SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 24: Blues coach Brad Fittler celebrates victory during game two of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Chanel Nine has thrown its support behind mid-game interviews, as seen with NSW coach Brad Fittler during the game three Origin coverage.

The major network considered the insights such a success that they are now hoping to integrate it into their NRL coverage, although it may not be such an easy feat to pull off.

Nine’s director of sport Tom Malone spoke glowingly of the coverage, saying they are hoping to continue the trend.

“We thought it was terrific and we were very grateful to Freddy for allowing us to do it,” Malone The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s certainly something we’d love to do in regular [season] home and away matches. It would be terrific insight for the viewers.

“It’s something we’ll try to work towards as the season progresses and into next season. You can improve the access through relationships and working with clubs and coaches to ensure they can trust you, living up to the trust and the proving it.

“And going forward from there you can make sure it’s a more permanent fixture.

“It’s was what I call lean-forward television. That’s what the viewers want and they want to be closer to the action.”

Malone added that Fittler was more accustomed to the the media role than what some NRL coaches would be, which may have added to the spectacle.

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“Freddy’s got a great approach to the media and the more open and honest you are with the media and the fans, the more people are likely to understand your position and the more supportive they’ll be of what you’re wanting to achieve,” Malone said.

Additionally, Malone was not concerned about the Origin series’ dip in ratings, still considering this year’s fixture a success.

“Everyone’s got an opinion, but the truth is that across the Origin series nearly 10 million people watched the games,” Malone said.

“It’s a phenomenal success.

“There is no other sporting franchise like it across the world. While Origin III wasn’t a decider, it was still the fourth most watched program of the year. It will probably only be beaten by the NRL and AFL grand finals.”



  1. Is this guy for real – no other sporting franchise in the world like it.
    How about the World Cup soccer – how many people watch this final alone?
    10mill is still a huge amount however small change to other sports that are truely player in more countries and hence more supporters/ fans .

    • On a per capita basis he is correct, don’t forget we only have 24 million, so yes it is a great result, and has for the moron Rothfield saying we need to bring in a marquee player cause the ratings are down, that is crap, what is not being considered is the amount of people now streaming the NRL which Telstra will not reveal, overall the NRL is still the most watched sports on TV in Australia.

  2. What a dumb idea – just as dumb as interviewing players at half time. Don’t forget, Channel 9 is Freddy’s employer.

  3. If they did a poll, id bet that most coaches/players would be against it. Just too invasive, & especially with the cringeworthy idiotic questions they ask players when coming off the field at halftime? I know as an ex player, that the last thing id want after coming off at halftime gasping for breath, is some moron shoving a microphone in my face & asking me dopey questions.

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