SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 14: Fonua-Blake Addin of the Sea Eagles runs the ball during the round seven NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and Parramatta Eels at Brookvale Oval on April 14, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Contract extension for Addin Fonua-Blake

The Manly Sea Eagles have extended the contract of powerful forward Addin Fonua-Blake until the end of the 2018 season.

Off contract at the end of this year, Fonua-Blake’s extension is a reward for a great first season in the NRL in 2016.

Fonua-Blake made his NRL and Club debut against Parramatta Eels in round seven. He went on to play 14 matches for the Sea Eagles and was chosen in the New Zealand train-on squad for the recent Four Nations tournament.

Barrett said Fonua-Blake will be a key part of the Manly forward pack next season.

“The contract extension is a good reward for Addin. He still has a lot of hard work to do, but we were happy to extend his deal,’’ Barrett said.

“Addin is a big skilful player who gives us plenty of muscle up front.  He is doing really well and we are pleased to have him with us.”

Fonua-Blake said he was grateful for the opportunities he has received at the Sea Eagles.

“I am really enjoying playing at Manly. The extension gives me a chance to further develop my game by working with experienced forwards like Martin Taupau and Nate Myles,’’ Fonua-Blake said.

“My goal over this pre-season is to get fitter and stronger, so I can really hit the ground running in round one against Parramatta at Brookvale Oval. I want to be in the team for our first Sunday home game of the season.

“I also want to be more consistent. You can’t put in a 100 per cent effort one game, then 50 per cent the next. It shows on the field.

“I owe it to the club, the Manly Members, my family, but most of all, I owe it to myself to continue to grow as a player.”


  1. Adding Addin Fonua-Blake for an extended period is better than adding a few newer blokes… fonua players don’t always work out.

  2. AFB looks ripped in the pre season photos. He got told to work on his cardio and looks like he’s done that.

    Expect big things from him this year.

    Selected in the extended NZ squad at the end of last year. The only way is up.

  3. Big future for this kid IF he can stay out of trouble. Looked good in the juniors at Saints before his brain snap. All the best at Manly, you guys have a potential gooden

  4. Happy to have this guy on board, he is going to play a big part of the future.
    Can see what type of pack they are putting together, better days ahead.

    • +1.

      Lussick – 6’4″ 114kg 27yrs
      AFB – 6’2″ 118kg 21yrs
      Meehan – 6’5″ 115kg 21yrs
      Perrett – 6’4″ 114kg 22yrs
      Lane – 6’6″ 115kg 21yrs
      Sirronen – 6’5″ 104kg 23yrs

      • You call that a good pack, i don’t think so, seriously do you think that pack with Kapow!! will take Manly to the title, or even top 8, nope, no way hosay, not yet anyway .

        • That’s not our pack.
          I was just pointing out the youth factor in the squad.

          The pack will also have Treb and Tapau. Most likely Myles…. which I’m not a huge fan of but hopefully he can turn it around.

          Are you a Souths fan Penso? I can’t recall…

        • Even if i am, and i am, what difference does that make? let’s look at that pack there shall we.
          Lussick , honest player but no world beater.
          AFB, untried.
          Lane , couldn’t make first grade with the last two teams he played with.
          Sironen, couldn’t make the tigers first grade team.
          Perrett, ditto sironen.

          I’m not being nasty just truthful in my comments, to me this team looks disjointed and hastily put together, i have stated b4 that Manly will need to rebuild over the next two or three years that’s all, i am not comparing my team with yours.

        • I’ve got to back up Batman here.

          Lussick – fair call.
          AFB – was good this year and should play for NZ in the next couple of years, not there yet but just give it time.
          Lane – Not sure why he wasn’t at least on the bench for the Dogs, ditto the Warriors, I think he wasn’t there for the Warriors because Thompson, Hoffman and Mannering are all close to, if not, 80 minute players.
          Sironen – I believe he was injured most of this year.
          Perrett – Fair call, I don’t think he is that great either, but he has size I’ll give him that.

          As he said, add in Jake Trbojevic, who is likely the next Manly captain IMO (or co captain) and Taupau, who when on his day is one of the most explosive forwards in the comp, and Myles who is a calm head for the young guys (can’t say much for his form) Manly has a decent pack, I do agree with you however that they do need a couple of years to mature though. They have the potential to make the 8 with this forward pack, it’s the backs that are concerning IMO (other than Tom (I’m not overly sold on Walker, but it will be good to see him play a full year at centre)).

        • Yeah fair enough. I was just going to make the point that regardless of what your opinion about Manlys pack, they make on average more metres than Souths in 2016. So perhaps your views are more to your dislike of Manly than their actual peformance.

          And in my opinion we’ve strengthened it. In comparison, I think Souths pack is probably weaker with their losses in recuirtment…. aka brown, Carter, grevshmul and McInnes.

