GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 20: Nathan Peats of the Titans passes the ball during the round 15 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Manly Sea Eagles at Cbus Super Stadium on June 20, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

2017 Emerging Blues Squad

NSW Blues coach Laurie Daley and his Origin adviser Peter Sterling have unveiled the Emerging Blues squad for 2017.

A 13-man squad, a smaller group than in previous years, will assemble in January ahead of the 2017 season.

Daley said the squad was an impressive one, possessing players who will each likely challenge for Blues spots in the upcoming Origin series.

“The Emerging Blues squad is an exciting group full of talented players,” Daley said.

“Each of the players has a realistic chance of making the Origin team for 2017 and we look forward to working with them and learning more about them during our camp in January.”

2017 Emerging NSW Blues Squad

Shannon Boyd (Canberra Raiders)
Reagan Campbell-Gillard (Penrith Panthers)
Bryce Cartwright (Penrith Panthers)
Nathan Cleary (Penrith Panthers)
Ryan James (Gold Coast Titans)
Joey Leilua (Canberra Raiders)
Jordan McLean (Melbourne Storm)
Latrell Mitchell (Sydney Roosters)
Junior Paulo (Canberra Raiders)
Nathan Peats (Gold Coast Titans)
James Roberts (Brisbane Broncos)
Jake Trbojevic (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)
Tom Trbojevic (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)


  1. Pretty quality squad, I would have had Croker in ahead of Roberts but that may be the Raider in my speaking.

  2. Jarred Crocker and James Tredesco should have definitely been selected. Would have also included Blake Austin and possibly Sezer. Aiden Tolman would be a good shout too

    • If you remember, Tedesco did play in Origin 3. This is just for players who haven’t played origin yet.

      I was also going to suggest Austin and or Sezer but didn’t want to seem too biased towards Raiders players.

      Also think that Townsend could have gotten a run seeing how he is now a grand final winning half back and our halves are always our weakness.

      • Townsend isn’t origin material. Sezer and Austin are shock ommsions in my opinion and the Canberra skipper also.

    • You don’t think that Daley can instil in them what origin is all about?

      You can mock his coaching all you like but the man did play 26 origin games for NSW and this is a one day thing which isn’t about skills or tactics but about getting these players mentally prepared for what origin is all about.

  3. Good to see them pick players who will actually get a spot in origin in 2017. They’ve picked the 2 Trbojevic brothers (by the way where do you guys think Tom should play in origin centre or wing?), peats, James and Canberra pair Leilua and Boyd who will all be starting next year in origin.

  4. The Trbojevic brothers are not origin material,. Tom, should play left right out, the other no way, Croker as a origin centre , your kidding , good club player sure, Leilua a certainly he needs to be there, Reynolds and Maloney need to be the halfs, Daly needs to stay as coach , we have invested in him and i think it will pay off next year as i feel we have a lot of talented players coming through, my opinion is that NSW will start a mini origin supremacy with the players coming through.

    I do not care which clubs these players come from as long as we win and the selectors get it right.

    • Penso, I think you’re spot on, assuming you mean Josh Reynolds (sorry, sick sense of humour). The competition for almost every spot in the NSW squad is so intense, and I’m very happy about that, some real talent has to be left out. That said, I think our options / depth in the halves is our weakest link. We’ve got a number of options, and players I rate, but hand on heart I’d say Maloney is solid overall, but brilliant in the last few months, and Reynolds isn’t a Cronk or Thurston.

      • Holmsey, I don’t think anyone would say they’re not origin worthy, and I’m certainly not, but where would you play Tom (no injuries)?

        It would have to be in 1-5 surely, and up against (not in any particular order):

        Fergo (and I know I’ll get creamed for this one)
        Morris (possibly times 2)
        And the list goes on. It’s a great problem to have, but some class has to miss out, so where would you put Trbojevic?

        • Tedesco (certain to be picked if in form)
          Hayne (shouldn’t be picked, he is too old if NSW want to move forward)
          Mansour (if he is fit he will be on one wing with Tom on the other)
          Ferguson (isn’t good enough for origin)
          Dugan (not consistent enough)
          Morris Twins (same as Hayne too old for NSW if they plan for a future as well as being way way past origin level)
          Moylan (will be picked in the spine or at bench)
          Leilua (one centre spot)
          Croker (the other centre spot hopefully)

          Trbojevic is already better than the majority in that list including Dugan, Ferguson, Morris Twins, Leilua and Croker. If Hayne does get picked he will play fullback and either Moylan or Tedesco will be made to miss out as one of Daleys sill loyalty plays. This should be the backline.

