Despite suggestions that a new salary cap figure would not be determined before the New Year, the NRL have today confirmed the new cap figures for both the NRL and NRLW competitions.

The NRL salary cap figure for 2023 will increase to $12.1 million - a 25 per cent increase on the 2022 figure - while the cap for each club's NRL Top 30 will jump to $11.45 million, which constitutes a 22 per cent increase.

The cap for development players will jump significantly, from $240,000 to $650,000.

The NRLW is also set for a significant boost despite the disparity in overall figures. The salary cap for the 2023 NRLW competition will increase by a whopping 153 per cent, to a figure of $884,000.

NRL Press Conference
NEWTON'S LAW: RLPA boss Clint Newton has been the only participant willing to speak to media regularly throughout the process. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The NRL has also announced that the NRL minimum will also increase massively, to $120,000.

Despite the revelation of the new figures, the RLPA and ARLC have still not concluded CBA negotiations, which are now expected to carry on into the new year - but it is certainly a step in the right direction after months of uncertainty following the conclusion of the last deal.

The 'amended' CBA that is serving as a temporary placeholder has been extended, although any increases agreed to while it's in place will be upheld when a new arrangement is achieved.

The NRL was also quick to mention that players whose deals include a ratchet clause will receive an 18 per cent increase to their playing fee, retroactively dated from November 1 - giving those players a handy bonus for the end of the year.