TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 24: Jarryd Hayne of the Eels looks on during the round 24 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on August 24, 2018 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

St George Illawarra are hesitant to offer Jarryd Hayne a contract due to his off-field behavior, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Hayne is currently embroiled in a civil lawsuit in the United States concerning sexual assault allegations, and it is understood that he may soon be required to spend significant time in America ahead of his trial in January 2020.

The Dragons reportedly want the star Parramatta outside back, but are wary of signing him for 2019 on big money lest his season is jeopardised by the lawsuit.

It is understood that Hayne wants $700,000 a season, but the Dragons, Eels and other interested clubs are balking at the pricetag.

The Dragons could afford Hayne with Nene Macdonald now off their roster, but have yet to table an offer to his management.

Parramatta are also in the mix to retain Hayne for another year, but a deal with the expensive star could come at the expense of Corey Norman and Michael Jennings.

Hayne played 15 games for Parramatta this season, scoring ten tries in a losing season for the Eels.


  1. I hate to say it, but I really hope he doesn’t come to the Dragons, even if he’s a great player on his day. Maybe its other events around him, but everywhere he goes the team comes near the bottom of the table. Notable exception being in 2009 when his team finished the regular season 8th and went to the GF. Think he won an origin series once as well. Maybe I’m forgetting something but cant think of any other decent years at all.

      • So are you a Roosters supporter now Kelpie? Did you finally get tired of waiting for the Broncos to win a premiership or were you always a chook with a predilection for geriatric stick insects?

        • Thanks for the heads up. Kelpie has been outspoken in support of the Broncos in the past and very anti-Souths. That’s gratitude for you considering that the Rabbitohs have kept the Bears relevant for so many years.

          It also explains his change in loyalty to the Roosters who have taken the Bears on as their feeder club.

          Do you think Kelpie still sleeps with a bear next to his pillow?

  2. Sh!t can this idea of Hayne coming to the dragons. He wants 700k and he’s not worth half that. Let him go to manly so we can continue the lulz.

    • He’ll be lining up in centerlink with ‘mary’ in no time.. unless he wants to run the water with barrett 😉
      You guys should buy him dufty is like bevan French… terrible

        • Fetal alcohol syndrome means your mother drank when pregnant you idiot. I doubt that would surprise anyone on this site given your lack of fine motor skills and inability to spell or form a coherent sentence.

        • You and your girlfriend ever write something without calling names or mouthing off like fools?? You 2 are just embarrassing

        • Little bobby you support manly and you reckon I’m embarrassing hahahaha. Doesn’t pack much weight when you accuse someone of name calling and name call in the same sentence. And 54 you’re that lacking in brain power the only comeback you can ever come up with is “ooooh, did I hit a nerve?” Remember to thank your old girl for all those UDLs she drank when you were in her belly.

      • So “centerlink” doesn’t get blocked any more. Interesting. Store that one for next time “groupie”.

  3. His best days are behind him and his ego is disruptive.Weve got young guns in the back 5 with Aitken,Lomax,Field,Dufty,Lafai.We don’t need him

    • Don’t know if I’d have Lafai in the ‘gun’ category but that’s ok, his days are probably numbered with Lomax and aitken there. Might be worth giving Tristan Sailor a crack to blood him in first grade.

  4. Hayne and Parra had basically an understanding,a handshake deal for next year and the next.The reason its broken down is Fergos deal.Fergos deal is going to bite Parra big time.Anyone who thinks he is going to step into Semis spot needs to get of the gear.What Semi use to do isnt going to happen with Fergo.Fergo has just won a comp,has stated he has only signed for the money plus ill admit he did have a good year but with the Roosters 2018 not the Eels of 2017.HUGE DIFFERENCE in squads.Fergo isnt going to return kicks from situations when your forwards and halfs are dominating play next season.Opposition is tired,slow like he had with Roosters.By the rd6 next year eels fans will want him and BAs head.As for Saints signing Hayne its not going to happen.Saints arnt offering that type of money.They wanna sign him as a utility,they dont wanna pay fullback coin.Hayne wants average fullback money and wants to play fullback.Forget 09,forget the hayne plain,forget all the past.When you look at Haynes form when fit this year he was if not the best but close to it for Parra.Why wouldnt he want a bit more than the mates rates deal Parra got this year.Look at what Parra are paying Norman,Moses,Jennings,Fergo ect…id like a bit more money also

    • Think you’ve hit the nail on the head there Matt, Dragons aren’t going to have him at fullback with Dufty there, I think they’re just looking for a cheap pickup on the wing to replace McDonald. Hayne is kidding himself if he thinks he’s worth 700k at this point in his career – especially considering his form of recent years and off field shenanigans.

