SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 22: Semi Radradra of the Eels looks on during the round 11 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on May 22, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels have just released a club statement on Semi Radradra and his exclusion from the Australian team.

Eels CEO Bevan Paul released the following on the club’s official website, as Radradra was left out of the Four Nations squad when the team was announced on Tuesday.

Parramatta Eels continue to support and assist Semi Radradra and his ex-partner as they work through a difficult period.”

“We have been in contact with Semi since the announcement yesterday and he is looking forward to returning to the Club for preseason training in November.”

“The Club would like to emphasise that Semi has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges against him and he is entitled to the presumption of innocence.”

“The Parramatta Eels have recently increased resources in the area of player welfare and support and implemented a number of initiatives to assist with the wellbeing of our players and their families.”


  1. I found it strange that he could play for Australia 2 weeks ago but can’t now. Absolute BS if you ask me. Also thought it’s innocent until proven guilty in Australia

    • I also thought it was innocent until proven guilty but for some reason when 1 headline pops up and it just becomes open season to attack that players personality and try to ruin a players reputation even when it is proven to be false, as for the Australia snub the roo’s don’t need semi they have plenty of depth in that spot and they should be fine without him

  2. crikes it though the headline was parra releases semi.. whew thank god.. thats all us parra fans need is another boot to the cods .. hope fully he starts training in november and extends his contract

    • +1

      That’s how first saw it on my iPhone too! Guess the eyes weren’t what they once were.

      He will still end up playing for Fiji in the 4 nations in any account.

  3. As an Eels fan, I want to see Semi make a decision asap on where he wants to play at the conclusion of his current contract. Given the horrific season we’ve had, we need some closure on this story because the longer this drags on, the more crap the media will come up with. We don’t need more drama at this club, especially after our highest profile player called it quits due to mental health issues, and then conveniently went on to sign with another club a few months later, and also after an Eels legend returned to the game but only to go to another club (no names being mentioned as I’ve now moved on).
    Hence, Semi, as as Eels fan we will stick by him, but we need some certainty on whether he will be an Eel come 2018 or whether he will choose to move on. If he wants to go elsewhere, then I suggest the club cut him loose sooner rather than later.
    Really looking forward to next season (I realise Eels fans say that every year), and hopefully no more drama for this great club.

  4. Eels fans
    Parra are in good shape
    U don’t really need the guy
    Yes he is a great player.. I hope parra forget about the great player
    And turn there attention to making parra… a great club …
    it’s time to say no more guys like with Foran ..
    I see parra going far in the next few seasons.. don’t let semi drag parra backwards
    U have the cover now some great true juniors come threw.. who would give there life to play for parra .. and do it for free ..
    I’m happy to finally see parra going in the right direction
    They are leaving my beloved manly team behind for sure..
    so if semi wants to go parra .. call him cab .. cause u guys are fine
    Parra fans u have great season coming up .. don’t let this guy bring it down

    • You’re spot on. I’m all for offering Semi an extension to his contract, and doing it now(ish), by that I think we need to get clarity and/or insert a clause re his charges, but if he doesn’t want to stay, “call him a cab”, is well put.

      The effort the boys put in this year, with everything going down, and all hope gone, made me so proud of them (and BA). A slightly side issue but Michael Gordon, what a legend. First year at the club, signed with the Roosters mid season, and gave 110% all season.

      I think we played the Hayne situation perfectly, in that we offered towards the lower end of market value. If he wanted to play, and for the club, it was a reasonable deal, and we would have gotten a genuine team player back, but if it was about dollars, and it don’t blame anyone for that, he’d go elsewhere, and did. The Semi situation is similar, in that we should offer him a fair contract extension now, a year early, and if he wants to stay, awesome, otherwise don’t hold him to the last year of his current contract, just because, in theory we can.

      We have got, from the ashes, players that would give their lefty for Parra, and last thing we need is a player, no matter how good, to detract from that, and poison the team.

      • +1 eelsalmighty.

