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The NRL have de-registered two high-profile people, with Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe and Cronulla Sharks coach Shane Flanagan both handed down punishments confirmed by Todd Greenberg on Tuesday.

Not only are the Sharks now without a coach, but Cronulla have been hit with an $400,000 fine for Flanagan’s actions.

Meanwhile, the Tigers have been fined $750,000, and the amount of Robbie Farah’s ambassador agreement – $639,000 – has been included in their 2019 salary cap.

In a statement from the NRL, the league don’t believe Farah is at fault, but do believe the club should have alerted them of the agreement.

Both the Sharks and Tigers have until the end of January to respond to the NRL’s findings.

The Tigers have reacted to the news, and released the following statement.

At 8am this morning the NRL informed Wests Tigers that it is issuing a preliminary breach notice in relation to an ambassador agreement with Robbie Farah.

The club is shocked with the decision and extremely disappointed in the process.

It is an arrangement that Wests Tigers had with Robbie that is unrelated to his career as a player. The club does not know if he is going to take it up and Robbie has not indicated his intention in return.

The reason the ambassadorship was offered in November 2015 is that then new CEO Justin Pascoe felt that the club had disrespected Robbie and this was a way to show him the respect that Justin felt he deserved as a Life Member and club legend due to the overwhelming support Robbie had at the time from Members and fans.

Most importantly Wests Tigers derive absolutely no advantage from this arrangement. It is not tied in any way to Robbie’s playing contract.

Wests Tigers are particularly concerned about the wrongful attack on the integrity of the club’s CEO. For the last three years Justin has shown nothing but respect for the NRL and the salary cap.

The club will be vigorously defending this.

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