          1- J Tedesco
          2- T Trbojeivc
          3- J Croker
          4- J Leilua
          5- J Mansour (if fit)

          6/14- Moylan

          Penso thinks the turbos aren’t good enough, well he is obviously watching another 2 players because those 2 are certain to be selected next year.

        • I hope your right holmsy for NSW sake, i just don’t see it at the moment, better players i feel are in front of them, if they get a gig then i will support them 100%, i notice Walker as in Dylan is not in the mix, great centre, which ever way they go we will be strong.

        • Walker has been forgotten due to Barretts dumb 5/8 switch. Hopefully he gets himself back in the frame cause he is a very very good centre when on. Trbojevic how can you say they aren’t good enough. Jake is a workhorse, plenty of tackles and heart. Tom is amazing, last year he was thrust into fullback and performed really well. He was also suffering from a pretty bad ankle injury but he still shown above the rest imagine him on 2 legs. Forgive my bias but I don’t see how they can’t get selected.

  5. @holmsey your good for a laugh… 😂😂 anyway I’m glad that Leilua was picked also happy young Latrell Mitchell is there from a Roosters perspective though he is awhile away from Origin yet. But I’m shocked Croker is not there. Leilua would worry me in Origin as he can’t tackle but for me 1 man almost won us a series on his own and with a pre season under him hell be back to his best and always thrives in Origin so Hayne has to be there somewhere

    • It would be awesome if Latrell Mitchell and Nathan Cleary are selected. Both are young, with a bright future. The future looks great for the NSW blues. Hayne does not have to be there either.

      • Exactly panthers14. Hayne should just go away and let the young stars have a chance before Laurie dumbass Daley picks him. He doesn’t deserve to be there and NSW are better off with out him.

        • Again Panthers14 you are completely correct. Bring in The Trbojevics, Cleary, RCG, Latu, Boyd and so on. No more oldies.

        • Still running to others for help kitten? Not everyone enjoys something warm and fuzzy rubbing up against their leg and purring for attention. Calling another supporters club TOXIC! Now THAT is more like bullying. Won’t see ME do that.

          By the way, you are behind as usual (which is often the case when it comes to your arguments). holmsey4346 already broke the news that their brother has been logging on and using Holmsey’s ZT profile to troll others. Not that YOU can hide behind that excuse of course. I’ve noticed you are so nice to others as long as they have a kind word about your Panthers but as soon as they say anything that YOU feel is negative YOU become quite the bully yourself. Jumping in to attack them.

          eels47 called you on it, Jonno also did about you intentionally and maliciously dropping the “toxic” bomb when you didn’t even agree with your own argument. Even your staunch defender chalky put it very plainly;

          November 28, 2016 at 7:02 am
          …never say any club is toxic. You have the right to your opinion, but keep it in the spirit of the
          game, please.

          Now you are going after billy on another forum on the inaccurately named “Penrith’s fearsome forward pack” story. billy, cookem and I all agree that the Panthers pack are far from “fearsome”.

          So EVERYONE else is wrong and YOU are right, is that it? Your comments are neither accurate, in the spirit of the game or an attempt at humour. They are just HOT air and empty parochial rhetoric masquerading as an opinion!

          Stop asking other people to go into bat for you when shooting off your own mouth is what is causing you problems!

        • SSTID_1970 you really need to grow up. I am not running and expecting others to defend me. Again you are so wrong.

        • Why should Hayne step aside. If he is the playing better footy then the others come selection time, then he should be picked, simple as that. Everyone always goes on about how players should be picked on form, and now you are stating a player should step aside as you think they are too old? He will be 29 come Origin time, hardly too old. I am not saying that he should be an automatic selection, but if he is playing good enough, then of course he should be picked.

