The Bulldogs have opted to scrap Mad Monday following on from last year's controversy, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Eight club's seasons will conclude next week and with it comes the end-of-season celebrations, however, league boss Todd Greenberg has warned that there will be a "zero-tolerance" approach to player misbehaviour.

And Canterbury aren't about to risk a repeat of last off-season.

"We’re playing our [final] game, we’ll then have a family dinner back at the club," Canterbury chief executive Andrew Hill told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"That’s the only thing we’ve organised, there’s no other organised celebration."

The Bulldogs were fined $250,000 for overstepping the line at Harbour View Hotel at The Rocks last year, with Forwards Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine at the centre of the misconduct.

The duo were fined $25,000 each.

Greenberg stressed how important it was for NRL players to display good behaviour over the off-season, following on from last off-season that was referred to as the "summer of hell".

"I made it crystal clear to chief executives when we met in August that we expect the highest standard of behaviour in the off-season," Greenberg told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Every club and player knows they have a responsibility to ensure the conduct of their club, themselves and their teammates meet community expectations.

"There is no grey area here. I spelled out to every club in the room the responsibilities they have in this area. We will take a zero-tolerance approach to bad behaviour, the clubs know that and the players know that.

"There are no excuses. Penalties for poor off-field behaviour will be harsher than ever before."


  1. Yeah good one media. You really f..ked it up for the boys.
    Evidence of end of season celebrations have been carbon dated back countless mellinnia, but because a greedy “reporter” fabricated a story to cash in, mad Monday may becoming extinct.
    #media vultures

  2. Yeah but come on, mad monday is an archaic practice.

    Besides and particularly for the 8 teams not in the finals what are they celebrating ? Oh we were Cr*p, we had a Cr*p season, we under performed, we let our fans down, Yeah lets celebrate all that.

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