BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: David Fifita of the Broncos looks on during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on September 9, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

With a decision regarding his future set to be made on Monday, Brisbane young gun David Fifita has been forced to remain in an Indonesian jail for an extra night.

Security guard Dani Irawan, the 19-year-old's alleged assault victim, agreed to drop formal charges via a peace agreement on Sunday, which means it is now up to the head of Bali's police department to approve Fifita's release.

Monday's likely release follows what has been a turbulent weekend for the second-rower, who has been behind bars since the alleged assault took place on Saturday morning.

Fifita's lawyer, Muhammad Rifan, told media in Bali that formal charges against a remorseful Fifita had been dropped.

"Broncos management and my client David apologise to Dani," Rifan said.

"And he has agreed to accept his apology.

"We also apologise to La Favela and to Bali.

"Along with the peace agreement, Dani has also signed the document revoking the police report.

"[Dani] hereby officialy asked the report to be dropped.

"We asked to be forgiven, to Dani Irawan specifically and La Favela, it was accepted.

"We are glad."

Meanwhile, Dani said he had no familiarity with Fifita, and that his priority at the time was to avoid escalating the situation.

"Yesterday, David might have intentionally hit me, I was surprised," Dani told local media.

"I looked at him, after I saw him, he stopped.

"I stayed away to avoid a fight.

"That's it.

"I don't know who he was, I never knew him."

Fifita has reportedly attracted multi-million dollar contract offers from multiple clubs.


  1. LidcomeOval the likelyhood that Fifita will stay in Brisbane is strong. With Latrell wanting out of Sydney I think an offer to Fifita of 800k would be an attractive temtataion however you can put a line through Souths.

    Souths are in rebuild mode, for big name players to be attracted to Souths they will have to pay overs.
    Bennett is a poor coach and will be replaced for the 2021 season. So that will not be a player magnet. Players are lining up to play for Sydney and Melbourne whilst Souths have nothing to offer.

  2. Well NAS wasn’t even arrested and he copped a fine and 3 test matches.
    Fifita spent 3 nights in jail so it will be interesting to see how Mr Greenberg dishes out his punishment…..Could even be captain material like Lodge

  3. I think he’ll get suspended for this, but:
    Redv13, I think you’re a pretty fair person, so if he got 3 weeks, like NAS, would that be fair?
    The Storm lost nothing from the NAS suspension, but the Bronco’s would lose a key player for 3 weeks, but NAS would lose more financially.
    My point is, and very simplistically, the same punishment can have a very different effect, depending on the situation, so maybe that should also be considered. Yeah?

  4. Problem is eels, history will show that the nrl are all over the place when it comes to misbehaving players and the punishment handed down. Perfect example would be Mitchell Pearce with his woof woof issue which I think they went way over board with games suspended and the huge fine. Carney and his wee wee night out!!

    I’m really not sure what to expect here as it’s usually a lottery but I feel NAS should have missed some premiership games for Melbourne and like you said when Fifita misses games for the Broncs in 2020 then there’s another inconsistency.

  5. Yeah, I have to agree, and I’m not defending the system as such, and probably more pointing out that I think it needs a total overhaul, but not because the NRL is biased, but because the system they use has too many flaws.
    The NRL is (should at the very least) be punishing the player/s based on how their action/s effect the sport/its reputation., and leaving the law to the legal system, so:
    The media plays a big part no matter what (how much publicity an action/s get).
    Timing, from a club perspective, plays a part in how it effects their club, as per Fifita / NAS.
    They’re the parts I don’t like/think need to change, but Carney, well wasn’t that (the bubbler) the straw that broke the camels back?
    Previous actions should be taken into consideration.

  6. You have to hand it to the Broncos. They are the best in the business at weaseling their players out of situations. Even claiming he didn’t get paid at all. Yeah right.

  7. Of course the NRL is biased.
    When were Melbourne the most penalised team in the competition? You know, the creators of the chicken wing tackle, wrestle mania comes to league.
    Greg Hartley, Barry Gommersol were allowed to continually referee in rugby league , because everything was just hunky dory in the game. Nothing much has changed since those two were around.
    Or what about the referee who put a bet on St.George to Win the Grand Final against West’s many years ago, Darcy Lawler.. Pity he was the referee for that Grand Final!
    I could again go to Penrith being the most penalised team two years running. With different coaches & a vastly different squad of players.
    Though, you just go on living in LaLa Land. As everything is just tickety-boo.

  8. You could probably blame Maloney for being the most penalised team. He was no different at the Sharks. You’ll probably notice a decline in numbers in 2020 without him

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