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The NRL have de-registered two high-profile people, with Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe and Cronulla Sharks coach Shane Flanagan both handed down punishments confirmed by Todd Greenberg on Tuesday.

Not only are the Sharks now without a coach, but Cronulla have been hit with an $400,000 fine for Flanagan’s actions.

Meanwhile, the Tigers have been fined $750,000, and the amount of Robbie Farah’s ambassador agreement – $639,000 – has been included in their 2019 salary cap.

In a statement from the NRL, the league don’t believe Farah is at fault, but do believe the club should have alerted them of the agreement.

Both the Sharks and Tigers have until the end of January to respond to the NRL’s findings.

The Tigers have reacted to the news, and released the following statement.

At 8am this morning the NRL informed Wests Tigers that it is issuing a preliminary breach notice in relation to an ambassador agreement with Robbie Farah.

The club is shocked with the decision and extremely disappointed in the process.

It is an arrangement that Wests Tigers had with Robbie that is unrelated to his career as a player. The club does not know if he is going to take it up and Robbie has not indicated his intention in return.

The reason the ambassadorship was offered in November 2015 is that then new CEO Justin Pascoe felt that the club had disrespected Robbie and this was a way to show him the respect that Justin felt he deserved as a Life Member and club legend due to the overwhelming support Robbie had at the time from Members and fans.

Most importantly Wests Tigers derive absolutely no advantage from this arrangement. It is not tied in any way to Robbie’s playing contract.

Wests Tigers are particularly concerned about the wrongful attack on the integrity of the club’s CEO. For the last three years Justin has shown nothing but respect for the NRL and the salary cap.

The club will be vigorously defending this.


  1. To me this smells like a huge stitchup

    I haven’t read what the exact violations are, so to be fair, it’s just what it seems like and I could be definitely wide of the mark.

    If this is a deregistration because Flanagan had a bit of conversation about the players for the next year – or anything future oriented – and not about the current season, to me I would say that would be quite petty, in my eyes.

    Well timed to give the media something less unsavoury about the NRL to dramatise.

    Not a fan of Cronulla, just seems petty to me.

    • mate, when the terms of your suspension are that you are to have no contact with the club or players and, from what is widely reported and confirmed by the NRL, you have contact with them – then its a breach of the terms of the suspension.
      It would seem that he whilst he was on suspension, he was actually the de-facto coach and continuing to do what a head coach does.
      No excuse really…..

  2. How funny Pascoe goes on about integrity and has a go at Ivan Cleary now he’s been caught cheating such a disgrace

    • How did he cheat….? there was a proposed role for Robbie Farah to take up after he finishes his playing career…How is this different to Billy Slater coaching for the storm or Darren Lockyear taking on a Board role for the broncos?….And btw Robbie never accepted the offer so it remains hypothetical doesn’t it!…the NRL is a walking, breathing joke compared to how other sporting organisations are run!

      • The tigers went to the nrl when Farah was at the club and asked the nrl if they could pay Farah out because he was being difficult and was not good for the club so the nrl allowed them to pay him out without taking anything away from there salary cap. Then the tigers do a secret deal which Farah did sign in 2016 before he left to the rabbits that entitled him to extra money after retirement to entice him to leave the problem with the situation is the tigers stated to the nrl Farah was a big problem and was becoming annoying to deal with yet they still signed him for a job 2 years down the track

  3. Sharks should be stripped of their one and only premiership.
    I am guessing the tigers will have to cut some players if that much is being added to their cap.

    • Your a parramatta fan who would you take from the tigers squad? Do you think josh Reynolds would be a good pick up and possibly esan masters

        • Yeah, Marsters would be perfect, but I can’t see West’s letting him go.
          Toddy123, sorry, I didn’t see his name in your post, as I stopped at the thought of Reynolds.
          I cant say I’ve seen that much of Packer, but I thought he was a bit average (at the Dragons at least).

  4. Great day for league seeing the back of the biggest cheat ever to be involved in the sport. Now they just need to get rid of the rest of the club and the league will be in a good place.