        • Agree eels47, holmsy is showing her bias here she is not thinking straight, panthers14 is right, i cannot wait for Cleary to step up he really looks the goods, lets hope the second year syndrome doesn’t effect him and Mitchell will be great also, has i said looks good for the future, and your club Panthers14 are in next years comp right up to their boot laces , man there going to be hard to beat.

        • I get what you are saying panters14, however you still have to pick the best available team, while keeping an eye on the future. If Hayne’s form warrants selection, then he should be there.

          I do agree about Cleary too, I look forward to him playing Origin, and although he is still very young 2017 might be a good year to bring him in with Maloney at 5/8 to be the steadying influence. I am not yet convinced on Mitchell yet though, while I can see the potential, there are too many ahead of him I think at this stage.

        • This season, while the Blues didn’t win it, was the best series the Blues have played in a very long time, and that was minus Jarryd Haynes. Keep James Tedesco at fullback, Matt Moylan at five eighth, and Tom Turbo at wing, that will leave no room for Haynes.

        • I know you disagree, but Moylan should not be five eighth for the blues unless he plays there for the Panthers. If he is not fullback, perhaps he can play the utility role on the bench. He is not used to playing in the front line in defence and his fifth tackle options were not up to scratch in Origin this year. Don’t get me wrong, I like him and think he is definitely good enough for Origin, but not at five eighth.

        • If Hayne gets a full pre-season under his belt and gets back to his RL body (not NFL or 7’s) and gets back to anything like his 2014 form, then he will be first one picked. No doubts at all – he is the one player Qld have feared over the years.
          Cleary wont be in SOO in 2017 but a fair chance for 2018.
          I also would be worried about having BJ in the centres – devastating attacking player but a bit loose on D.
          Croker should be one centre.
          Ill throw it out there for 2017.
          A Reynolds


        • eels47, and I know you will never, ever, admit that Matt Moylan had a blinder, at 5/8th when he played there in game 3.

        • Time to take off the Panthers goggles I think. I am not knocking the guy, he played pretty well, but to say he had a blinder is a stretch. I am not blaming him though, he should never have started at five eighth in the first place. Like I said at the time, I am happy if he is the future five eighth for NSW, but only if he plays there for Penrith first. It is simple really, when it comes to the most important positions, the spine, picking players out of position is too risky.

        • Thanks for the constructive replies….. You really need to learn not to get so defensive when someone even remotely criticizes the Panthers or one of their players. Your comments are generally well thought out and add to the discussion, but as soon as your team gets involved things seem to change if someone has a differing opinion to you. Not trying to start an argument or anything, just an observation, take it or leave it.

        • @eels47

          Lost cause mate, they can dish it but they can’t take it! Didn’t take long! Voldemort’s like to criticise but not BE criticised THAT’s the difference.

          I would hardly have called your comments “toxic” Hahahahahaha! 😂

        • Hahahahahaha! THAT’s a come back? Typical Voldemort lacking originality. Go back to playing with your balks of yarn and coughing up your hair balls kitten. You only play “nice kitty” when you get stroked the right way. Don’t expect any more more from me, guess you are going to have to stroke yourself! LOL

          Dream about all the BIG things you HOPE your Pussycats are going to achieve next year. I’ll be there when reality kicks in.

          I think it still will be some while before your club gets to add to their TWO premierships! Hahahahahaha Not too hard to add those up now is it? Let me know when you get to 21 kitten! 🐱

        • You, and your childish insults, I should say attempted insults, do not bother me, SSTID_1970. I am not going to bite, as I really do not care what you say about me, or the team I support.

        • You don’t really care and yet you KEEP replying. I’ve also noticed that you always like to have the last word. Bit of a control freak are we? LOL

          Your secret is out kitten, you like to scratch but not BE scratched! eels47 is spot on. You can’t even take perceived criticism of your club. I only reacted to your (very intentional) swipe at my club (the ENTIRE club). Plenty of others here agreed that you dropped the “toxic” bomb and didn’t even agree with your own comment.

          Meanwhile Gus is 7 years in to his 5 year plan and still counting. At least Rusty (Crowe) said he would deliver a premiership within 7 years (a bit of a rash statement) but he delivered. Let’s see how many more years it will take for Gould’s 5 year plan to bear fruit?

          Want to have the last say again, since you aren’t going to bite or care about what I have to say. The irony is I used to care about what you had to say and now I don’t. Ah, sometimes irony can be pretty ironic! Hey Milton?

