PERTH, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 15: Player of the Match Greg Inglis of Australia acknowledges the players during the International Rugby League Test match between the Australian Kangaroos and the New Zealand Kiwis at nib Stadium on October 15, 2016 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

The Australian Kangaroos have announced their squad for the upcoming Tests against New Zealand and Tonga.

South Sydney star Greg Inglis has been named as the captain of the side, while Manly halfback Daly Cherry-Evans has returned for his first game for the Kangaroos since November 2014.

The Kangaroos open their upcoming fixtures with a clash against the Kiwis on October 13, and Tonga on October 20.


Regan Campbell-Gillard

Daly Cherry-Evans

Damien Cook

Boyd Cordner

Tyson Frizell

Valentine Holmes

Ben Hunt

Greg Inglis (c)

Felise Kaufusi

David Klemmer

Josh McGuire

Jordan McLean

Latrell Mitchell

Cameron Munster

Tyrone Peachey

James Tedesco

Jake Trbojevic

Tom Trbojevic

Aaron Woods


  1. so im guessing best line up is:
    Teddy, Holmes, Mitchell, Inglis, T.Trbojevic
    Munster, DCE
    RCG, Cook, Klemmer
    Cordner, Frizell, J.Trbojevic
    and then the rest (peachy, McLean, Hunt, F.Kafusi, McGuire, Woods)
    to fight it out for the bench.
    I’d say Peachy/Hunt would fill the utility sport, then McLean and Woods, and McGuire for forwards rotation.

  2. How can Keary miss out while Hunt and Peachey of all players make it ahead of him? What happened to the policy if your team wins the premiership then it is filled with form players? Ferguson who cant play anyway with a broken leg, Keary, Cordner, Mitchell and Napa should of all been chosen.💪😎👎

    • Agree, that dog is living on reputation. Seriously are they that hard up for front rowers they needed to pick Woods? I’m guessing De Belin must be injured.

  3. How the hell did neither of the NSW SOO wining halves not get in the squad yet DCE did?
    DCE is average at best.
    At least Maloney and Cleary played in the finals.
    Have to keep the Queenslanders happy.
    As far as I am concerned neither DCE or Inglis should be there.
    There are far better players for those two positions.

    • You got that right. Qlders would scream conspiracy if they didn’t get this much representation. Hunt and dce lucky to be there. Can’t believe Inglis is captain. What a joke.

    • Sad sad little thing you are…
      Know nothing either.
      Maloney ruled himself out through his injury you goose.
      Dce played 1 game in state of origin and was the best player out there, Cleary went missing most games for nsw so showed he isn’t ready yet…
      Also Keary is a 5/8th and a running one at that, same as Munster, thy can’t be halves partners. Dce has a far superior locking and organising game then both them

  4. Seriously it is an absolute joke that DCE and Hunt are in the team.
    Maloney – Way better than both
    Cleary – Way better than both
    And the biggest surprise is Clive Churchill Medal wining half Luke Keary.
    Keary is light years ahead of DCE & Hunt.
    DCE and Hunt would be lucky to make it in the list of the top 10 halves in the game.

    • Hahaha what a sour back itch you are kevy lol that spoon must really hurt, i dont know why it belongs at parra 👍
      Keary is nothing without a superstar team around him like cronk. Dce > keary & Cleary & Maloney LoL hunts the worst of em all.. no wait moses and norman would have to fight it out for that one

  5. Not sure how McLean and woods deserved a spot, neither had fantastic years. Can understand Hunt being picked since he can play hooker/half but definitely thought they’d use this opportunity to get Cleary in around the group.

  6. FYI: James Maloney ruled himself out of Test matches as he needs surgery on his neck.

    Not sure about Cleary, I’d say DCE and Munster got chosen due to their Origin combinations. I’d put Cleary below them both TBH.

    Hunt, still goes OK, but has some bad decisions in this game. Would be good at hooker to mix up the attack, but have DCE control the plays.

    Keary should probably get a look in over Munster if he gets charged with being a massive flog.

    Woods gets good stats but im not sure his runs actually have the impact that RCG and Klemmers would. He always seems to turn in the tackle, and get slow play the balls.

    Kafusi will either start or be out. thought he was quiet in the GF.

      • Hes a myth Maloney carried him all year especially in origin. Like I said he’s no dce hence why cherry was picked Nathan wasn’t

  7. Just heard Inglis got done DUI this arv. There’s no way he can stay in the team with a C next to his name.

  8. How the heck did Woods make it! McLean is good but they didn’t have good years like De Belin who must be injured or even Jai Arrow, Papalii too! I’d even have had James over Woods and McLean. Cherry Evans had a average year at best, he only made it in because of ONE good origin game which meant nothing! Hunt too, but he’s only in there cause of his versatility nothing else. Both good players but aren’t great, would’ve been good to see Cleary get a run.

    1. Tedesco
    2. Holmes
    3. Inglis
    4. Mitchell
    5. Trbojevic
    6. Munster
    7. Cherry-Evans
    8. Klemmer
    9. Cook
    10. Campbell-Gillard
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. McGuire

    14. Peachey
    15. Woods
    16. McLean
    17. Trbojevic

  9. Hunt has proven time and time again he isn’t a big game player but as a utility with the pressure off him he is ok I guess. Peachy I assume is an injury replacement option.

    Agree with others about Keary, he should get a look in but Cleary IMO hasn’t taken the next step to warrant selection. Munster had better be out after that stupid brain snap kick. They had better not promote Peachy or Hunt to 6 over selecting Keary.

    Cordner to Captain

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