The Bulldogs still have finals aspirations on their mind according to fullback Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, following their win over Penrith on the weekend.

The Bulldogs are currently in 15th place with six wins and sit six points outside the top eight. A lot will need to go their way for them to secure one of those eight places, but Watene-Zelezniak is optimistic none the less.

"Who knows? Never say never. That’s my attitude, I play every game like it’s our last," Watene-Zelezniak told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"I have still got hopes for finals, but you never know. We want to finish on 24 points. There was one year where teams who finished on 24 made the eight.

“That’s the goal, as long as its mathematical there’s a chance. I am still hopeful. I have been in this position before, maybe not so low but I am always hopeful, and you never know what can happen.

“It’s a weird sport."

Watene-Zelezniak is fairly new to Canterbury having only joined mid-season, but the New Zealand international is enjoying his time in New South Wales.

"I still have got a lot to learn. I am still learning every time I play and train," he said.

"I love this club, hey. They’ve been amazing since day dot. It opened my eyes a bit, too. I really, really love this club.

"I am very grateful they have given me this opportunity. If they want to keep me, I’ll be over the moon. It’s out of my hands, I just have to keep playing footy and let them do what they need to do.

“Whatever comes my way I’ll take it head on."

Watene-Zelezniak and the Bulldogs face the eighth-placed Wests Tigers in their next game with a win an absolute must if they are to keep their very loose finals chances alive.


  1. Whats your problem edwoodwood , grow up mate, your obsession with souths is bordering on the insane, let it go, I know you think you know more than Andrew Johns, fair enough i get that, cause he is only an immortal after all, so why listen to his opinion?

    Interesting on big sports breakfast this morning, Laurie Daly was talking about clubs that produce juniors, Souths , Bronco’s, Penrith , Parra and Canberra, he mentioned clubs that buy players and the Roosters was the only club he mentioned, why did he say that? Bit of truth in it thats why.

  2. Panthers18 is only blowing up coz DWZ tore them a new one and screwed up there semis run. Last year she was loving him and now he’s a grub apparently….

  3. No, redv13, your guess is wrong. I am not blowing up and I have always felt DWZ is a grub. The Panthers have a better chance of making the finals than what St George does.

  4. His brain explosions, his attitude. Cleary he wanted out because he was demoted to reserve grade. I do not care what you think, I have always felt this way about him, redv13.

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