MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 24: Nelson Asofa-Solomona of the Storm poses for a photograph during a Melbourne Storm NRL training session on September 24, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

Melbourne prop Nelson Asofa-Solomona has been cleared for the first round of the 2020 NRL season by the league's integrity unit.

The NRL and Storm have announced sanctions and disciplinary actions they will charge the star forward with, with the Kiwi international free to line up for the Storm's opening fixture next season.

The 23-year-old has been suspended for the three upcoming Test matches, in which he was due to represent New Zealand, and handed a suspended fine of $15,000 after vision showed Asofa-Solomona throwing punches in a street brawl in Bali.

“At the time, I was worried about Suli, who had earlier been coward-punched in an unprovoked attack,” Asofa-Solomona told the club website.

“Suli is one of my closest friends and obviously I would never have reacted that way had he not been assaulted earlier inside the bar.

“The last few days have been very tough obviously, but the support I have had from the Club, the RLPA, my family, friends and the fans has been incredible.

“Looking back on this incident, could this have been handled differently? Yes, I could have picked up Suli and got out of there. Unfortunately, that is not the way this played out.

“I understand that as a Storm and NRL player, I’m a role model for kids and I want them to know that meeting violence with violence is not the solution.”

Storm CEO Dave Donaghy said the club will use this as a "learning experience."

“We want our players to able to enjoy themselves, particularly when they are on leave and in their own private time,” Donaghy said.

“Unfortunately, our athletes seem to have become a target in this instance, as evidenced by Suli being assaulted twice by coward punches.

“I’m thankful they’re all now home, safe and well and there were no major injuries sustained to any party during the events of last weekend, where it could have led to much worse outcomes.

“Our organisation will use this as a learning experience, and we’ll address the matter with the entire playing group when they return from their leave.”


  1. Its about time the NRL has awoken to what should be a good example for our children. Nobody should be punished for assistance of a fellow human being being under attack.

    Unfortunately back in the not to distant dark ages when the Nrl suspended Ricketson from the 2004 Grand Final for coming to the rescue of an attack on Fittler. Ricketson throws a push punch that hardly connected and it cost his team the Premiership.

    Bit late, however commonsense from the NRL should just inflict a light punishment for bringing the game into disrepute. We want our children to grow up and defend what is right like Afoa- Solomona did and not be punished.

  2. Yeh chalky & daffy, you pair of gutless Todd’s.

    Everybody needs to stand up for their mate. Mark is correct, whats wrong with you lot? I bet you people have no friends. Pair of gutless Todd’s

  3. What sort of fool are you Adamhoward. It’s sad to see simple comprehension skills are no longer taught. If you had a brain you’d realise I was talking about this fools’s cr@p about supposedly what happened in 2004 especially since it probably that loser WoodC0ck with another alias.

    No one said anything about not standing up for your mates. It really isn’t rocket science n!mwit.

  4. Lol. As if he was ever going to miss a game for the storm.
    That would be like suspending a Roosters player. Not going to happen.

  5. Don’t you just love how this one idiot talks to himself? The sad thing is that he also answers himself. Very strange.

  6. Kevin the bloke who refuses to watch grand finals once his beloved team parra is dismissed for the season.

    Because you missed watching the remainder of this years semis after parra were eliminated and you took your football and ran home crying refusing to play anymore.

    What transpired in your absence. JWH was suspended for the preliminary final against the table topping almost undefeated Melbourne Storm.

    However the best pack of forwards in the comp the Sydney Roosters still overcame this formidable team without their suspended pack leader. Kevi bubba, please get your facts right before you do a and make a massive fool of yourself with untrue fictional stories

  7. Good chance if the Storm were playing the sombreros R1 2020 Solomona would have conveniently been suspended for that if 2019 is any indication.
    “Unfortunately back in the not to distant dark ages when the Nrl suspended Ricketson from the 2004 Grand Final for coming to the rescue of an attack on Fittler. Ricketson throws a push punch that hardly connected and it cost his team the Premiership.”
    Most agree the sombreros needed Sam Burgess suspended for the semi this year which despite ending up with Buettner out of the MRC not long after, didnt make up for a probable South Sydney premiership.

  8. Souths got smashed by the Roosters 30-6.

    The next game Sydney had JWH suspended and unlike you Twit One, our Sydney Roosters performed without our pack leader who is more important to the Roosters with only a 40% win ratio when he doesn’t play, than Burgess is to the over achieving 2018-19 rabbit no hopers.

    Just admit it Twit One, the back to back Sydney Roosters Premiers/World Club Champions, are a superior team to your hopeless mob of losers. Enjoy your off season.
    By the way which duds are south rabbits left with to transit into their lounge this year besides the old timer Goodwin, ahahahaha rushed over from England. Bennett can walk faster than Goodwin can run.

  9. NAS should have been awarded a medal (or at least a $15,000 ring) for his response in Bali. The only one that should have been suspended is Todd Greenburger. PERMANENTLY!!!!!

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