GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 01: Ashley Taylor of the Titans during the round 21 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Cronulla Sharks at Cbus Super Stadium on August 1, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

2017 QAS Emerging Origin Squad

The Queensland Rugby League has today announced its 2017 QAS Emerging Origin squad.

The 20-man squad, which will assemble in late January, includes four newcomers to the senior Emerging camp – Coen Hess, Felise Kaufusi, Ashley Taylor and Christian Welch.

“The pathway programs we have available through the QAS are second to none and this is another fantastic opportunity to look at the next generation of players coming through,” Maroons head coach Kevin Walters said today.

“This year we saw Corey Oates and Justin O’Neill grab their opportunity at Origin level and I’m sure there will be other players from this program who will make a strong case for selection in 2017.”

QAS Emerging Origin Squad

Jayson Bukuya (Cronulla Sharks)
Dale Copley (Sydney Roosters)
Kyle Feldt (NQ Cowboys)
Tim Glasby (Melbourne Storm)
Jake Granville (NQ Cowboys)
Coen Hess (NQ Cowboys)
Valentine Holmes (Cronulla Sharks)
Ben Hunt (Brisbane Broncos)
Felise Kaufusi (Melbourne Storm)
Edrick Lee (Canberra Raiders)
Ethan Lowe (NQ Cowboys)
Nene Macdonald (St George Illawarra Dragons)
Anthony Milford (Brisbane Broncos)
Cameron Munster (Melbourne Storm)
Moses Mybe (Canterbury Bulldogs)
Dylan Napa (Sydney Roosters)
Lloyd Perrett (Canterbury Bulldogs)
Ashley Taylor (Gold Coast Titans)
Christian Welch (Melbourne Storm)
Jarrod Wallace (Gold Coast Titans)


  1. Edrick Lee is lucky to make first grade at the Raiders.

    I also had no idea that Bukuya and Nene MacDonald were Queenslanders, I remember them as a Fijian and Papuan.

    I know he was out for all of last year but I would have included Elgey as well. Man Queensland have some good young halves coming through.

    • Yeah they have good halves, but obviously not good forwards to include the Storm trio, Glasby and Kaufusi might just make it onto a couple of other teams benches while Welsh would be lucky to start in reserve grade. Dammit the Storm have a horrible bench (considering that those 3 will all be on our bench).

  2. Ok how did Welsh, Kaufusi and Glasby get put in this squad? And this is coming from a Storm fan. Does Queensland not have that much future talent in the forward pack or something?

  3. Other than a couple of young gun halves/fullbacks this list really doesnt seem as impressive as the boys from NSW. Here’s hoping that within the next 5 years or so NSW can create their own little dynasty

    • Looking at the results from the under 20’s state of origin over the years, the NSW team certainly do have the potential to create their own dynasty. Maybe not 8 in a row, but still a bit of dominance might be a nice throwback to the late 90’s/early 00’s.

  4. Can not see this potential future team coming close to NSWs team. Serious lack of depth in the forwards and alot of fringe first graders in there. I agree with Gladsby being chosen though he has had a solid year but Welsh, Kaufusi, Lee, MacDonald, Copley and Perrett are questionable. That’s just my opinion but I suppose the emerging team has to name someone though!

    • I can understand MacDonald, he had a decent year, but I don’t see him being any better at the Dragons. Lee I can also understand, I believe he was 18th man this year or last year for one or two games. The rest I agree, I have no idea how they were selected, even Glasby IMO isn’t SOO worthy.

      • Fair enough, do you think most have already fulfilled their potential? (Like Lee, Copley etc) I think Lowe, Wallace and Napa would be a great transition but hopefully the younger qlders like Gillette, Oates, O’neill etc etc stay around and injury free for awhile so they/we only have to phase in a few players on the list lol

  5. Queenslanders don’t really care how their players are rated by New South Welshmen. The superstars thrown up by NSW over the last 10 years haven’t been able to get the job done. Maybe you blokes rate your players too highly.

  6. No offence to QLD supporters but your future team will be nothing compared to NSW. We have a future Greg Inglis (Mitchell), future Cronk (Cleary), future JT (Moses), future Stewart Bros (Jake and Tom Trbojevic).

    • as a qld supporter it kinda pains me to agree with you, though we still will be strong in the backline and halves our front row pack is really going to struggle unless players like perrett and ofahengaue can reach full potential also a big problem will be depth for qld forwards if we get a couple injuries they will stuggle to find legitmate nrl replacments

    • That’s a big call saying that Moses is a future Thurston. Look at what the “Future Johns” Brooks turned out to be like.

      • Moses just reminds me of him. He is just like Thurston was at the start. Small, couldn’t tackle but amazing attacking ability. Big call for sure but I’ll back him.

  7. See what I mean. Everyone’s a Superstar, no humility. Too much emphasis placed on the Channel 9 rantings of Freddy & Joey. Every year the same old story.

  8. Pmsl

    Qlds depth will slaughter n.s.w u realise Napa will be there for another ten or so yrs big Joe and co from broncos add Milford who will pass Thurston easily before the end of milfs career and arrow/opacic Oates cab be massive when he gets into the front row

    • Agree, I think NSW fans are getting a bit carried away, Milford and Taylor/Elgey will be better than anything NSW have for the next decade plus you have Valentine Holmes to come in and a lot of QLD players are still pretty young, you’re forwards don’t look great but lets be honest Brisbane always develop great QLD players so some will come from their to help out Napa for the future.

      • So what? NSW have Cleary and Moses just as good as Taylor and Milford. QLD also don’t have a standout fullback to take the place of Boyd. NSW have too many good young fullbacks coming through and I can’t wait to see Tedesco, Trbojeivc, Mitchell and French all in the same backline.

  9. Obviously qld doesn’t have the depth as they don’t have the numbers. Still the results don’t lie. (P.S. Fullbacks don’t win origin matches).

      • Nah not really, he had a great series no doubt but it was more so QLD losing Cronk and having to re adjust with DCE and Thurston in the halves who play the same game type of running halfback not and organiser like Cooper Cronk.

  10. Just for the record I wasn’t having a dig… while they lack forwards their spine options for the next 10 years is great. Both have great fullback options that are young
    Cameron Munster
    Valentine Holmes
    Kalyn Ponga
    Jahrome Hughes
    Corey Allen (you’ll hear more of him in a few years)

    NSW best young 5
    James Tedesco
    Matt Moylan
    Tom Trbojevic
    Latrell Mitchell
    Bevan French

    QLD halves
    Anthony Milford
    Ashley Taylor
    Kane Elgey
    Moses Mbye
    Jayden Nikorima

    And that’s without mentioning guys in their mid 20’s like Morgan, Hunt, Norman

    Nathan Cleary
    Mitchell Moses
    Luke Brooks
    Connor Watson
    Brock Lamb

    QLD Hookers
    Matt Parcell
    Jayden Berrell
    Kieran Moseley
    Josh Chudleigh
    those 3 are the only real young ones for QLD however their options in the 24-28 years old options are great

    Jake Friend
    Andrew Mccoulagh
    Jake Granville
    James Segeyaro (if he returns)

    NSW Hookers
    Michael Lichaa
    Cameron Mcciness
    Jacob Liddle
    Jayden Brailey
    Grant Garvey

    Peats, Rein are some mid 20 options

    I think the spine is reasonably even especially in fullback but Cleary is the only half who competes with QLD future crop imo although Moses had a good year. And Hookers I think our younger crop beat QLD but their Hookers in their mid 20’s dominate ours

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