        • SSTD – You said to Panthers: “Stop asking other people to go into bat for you when shooting off your own mouth is what is causing you problems!”

          You later post:

          “The irony is I used to care about what you had to say and now I don’t. Ah, sometimes irony can be pretty ironic! Hey Milton?”

          Pot…kettle…black…sound familiar?

        • Voldemort

          “Hey Milton”

          Good point… IF it was accurate. Instead it is a misunderstanding.

          Too often I will post off the cuff and not proof before posting. THAT was a last second reference to me using the old quote from the a William Shatner movie “Airplanes 2”. I was referencing a previous reference which Milton and I had discussed at length. In any case HE understood and, as always, didn’t come to my support as he knows I can take care of myself.

          Now, what I had intended to post before I got the point (caught me by surprise there because you have never made one before!). Hahahahaha

        • As usual danielle, you old Voldemort, your logic has more holes than an old sieve!

          I don’t ask others to go into bat for me by posting under an unrelated post and referencing comments made attacking me to someone else. If others choose to get involved that is their choice but I don’t solicit their support. You understand “solicit” I’m sure but this time I’m not referring to it in the occupational sense as you are accustomed to. I saw you trying to weave your web around st47 but good Greek boys are taught to stay away from skilas. LOL

          If you are referring to “shooting my mouth off”, then guilty as charged but at least it is relevant and informed and at times even insightful (something your posts NEVER are).

          Do you want to compare positive feedback over the years? I’m happy with mine over just the last 4 months! Btw, bogus accounts that start with “I’ve never posted here before but…” and coincidentally come out in support of you don’t count. Which reminds me, have you put that Gorilla suit back in the closet until next year? silvertail47 and I kind of thought it was more representative of your baser, more primal nature! Hahahahaha

          It’s daylight danielle, hurry off back to your crypt you know that when all your BS hits the light of day it evaporates as quickly as your arguments. Hahahahaha light weight’

          “Didn’t take long”. LOL Boy THAT was cryptic! Ha

        • Cheers for the support, Danielle, however, we are talking about a child here, or a child in a mans body. SSTID_1970 is a massive Harry Potter fan, so it is highly unlikely he actually understands written English.

        • How little you know kitten, actually I despise Harry Potter and all it represents. The Voldemort reference was borrowed from Des Hasler whose use of the term was hilariously applied to referees who could not be talked about. From there it got used to refer to danielle who likewise could not be mentioned by name without appearing again.

          You see even tough I haven’t seen the movies or read the books there is a little thing called the INTERNET! Very useful to research points you understand little of.

          Perhaps danielle could look up Rugby League and you could look up sportsmanship (or do you call it sportspersonship).

          You see you don’t know me at all. I can raise the bar or dumb down the act as I please or to suit those I care to engage with.

          Kitten I used to think more of you but I see I was mistaken. You are too 2 dimensional in your thinking. You need to look outside the box, you need a paradigm shift in your way of thinking. It IS OK for people to disagree with your views without becoming defensive.

          I could name a long list of people on ZT o have disagreed with but I am now in regular contact with here.

          I’m wasting my time, you two just don’t get it. There are plenty of examples of better standards set on ZT than the two of you, or I am setting. First amongst these are a pair of 16 year old boys who are lifting the bar while we 3 are behaving like high school kids! Think about that.

        • will you stop knocking Daly homsey, there is nothing wrong with him, next thing you will be saying that Barrett should be coach

      • Hey Holmsey, can you explain how Dugan isn’t consistent enough to play for NSW? He did win the NSW representative player of the year in 2015 and missed two games due to injury last year.

        Also, the form players should be picked for NSW. To say that Hayne shouldn’t get picked even if he is in great form boggles my mind. Remember the only series NSW has won over the past decade, the series were Hayne was clearly the difference between NSW winning and losing. Should we also not pick Maloney next year, even if he is in terrific form? He is older than Hayne.

        • It’s not dugans fault it’s his coach. He keeps changing him but he should just be playing centre. He can be damaging and solid in defence at centre. But he is really being let down by his teams form. He’s too up and down for me. And Hayne is just a show pony. He has no loyalty to his parra eels anymore which shows what kind of player he is. Let’s move forward. And Maloney should be selected because he plays halves and isn’t blocking any younger players plus he deserves a spot.

