SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 05: Blues coach Brad Fittler looks on during a New South Wales Blues State of Origin training session at NSWRL Centre of Excellence Field on July 5, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Blues coach Brad Fittler has thrown up South Sydney’s Campbell Graham, Parramatta’s Blake Ferguson and Canberra’s Nick Cotric as options to the void left by Tom Trbojevic in this year’s Origin series.

Trobjecvic re-injured his hamstring on the weekend and will be sidelined for six to nine weeks, placing him in doubt to appear in the Origin opener on June 5.

Graham, 19, has put his hand up following a sensational start to the season, scoring five tries in the opening four rounds.

Meanwhile, Cotric and Ferguson will face off this weekend in their team’s clash at Canberra Stadium where a frontrunner for Origin selection could emerge.

Fittler said all the aforementioned were in the mix.

“We’ll wait and see how he goes but there are a few guys there who could do a job for us. Cotric’s been playing really well, Blake’s going really good and then there’s a guy like Graham – he’s going really well too,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald

“They’ve all been scoring tries … I’m not sure if they’ve saved many, I would have to have a closer look.

“What are we, eight weeks away? There’s plenty of time between now and then but they’re all definitely in the mix.”

Fittler added that Ferguson’s Eels teammate Mitchell Moses is also in the frame following a best-on-ground performance against the Sharks.

“He was great on the weekend,” Fittler said.

“The way he has been running the ball is really impressive.”


  1. Without a doubt Ferguson is the best winger out of those three and is also a better winger than Trbojevic.
    For Parra’s sake I hope he doesn’t get picked but if he does we have enough options to cover him for the Origin series.

  2. 1. Tredesco
    2. Addo-Carr
    3. Mitchell
    4. Roberts
    5. Ferguson
    6. Keary
    7. Cleary

    Cover if anymore injuries
    FB: Moylan/Gutho
    W: Nick Cotric
    C: Curtis Scott
    H: Maloney/Walker

  3. Anybody who thinks Ferguson is a chance are kidding themselves.
    Freddie has shown his hand that he won’t be putting up with his issues so is a no chance.

  4. What about his comment cracked you up. At the moment, and last year, Ferguson is the best winger in the comp. His past might come back to haunt him resulting in him missing out, but if the team were picked on form alone he would be there without doubt.

  5. 1. Tedesco
    2. Addo-Carr
    3. Mitchell
    4. Scott
    5. Ferguson
    6. Keary
    7. Cleary
    8. Vaughan
    9. Cook
    10. Klemmer
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. Trbojevic
    14. Radley
    15. Finucane
    16. Crichton
    17. Murray

    18. Gutherson
    19. Reynolds
    20. Paulo

  6. What a crack up . some here need to look at Curtis Scott’s defensive stats . Before completing their dream team . .

  7. Yes, better than Turbo. As I said, Fergo is the best WINGER in the comp. Turbo isn’t a winger, he played winger in Origin as Fergo was blacklisted and Tedesco is a better fullback. On top of that he is injured, that is the whole reason for this discussion.

  8. Yes I agree Ferguson is a new man these days. Trent Robinson’s great coaching has evicted the stupidity Fergo had in his younger days and helped him mature as a player and a person. His past idiocy will in no way effect him now. He is a current premiership winning flanker and his influence on Parra this year is there for all to see. The bloke deserves a Total Recall. He is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Wingers. Another forward when getting the ball out of their own line.🎱🎱🎱🎱

    As for Roberts and his on going injuries I think Fittler needs to look at options. Trbojevic would have been the obvious choice as a stop gap centre but with injury concerns it looks like that is unlikely unless he can get back and prove his fitness with maybe two games. Young Cleary was in the same boat last season and was injured for five weeks but came back one week before Origin teams were picked and he proved his fitness and was in.

    Centre options could be Tyron Peachey, Joseph Leilua, Jarrod Croker, Josh Morris, or even Jack Bird, There are plenty of candidates if Roberts is the weakest link.💪🐔👍

  9. Centre options could be Tyron Peachey, Joseph Leilua, Jarrod Croker, Josh Morris, or even Jack Bird, There are plenty of candidates if Roberts is the weakest link, I’m not convinced about Scott. Like Pangai Junior he had an odd blinder of a game and next thing he is a million dollar player in the Origin team.😂😂😂😂

  10. He cracks me up because he is trying to have a dig at manly and turbo, simple as that. Also some times people play out of position and are still better, as in this case, take Tom playing wing last year for nsw, those games are better then ferguson on his best day, also Tom has had a million chances at origin and continually loose ( some players just don’t handle origin)
    Also picking on form doesn’t mean it’s ferguson anyways, Tom played a game and a half and killed it JAC is certainly going pretty goof himself. It’s all irrelevant anyways because turbo should be back by origin meaning he is a certainty with JAC the other, and if not cotric who is going good and also a big body will he straight in. Ferguson will 100% not be on the team

  11. I agree that he won’t be picked, but not because others are better. Tom did a fine job last year, but it was hardly better than Fergo on his best day, that is manly bias, nothing more. That said, if he is fit, then yes he should keep his spot. Surely Roberts is the most under threat anyway, which may see turbo play centre.

  12. Forget the players , Fred’s employed Twent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 baaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Bobfulton I think you have a bad case of Fergusonphobia.😂😂😂😂😂😂 What has he done that upsets you so much❓❔❓❔❓ His stats last season proves his value.

    2018 Post Contact Metres 1st 1843m with 11 forwards after him and the next winger was McDonald miles away with 1183m, 46th Tom Trbojevic 938m

    2018 Line Breaks 2nd with 20, 4th Trbojevic 19

    2018 All Runs 1st 546 9th Tom Trbojevic 386

    2018 Run Metres 1st 5400m, 8th Tom Trbojevic 3858m

    2018 Kick Return Metres 8th Ferguson 990m, 10th Tom Trbojevic 893


  14. Seems more like you Have an obsession then me against him.
    Stats mean very little I’m sorry to tell you, besides the fact ferguson has been to origin and doesn’t perform he has shown continually he has bad attitude and no respect for the game. And that’s not even starting in the fact he’s a cruiser drinker, that’s just begging to get flogged out there

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