Selection strategies, statistics, podcasts and much much more – the Sports Fantasy Pro Coaches Lounge has everything you need to help rocket you up the 2016 NRL Championships Leaderboard!



Selection Room: Renegades guru Steve Nicholls has had a good look at Friday’s blockbuster at Suncorp and is ready to get back amongst the cash!

Game StatsWhether you’re a stone-cold stats coach or just looking for a few figures to help justify your crazy gut feelings, selection night always flows more smoothly when you have some numbers to crunch.

Listen LiveAs the NRL Finals kicks into full gear this weekened so does $8,000+ in prizes at Sports Fantasy Pro, where J & Ric will be battling it out for #TheBetterTwin status. Grab a cool beverage, transfer your rent money, and walk along with us as we build our team for the Sports Fantasy Pro Championship.

Fantasy FormGet the inside running on your fellow coaches and get amongst the glory and cash on offer in the 2nd annual Sports Fantasy Pro NRL Championships!

Selection Tune 1      Selection Tune 2 Very Important to create the proper coaching environment for selection. You’re welcome. 


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