        • What has Hayne’s loyalty to the Eels got to do with playing for NSW. Again, if he is the best at the time selections are made then he must be picked. And you don’t pick someone who is not playing as well just because they are younger. How can he be blocking the path of a younger player if he is in better form.

        • Haynes loyalty shows how much he actually cares about teams. And how isn’t he blocking paths of young players?

        • If he is in better form than the younger player, then he isn’t blocking their path, he is simply the better player. Like I said, you don’t pick someone who isn’t as good just because they are younger, you picked the best players.

        • Didn’t Tom T also get shuffled around to fullback, wing and centre last year in a team that finished below the Dragons on the ladder?

          Dugan has consistently proven himself to be an origin player. I’m all for Tom T making the Blues team, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of Dugan. Fergo yeah, but not Dugan.

          Also, what does Hayne not signing with the Eels have to do with him being picked for the Blues? I noticed below that you have picked Maloney, he wasn’t loyal to Parra, Warriors, Storm and Roosters when he played for them. Even Merrin wasn’t loyal to the Dragons and took the money on offer at the Panthers.

          Are Thurston and Cronk blocking the paths of Milford and Ash Taylor by continuing to play on (they are both about 5 years older than old man Hayne by the way)?

        • Really? Trolling? All I can see is Miltontoaster expressing an opinion, just as you have. We are all having a discussion about a topic that will always be hotly debated, no one was trolling.

        • Milton and eels – holmesy is a little touchy, you should know by now no-one is allowed to criticise his team.

        • How am I trolling Holmsey? By expressing a valid opinion and pointing out the flaws in what you are saying?

          If you can point out where I have made a statement which is incorrect, I will apologise. However, if you can’t I expect an apology from you.

        • Billy, I get that he is protective of his team but the funny thing is that I wasn’t even bagging out his team here. I even said that I am for Tom T making the Blues, just not ahead of Dugan.

          Poor fellow is upset that I pointed out how he is quick to play the loyalty card and age card on some players but not others.

        • Milt – over protective.
          Tom T will be there at some point in the future, but 1 injury interrupted season of NRL is not sufficient evidence of long term ability – the old dreaded second year syndrome.
          On 2016 displays, there is no doubt he could be a mainstay in the blues team for years but it needs to be backed up consistently.
          29 is not old for NRL anyway – as much as it pains me to say it, the like of JT, Cronk, Smith and Parker were the best SOO players in 2016 and they are all over 32-33.
          If there were 2 players displaying the same standard of play – you would always take the more experienced player as they are less likely to brain explosions..

  6. 1. Tredesco
    2. B Morris
    3. Hayne
    4. Leilua
    5. Mansour
    6. Maloney
    7. A Reynolds
    8. Boyd
    9. Farah
    10. Woods
    11. Cordner
    12. Jackson
    13. Frizzell

    14. Bird
    15. Fifita
    16. Graham
    17. Klemmer

    18. Tamou
    19. Merrin

    • 1- J Tedesco
      2- T Trbojevic
      3- J Croker
      4- J Leilua
      5- J Mansour
      6- J Maloney
      7- A Reynolds
      8- A Woods
      9- N Peats
      10- D Klemmer
      11- B Cordner
      12- B Cartwright
      13- T Merrin

      14- J Bird
      15- J Trbojeivc
      16- S Boyd
      17- T Frizell

      18- D Walker
      19- W Graham

      • I have to mostly agree with that, but what more does Ryan James have to do to get selected? Also Jack Bird in over Leilua (I know he played great this year but I just don’t think he will repeat it, although I hope he makes me eat my words) with Moylan to the bench.

        1. Tedesco
        2. T Trbojevic
        3. Croker (although J Morris might be the better option to contain Inglis)
        4. Bird
        5. Mansour (If fit, otherwise B Morris)
        6. Maloney
        7. A Reynolds (Cleary if NSW lose the first 2 games)
        8. Woods
        9. Peats
        10. James
        11. Cordner
        12. Jackson
        13. Merrin

        14. Moylan (Cartwright or Boyd if they want a 4 forwards rotation)
        15. Frizell
        16. J Trbojevic
        17. Klemmer

      • Three Manly players hey homsey, yeah i know grow up penso and miltontoaster, they need time your Trbojevic boys, i know i goota grow up!!

