The lawyer for Dylan Brown has stated that CCTV footage does not at all support the allegation that was made against the Eels playmaker.

The allegation was made through an apparent incident that happened on Saturday night at The Golden Sheaf at around approximately 11:30 pm. It was reported that Brown allegedly touched a woman's breasts on five occasions at the Double Bay hotel in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Attending Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday morning, Brown was seen alongside manager Gavin Orr and Eels welfare officer David Gower in his first court appearance since the alleged incident took place.

Via the Sydney Morning Herald, the matter was adjourned until June 28, with magistrate Theo Tsavdaridis agreeing to a bail variation request.

This request allows Brown to enter the Double Bay precinct, but he will be unable to visit or be seen in any licensed premises.

“Mr Brown and I viewed the CCTV footage yesterday at the Bondi police station,” Brown's solicitor David Newham said on Wednesday, via The Herald.

“It does not support the notion [that] on five separate occasions Mr Brown has approached this young woman and with both hands has touched both of her breasts. It does not support that at this point in time.”

Although Brown was named on the team list for the Eels on Tuesday afternoon to take on the Canterbury Bulldogs, the NRL is yet to determine his eligibility.

The NRL's no-fault stand-down policy states "Players charged with an offence carrying a maximum prison term of 11 years or more are automatically stood down until their court proceedings are finalised". However, Brown's charges don't meet the threshold of the above statement.

Andrew Abdo, the NRL Chief Executive Officer, has the discretion to stand him down, and a decision is expected to be handed down on Wednesday afternoon.