knights programme who themselves had a successful trip to Papua New Guinea.

“It’s pleasing to see the investment we’ve made, in combination with Sport England, paying dividends and due credit for what has been an excellent team effort on and off the field.”

The Kangaroos did loss to New Zealand back in October, but the Kiwis struggled across the year and fell one position.

Tonga and Fiji remain in fourth and fifth respectively, while France jumps up two spots to sixth, leapfrogging Samoa and Scotland.

RLIF men’s world rankings:
1 (1) Australia
2 (3) England
3 (2) New Zealand
4 (4) Tonga
5 (5) Fiji
6 (8) France
7 (6) Samoa
8 (7) Scotland
9 (9) Lebanon
10 (10) Papua New Guinea

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RLIF women’s Rankings:
1 (1) Australia
2 (2) England
3 (3) New Zealand
4 (4) Tonga
5 (5) Fiji


  1. Benny has had the ‘best of’ cattle for years. It will be interesting to see how he goes at the bunnies.
    The drama surrounding his move has showed him up as selfish and he has lost a lot of respect in the NRL world imo.
    Bennys Bunnys ?

    • I agree with your comments, and I’m a Broncos fan! When you look at the sides he ‘coached’ to premierships, they were virtually made up of SOO and international players, so you would imagine that there were probably a lot of coaches around at the time that would have coached those sides to glory. In saying that, he inherits a pretty good South Sydney squad with which he may just achieve success during his 3 yr tenure. (memo to the Rabbits board: do not extend contract past 2021) As for him being shown up as selfish during the latest ‘circus’ act, well I think that it has always been about Wayne and his substantial ego. Anyway, I am just glad the ‘saga’ is over and I wish the Bunnies all the best. (except when they play my team)

      • dreaglor this tool is insulting me every time they post under a handle I created. That I created a year or two ago!

        Only a tr0ll would post under a misappropriated handle they have seen used for the past few months in reference to someone they know they are NOT! What other reason could there be other than to wind me up and create mischief.

        Please remember that before encouraging them and giving them credibility. I don’t find any of this amusing in the slightest. Quite the contrary.

        • Sorry Reg, forgive my ignorance. I am not aware of your alter ego’s and was merely passing comment as I often do on topics that interest me.

        • Cheers mate. The alter ego is not me but belongs to a mate. I just hate to see tr0lls who misappropriate handles for mischievous purposes get rewarded. Other than that I’m not trying to tell people who they can and can’t talk to other than that.

          No harm, no foul. 👍🏻

  2. When you reference the ‘Angry Eagle’, I am assumed you were referring to a Manly supporter that you banter with.

    • A Manly supporter that from the time Toovey got dumped as coach up until Des was made coach recently was more critical of Manly than an Eels supporter! He was constantly getting into fights with mostly Manly supporters, hence the name the “Angry Eagle”.

      • Thanks Reg, that explains a lot. We had something similar on the Broncos forum where one of the members stopped supporting the Broncos when Darth Bennett came back in 2015 and went off to support the Titans. Interesting to see if he comes back now that the Dark Lord has gone to the Bunnies.

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