  7. Good luck to those who thinm Tommy T and Jarred Crocker could stop Gi and Oates what a joke. I understand bringing in young players but don’t just throw them in because realisticly you could in this year. Queensland have power full backs mixing young and old on both sides plus great finishers.

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. GI
    4. Chambers
    5. Holmes
    Plus Gagai O’Neil Munster

    1. Tredesco
    2. B Morris
    3. Hayne
    4. Leulia
    5. Mansour
    Plus Jennings Fergo Dugan

    Your going to have a match size and skill don’t just play youngsters.

      • Holmsey , for f.cks sake stop talking crap, Inglis is the most hardest player in rugby league to stop one on one , whether it is at the moment or not, your young Trbojevic boys are good , but, not at this time. ok!

      • I’m a Turbo fan but his defense can be down right awful at times. He will play orgin at some point, no doubt, but IMO it wont happen in the next few years.

        Jake is my fav of the two and I think even he will struggle to make the side in the next few years

        As others have said, its a good problem for NSW to have

    • +1
      I was enjoying my holiday but this too good to miss!

      “Inglis isn’t hard to stop at the moment” – holmsey4346

      Tell that to James Graham who got “steam rolled” by Inglis in Round 26! AND the countless others Inglis has run over the top of (BIG forwards included!). Perhaps you would like to stand in line and have a shot Holmsey? Or (if what Penso says is correct) and you are a woman? then it IS easier and safer to criticise from afar). If you are a guy and you have played the game I would love to see how you would try to bring Inglis down in full flight.

      “Miltontoaster stop trolling. Grow up.” – holmsey4346

      If you examine each of the points that “the Toaster” raises they are ALL valid (and for the record I agree with them) but just because you have no argument you hide behind calling his comment “trolling”. It’s not like he called someone’s club TOXIC! Now THAT would be “trolling” but I guess if you wear lipstick you can get away with that sort of thing. LOL

      “And you do realise Tom Trbojevic is 104 kg and 194 cm.”

      And so are a lot of point guards who play basketball but I don’t think they are much chance of stopping Inglis. Tommy Turbo is a gun player but he is still developing. He lacks the strength, intensity and mongrel (no cheap shots please) that Inglis has. As Gus would say the “Get outta me way!” factor.

      As FootyFan2016 says (and I agree): “I’m a Turbo fan but his defense can be down right awful at times.”

      “Penso grow up.” and “Penis please pull your head in and stop smoking weed”

      Is it just me or do these two quotes appear to be at odds with one another? Btw, it’s penso not penis… Must have had “other” things on your mind no doubt? 😉 LOL

      For the record holmsey4346 (since coming back to ZT) I’ve read pretty much everything you have written thus far, and more often than not I do agree with your points. However, you have gone off track on this forum.

        • Enjoying the break but as a “lurker”, but I am still reading. I’ve let a couple of cheap shots slide, particularly when they were referencing an unrelated article from 4 days prior (and they thought I had my back turned). Dr Bullalot is helping with the “cranky pants” remedy, the last ones were too tight (almost dislocated the budgie!)

          Is it just me or has there been a rush of new profiles posting all of a sudden? Seems like 20 odd or something like that, new ones every day. If they ARE all genuine then the more the merrier.

          I still plan to go back to the “banana hammock in the Bahamas” (well I can dream can’t I?) Probably shouldn’t say “banana hammock” poor old holmsey is likely to start seeing “penises” again! LOL

          Have a good Christmas boys (and girls), except the “voldemorts’ of course! A voldemort is only interested in drawing the energy from others to increase their digital footprint. They are incapable of creating anything meaningful or relevant of their own.

        • Keep enjoying it mate. Look forward to talking footy with you next season. Except of course when the Eels play the Bunnies…. then it is on 😉. And when the Eels play Manly as my time will no doubt be taken up with silvertail47

      • lol couldn’t help yourself could you mate 😉
        One point – the only centre that has stopped GI when he has played centre in recent years is J Morris.
        When Josh has marked him, Inglis has had quiet games. When Josh hasn’t been there, GI has been at his best.