    Read an article on the roar as to whether their 2016 title can be considered legit (pretty funny that it was the storm that lost out but what’s life without a few ironies tossed in). Considering that the druggies only got 6 weeks instead of the 12 months they should have had, the salary cap breach in 2015 and the fact that Flanagan the flog would have been suspended had they known about his contact with the club, does anyone think they would have been in a position to win a premiership in 2016? I think not. Can’t wait to hear from that feeder bbbj on how the sharks have been unfairly targeted.

    Bit rough on the tigers and Pascoe though, wasn’t exactly above board but if Farah never signed anything then where’s the foul? Worth a smack on the wrist and a small fine at most.

  5. Karma has bitten you hard Justin. I love it. As for Shane, I hope he never returns to the NRL. Both are a disgraces.

  6. $1.4M hit for the Tigers and lost their CEO for a role that was NEVER formally accepted…NRL are a Joke…its clear what clubs they want and don’t want in their competition….juts come out with it Tod you girl

    • Are we to believe the tigers will fight this now that they stated they Will appeal the decision or will this be like when they said cleary wasn’t going anywhere and we are not gonna be pushed around with little Pascoe puffing he’s chest out all for nothing in the end?

  7. You’d have to be pretty naive to think that the Tigers thing was anything other than a ploy to free up salary cap space. I agree with everybody who says its commonly done. Yep, it probably is. But its still cheating. It simply back ending a contract, in this case possibly outside of the salary cap altogether. The offer is almost certainly there to lubricate Farah agreeing to leave.
    Hope this opens up a proper line of investigation on every other club doing it though.

  8. Oh well Flanno has been proven to have done wrong. Time for a new start.
    In both cases you can see why Other Clubs don’t self report. Without whistle-blowers the NRL couldn’t find any irregularities at any club.
    Now I can see where the NRL gets it’s money from to give grants to St Merge, Newcastle and the Gold Coast

  9. Move the sharks to Perth and Tiggas to Tasmania.Perfect fit considering Tasmanian Tigers are extinct,how they should be.Except for fluking one premiership they have been a joke from the start

  10. I don’t get the salary cap restrictions on the Tigers, why punish the fans, players and clubs for something the administration has done? its not like Farah would have been playing right?
    It just creates an unfair environment in terms of player signings and retention etc, which means they have to offer a sub-par product (team and game day experience) to the fans…which is kind of like the NRL punishing itself really…

    • Why punish the fans and players for something the administration has done? Are you stupid? When the bulldogs, storm, manly and eels were all caught for cheating it was the administration, cheating is cheating

      You seriously have 1 brain cell

  11. I can’t blame the NRL or Grenberg for the outcome here. It would not have been an easy decision to make. It’s unfortunate that both clubs involved are financially stretched. It will be sad, but I see one of these clubs going in the next 2 years, probably Wests Tigers. I don’t think that merger has really worked. Sharks will be lucky to survive 5 years.

    • That’s the spirit.
      You’ve got Dessie back, a $ or 2 of cap space left, and another year (at least) whereby back ended deals are still allowed.
      Do the maths, you could have both in 2019.

  12. Greenburg is going for the heroes role in a 1960s Walt Disney movie bout how an antiseptic little bald nerd can dominate huge athletes to give all the nerdy skinny children who are glued to the iPhones hope of redemption. He was clearly damaged psychologically severely at primary school and has been trying to get even ever since

  13. Im not a supporter of either club mentioned in this latest nonsense but RESPECT WHERE ITS DUE. Cronulla are a gritty side that’s all heart and will never give in. They have a great squad and are a pleasure to watch even when smashing Manly. 2 pages of emails at handover of a coaching suspension doesn’t seem like cheating to me. If you could coach via email everyone would do it.
    As for the Tigers. I cant imagine how a person can even think to call a FOUNDATION CLUB useless. Go tell Blocker and Sirro toddy123. You sound just like your namesake.
    Its all a little petty and nerdy for me. I am beginning to find the super league more interesting. They chat about form and ability of the players

    • I’m sure there’s other lyrics in there as well like “we can do no wrong” and “shhh, don’t tell anyone”.

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