        Clarities what we need round th Semi situation.If he wants to leave or doesn’t wantto stay show him the door.We should’nt muck around just go with what we’ve got.

  5. A bit of spell checking so be done before publication. Statement is spelt statement, in the article the word is missing the e. So why did the Eels feel the need to make this statement public?

    • It’s called standing up for one of your players panthers14. Any of the other 15 clubs would do the exact same thing.

      • FootyFan2016

        Fair point if he was having a go at one of the locals here but these guys are paid to do a job while we are just here to chat about RL. Besides two resident spell checking grammar fanatics are enough for any site surely? 😉

        The difference though, between panthers14’s typo and the mistake in the article, is that his isn’t in 1 inch BOLD print as a headline and HE isn’t paid to get it right. Beyond the writer (Stephen Marson) there are also sub-editors who are meant to be checking this and proofing all content (pretty sure they get paid to get it right as well).

        You two make good sense when you talk about football let’s not sweat the small stuff?

        • SSTID. I have no problem with grammatical errors, everyone makes them. My point is if you are going to correct someone for poor grammar make sure you get it right

        • FootyFan2016

          Fair enough buddy. And as I am all thumbs, typos and the product of a Redfern public school education, I won’t be picking others up when I lead the tackle count at the wrong end! 😉

          Like you both, didn’t think this one was worth going to war over.

          Already feeling the off season blues! You know the season is over when they only have this sort of non-story to print. Two paragraphs, which are only just two sentences and the rest is the media release. Depressing!

  6. I do realize that, kev, who says that he would have been selected in the first place? This appears totally arrogant on the Eels behalf.

    • Do we need an official club statement on every player that doesn’t make the Australian team?
      I think not , can’t believe I have the same opinion as Panthersgirl :/

      • Because Semi was the incumbent test winger and the NRL clearly came out and stated he wasn’t selected due to court case. Parra are just reminding the NRL of the law in Aust. ,innocent until proven guilty, ask Stewart, Matai or the whole Manly club if they like being tarnished with match fixing due to allegations and not facts

  7. Because Panthers14 when the team press conference was being held greenberg specifically stated Radradra’s exclusion along with fifita which says they would be on the tour if it wasn’t for theis situations.

    • Agreed, Semi, and his situation was brought into the news by the NRL and the media, and Pathers14, I fail to see any arrogance from the club’s statement. It doesn’t mention anything about his selection etc. it simply states the club is supporting him (innocent until proven guilty), and it’s business as usual.

      Even with the club releasing this statement the media will keep the story flowing, but if they stayed quiet, the rumours / allegations would flow 10 fold.

  8. I do not care, parra3315. Semi shouldn’t be eligible to play for Australia in the first place. He wasn’t born here. We agree on something kraken. That is a first.

    • Wrong again. What’s the point of having Australian citizenship if we default to the “but you weren’t born here, so you’re still not Australian”?

    • Next time the Panthers James Tamou gets selected for Australia please remember the ignorant comment of, but he wasn’t born here. Countless Australian players aren’t born here but they are either raised here or willing to choose to represent this great nation and it’s diversity

      • Well said mate and 100% correct.
        Did anyone watch the u20’s gf on the weekend where the odds on favourites got beaten after leading 28 to 6?????

        • cmonthedragons

          “the u20’s gf on the weekend where the odds on favourites got beaten after leading 28 to 6”

          After the underdogs lost their hooker Garvey (who at the time was close to man of the match) before Victor Radley jumped into hooker and guided them home? No I missed that one.

          Seriously, I still don’t know how that happened but it goes to show how one team can dominate another all year and still lose in the last game (GF) of the season. Same thing happened in Sterlo’s days when Parra lost 3 to Manly before winning the GF (83 I think).

    • That isn’t what this conversation is about though. Whether anyone on here likes it or not he is eligible for Australia. This is about the Eels supporting one of their players on the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. And as others have mentioned, it has been stated that the reason he wasn’t selected is due to his off field issues, which I applaud the NRL for in theory, but why was he allowed to play for the PM’s 13 team?