        • However, NSW keeps trying to beat Queensland by picking a team that they think can limit Queensland’s effectiveness, with Morris being a prime example. It is time to move on from that. Queensland will always find a way to score points, so the best way to combat that is to pick a team that can also score points. Players like BJ, Dugan (always shines at Origin), Tedesco, Hayne (if gets back to form), Turbo (maybe 2018), Mansour, and maybe Croker (he is a bit small though), they will pose a threat to Queensland and make the defence work for it.

        • eels47 – no argument from me, I was just merely attempting to point out that Inglis can be stopped.
          JMoz whilst he is a good defensive centre, he is too slow now to be as effective.
          Ill also counter it by saying Walker is not the answer.
          Hayne and Croker in centres for mine. Hayne is a good defender and can tear them apart. Croker is good in attack but will need Cordner to help him out in D.
          At this stage I don’t think BJ is up to SOO level, if he has a bad read it is terrible.
          Forgot about bird, but he can take a bench spot with Peachey.
          Or I might just give up – its all too hard…lol

        • Billy booooiyee! No, couldn’t help myself, So many times I almost posted but Dr Bullalot has electrodes attached to my “cranky pants!” The smell of roast budgie is not a pleasant thing, trust me. 😉

          I’ll take my seat on the back bench again (I need the break – and so does ZT just quietly). LOL

          Looks st47 is on holidays as well, I think the Voldemorts sucked him dry… no energy left! Hahahahahahaha 😉

        • And you mate are the only “trollz” I do like. You are going to wear yourself out with all your lists though!

          I remember tweaking the config files of RL2. Because of that I understand your efforts.

          I even changed/improved the teams jerseys, updated sponsors and logos etc. Do you go in that deep?

        • your greek café mate is hanging in the shadows and throws a line in every now and then when his faves appear…..

        • Nah I can’t be bothered with the jerseys, way too much effort, might give it a try but don’t see it going too well.

        • trollz878

          In the older version of the game (RL2 on PC) there were custom templates you could download from others who had done a lot of hard work. Some of these I would then tweak if needed. More difficult if you are playing on console but Google is your friend, I’m sure if it CAN be done it HAS been done and you can find a way to benefit from this. I used to edit the config files (I think they were just text files but you can also get hex editors – but save ALL original files first). Good luck!

          I used to love the treading and management aspect. I’ve looked at Rugby League Team Manager 2015 but it seems a bit watered down. Still fun though for the supercoach in all of us!

        • I used to love the Trading… the treading used to happen when I was on the bottom of a scrum or a ruck (when playing union). 😉

      • Good to see your comments SSTID, glad you interrupted your holiday, we have our hands full at the moment that’s for sure!!

        • Just a short lived visit penso old mate. Had to put a few Voldemorts and trolls in their place. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. Check out the “Tepai Moeroa article”, it seems you have been shadow boxing (and me included).

          holmsey4346 December 8, 2016 at 5:37 pm
          Miltontoaster sorry for the last day or so. I have been away camping and it appears my older brother has discovered my iPad and password. Really not happy with him, sorry for the trolling from my brother.

  8. Welcome back SSTID great to hear your views and opinions again as even though we support rival clubs I highly respect your knowledge on the greatest game of all

    • Thanks mate. It’s gonna get ugly though no doubt when our 2 Titanic packs come together next year! Still, no doubt we’ll have a laugh if kitty’s pussycats try to take our 2 teams on through the middle. Fur will fly everywhere when skill comes up against, size, power and raw aggression!
      Can’t wait until all the talk gets put aside and the rubber meets the road.

      The Roosters as always will have a killer forward pack and some promising young backs but their challenge (in my view, their weakness) will be their reworked spine!

      Matty Johns thinks that Pearce and Keary will fire up the team but Keary is too hit and miss for mine. I would put Watson in the halves (he is wasted off the bench). The Roosters still don’t seem to have much of a kicking game and Pearce will be under a lot of pressure to perform. Both factors should have a big bearing on how well the Chooks go next year IMO.

      Btw, I AM still trying to get away but the Voldemorts are breeding they have already split into 2 clones and I think they miss me deep down… because they can’t stop talking about me! LOL

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