          In response to your comments, there’s a common theme with Manlys recruitment and I’d say that’s what Bozo was doing.

          Lane wasn’t played at the warriors because he was used in a cash positive swap with Faitala-Mariner. Warriors didn’t need him. They needed cash. Prior to that he was outstanding (in my opinion) for the dogs in his first season. 5 tries in 14 games and named dogs rookie of the year.

          Sirronen wasn’t playing FG because of coach Taylor. That says enough for me right there. He’s played city country and can play in the halves.

          Perrett wasn’t playing for the dogs because they were trying to squeeze out their $400k purchase due to cap problems so left him in ressies hoping he’d walk away. Hes made the emerging Maroons squad so yeah.. your opinion is maybe a little off….?

          AFB untried? Made the extended NZ squad and is 21. He’ll only get better.

          Lussick played most of last year with a busted shoulder which has now been fixed for the the first time.

          Combined with Kapow and Treb, I think they’ll be a pack that can hold their own and at least improve on metres gained in 2016 – which as I said is already (on average) better than Souths….

          Time will tell.

    • Sinking ship…ha ha ha. Glass houses.

      Like Parker, Wallace….. It’s ok. You replaced them with…. wait for it…. Benji Marshall.

      • you think we replaced 2 forwards with a halfback? i know u support manly but surely you’re not that stupid.

        • So who exactly did you replace Parker and Wallace with? You haven’t signed any forwards, I guess you have Jai Arrow and Pangai and Ese’ese who IMO aren’t that great besides Pangai as a bench impact.

          Batman you forgot, they replaced Wallace and Parker with Benji and Tautau Moga 😁

        • You poor fella. Of course I don’t think that… You’re a few stubbies short of a 6 pack aren’t u? Just having a giggle at your recruitment.

          Is that all you got? Broncos are on the slide mate. Parkers experience won’t be replaced. Wallace (your best up and coming forward) jumped ship.
          You have 12 players off contract in 2017.
          Hunt will be gone soon and you’ll replace him with unknowns.

          The Broncos are consistently gifted every advantage in the comp. More 3rd party agreements, the best roster, the easiest draw, more home games… and you still can’t win a comp….

          Perhaps look in your own backyard before you start questioning Manlys sinking ship…. ha ha ha. 🙂

        • If Hunt goes, they have Nikorima though. Although I don’t see him and Milford complimenting each other.

        • Isn’t it good to see the Broncos on the slide. I personally can’t wait for a second Brisbane team to give them some competition for sponsors, Friday night games etc.

          In regard to their recruitment, it is terrible, and if they lose Hunt they are in trouble. he may not have had the best year, but they need him. I agree with trollz, Nikorima and Milford won’t compliment each other, who will run the team (similar to my concern with Parra this year with Norman and Gutho).

          Although, to be fair, they will probably sign the biggest 3 players off contract, which will no doubt improve their cap position 🙂

  5. It just goes to show, given the right kind of support and environment, and the willingness to change, players CAN be rehabilitated. I hope for Manly and AFB’s sake that he can turn things right around full-fill the promise that he undoubtedly has.

  6. it doesn’t matter who we lose, we’re the best club with the best culture, best juniors an best coach in the game. we will always be there.

    • Yep the donkeys sure have a good culture, they all know how to rack up a big fat line off a toilet seat

    • What drug are you on broncomatt? the batman was right what he said about you guy’s, the NRL gives your club every chance to win the comp each year, with third party and favourable draws, and personally i think Bennett is passed it has a coach, you’ll find out when you miss the 8 this year, hussell summed it up pretty right though.

      • I agree re Bennett, I think it is time to hang up the clip board. He knows it too, hence the reason he didn’t let Walters back onto his staff, he is too much of a threat.

      • 2018 will be an interesting year also for the Broncos.

        Their owners will have no say over what the draw is because the scheduling will be done by the NRL and they have a lot of players of contract.

        If they slide this year they are certainly going further down in 2018.

  7. Mmmm, interesting. I thought vave was way better that fonua- blake last year. They let vave go but here we are resigning fonua-blake. He must be training the house down

    • Don’t forget Vave was offered a contract but Parra just offered more.

      Vave was good for about his first 2 or 3 hit ups when coming on the field. He was enthusiastic and really ran with passion. That side of him was great.

      But it just doesn’t last. Remember he was told in the pre season of 2016 that if he didn’t make weight he’d be cut. His cardio is his weakness.
      He’s 27 and has no defence also.

      Manlys planning for the future and a weight problem plagued 27yr old bench prop isn’t obviously in the plan…?

      Time will tell if it was the right call but I know I’d take the 21yr old international bound player any day. He looks ripped in the Manly pre season photos and focused this year. He’ll surprise.

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