      And on the issue of country of birth, that is the point of citizenship. If someone becomes an Australian citizen, they are an Australian, and eligible to represent Australia. This is not unique to rugby league either, it is the same in sports all over the world. To be fair the Semi issue was different as it was based on 3 years residency, which the game has since extended as a result. But to say someone cannot represent a country that they are a citizen of because they are not born there is ridiculous.

  9. Reports are on the media circle that his father has said he’s going to the broncos
    And has told the club he won’t be there next yr
    Any truth in this

    • I have heard from different reliable people here n Brissy that he signed back in May/June with Broncos.

      • if he did, then the broncos should be in a world of trouble….but we all know what will happen even if found out

  10. born here or not he is a citizen .. no one complained when petro cinaciva ( i call him petrol 70 cents a litre ) or hayne or even adrian lam played origin and was from Papua new guinea . they have hung semi out to dry as the press have done to parra all year . mud sticks ask Stewart. was never the same player after the press crucifed him

  11. Footyfan2016, and eelsalmighty, I believe that James Tamou should not play for NSW, or Australia. I believe that Semi should remain illegible to play for the Roos. I also believe that Petro should not have played for Australia and Queensland. Jason Nightingale should not be able to play for New Zealand, and that applies for the other non New Zealand born players. The system, as it stands, is a joke. All these players should be proud to represent the country of their birth, it is as simple as that.

    • Panthers14, I don’t disagree that Semi (or others) shouldn’t so easily be able to chop and change allegiances but the fact is he didn’t break the rules, the rules were not changed for him and as such he is eligible for selection. Whether he did it for money, personal goals or to allow himself to play at the highest level he can, I can’t say and will not assume.

      The fact is he is eligible and should have been selected, as stated by the NRL and Mal, the fact he has a court date for an allegation opens the door to Pandora’s box. Where do you draw a line on what offence doesn’t allow you to be selected?? and why was Semi allowed to play for Australia 2 weeks ago?? Footballers (Norman, Semi, Fifita, Bird, Roberts, Pearce etc…) are in trouble for various offences all the time and this selective selection of who gets in trouble and suspended and who doesn’t isn’t fair on players and fans.

      • it all depends on what the public sentiment is deemed to be by NRL HQ, if they cop enough on social media and mainstream media (whether right or wrong) they make a rule on the fly and don’t consider the long term consequences.
        In the normal court of law, precedence guides the magistrate/judge in determining the guilt (or otherwise) as well the punishment, however in the NRL court precedence has no bearing on the guilt and/or punishment meted out at the time.
        We see that from the MRC to Judiciary, to onfield decisions and also plenty of off field decisions.
        Fafita and Semi’s punishment in not getting selected suits the Todd Greenturds agenda for this week. If consistency was applied, you could say half the aussie team would/could not be selected due to their indiscretions.
        Most of the NRL Agenda is driven by the likes of Paul K#nt, Buzz “Eddies mate” Rothfield, Hadley, and so on – they drive the public sentiment by constantly pushing their own barrows in the media, therefore making the NRL feel that that is what the public sentiment is, when it could be so far from reality its not funny.
        Greenturd, Grant and so on are all behaving like politicians and listening to the 1% or so of negative opinion and making policy on the fly to appease the lefty PC hand wringers and tree huggers.

    • panthers14

      You and me BOTH brother! Hahahahaha

      Like I tell our two resident spell checking grammar fanatics (kettles and danielle) I would rather see posts full of errors but relevant to Rugby League issues than picture perfect prose of no relevance whatsoever to the intended purpose of this site! Listening guys?

      Oh, I miss you kettles! That’s the truth. Things are just getting boring without you. 😉

        • panthers14

          Thanks for the tip phatty. Sorry panthers14 “You and me BOTH sister” then. But you have to laugh!
          Is that general knowledge thing btw? I don’t want to refer to this in the future and you want to appear neutral etc. Does that make sense?

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