      • Hayne will have to chase the coin – the legal bills will hit him hard enough as it is, but the liability of his personal life would throw most clubs off wanting his signature.

        I dont see him at any club but Parra.

  5. 1: J Hayne
    2: G Leleisiuao
    3: M Jennings
    4: C Gutherson
    5: B Ferguson
    6: M Moses
    7: C Norman
    8: Jr Paulo
    9: R Mahoney
    10: P Terepo
    11: M Mau
    12: S Lane
    13: N brown

    14: D Alvaro
    15: T Moeroa
    16: M Nuikore
    17: T Mannah

    18:K Evans
    19: J Salmon
    20: B Takarangi
    21: B French

    That looks like the eels side for next year still look a bit light in the forwards and need a more professional hooker someone like seggy or rein would be good.
    The backs look better with Hayne and Ferguson in the side.. there is also some very good Jrs coming thru watch out for a kid called Dylan Brown very good number 7 will put pressure on Norman and Moses

    • Yeah, good call semi t. Dangle the fullback spot in front of Hayne and make sure he has a massive off-season, and who knows. History might repeat.
      I’m hoping it will with Des.

    • Where’s Mika Sivo in your line up for Parramatta ? Will be surprised if he doesn’t make the top 17 there.

  6. Given the timing, and nature of his court case, I can’t see why he’d need to spend time in the U.S during the season, but that has to sorted first up as far as I’m concerned.
    If he’s going to need time off during the season, then I think the best we can offer him is a winger spot, and paid accordingly (Gutho to FB), which I doubt he’d accept.
    If he wants $700k it would have to be a full season commitment at FB.
    The last thing we need are distractions/disruptions in 2019, so if he can’t commit 100%, we basically can’t afford to sign him.

    • Thats where Fergos contract is a issue.If you were Hayne you would want atleast the same money as him.Once more Parra has paid way overs.Sometimes i really do miss the late 80s early 90s as a fan.Yeah we were crap but werent alot of silly contracts.If your going to come last you can handle it with local kids on crap all money.Was always one or maybe 2 crap overpaid players but not basically a whole team

      • Hayne finished the year well, but his form does not warrant the same money as Ferguson, even if he is playing fullback. On top of this, no one else wants him, so he doesn’t have the bargaining power that Fergo did. As for replacing Semi, I don’t think any reasonable Parra fan actually thinks Fergo will replace him, but as the current Dally M winger of the year and a big body who eats up metres from our red zone (something we don’t currently have), his signing was an important one.

        As for paying overs for players, what option does the club have. We have made the finals once under BA and currently hold the spoon. That makes attracting talent extremely hard. Who cares if Fergo said he came for the money, it is a professional game and that is why most players sign, most just aren’t prepared to state it in the media. Overs are necessary, and that still doesn’t always work. The 80s and early 90s are gone mate, that is not the way clubs are run anymore. When at the bottom all we can do is hope to attract one or two big names, pay them a bit more than they may be perceived to be worth and hope that they help bring some success, and with that some more talent.

      • but is fergo, on a reputed 500k a season, overs?
        Oates has reportedly signed for 500k a season at Broncos and we all know that a lot of players stay at the broncos for less than they could get anywhere else.
        I think its about right.

        • I thought Fergo had signed for a bit more than that,if that is all he signed for its not as bad as i believed.As for buying players and paying overs to attrached others i dont think it is that simple these days as with the salary cap and third partys its to hard to compete with the big outta town clubs.Think much better value signing a top coach and hope he brings a few names a bit cheaper.I dont have a prob paying overs if its the right players in the right positions.Trouble is BA has to pay everyone overs

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