GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JULY 27: Jai Arrow of the Titans looks on during the round 19 match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium on July 27, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Gold Coast captain Ryan James’ season-ending knee injury means the South Sydney Rabbitohs will likely have to wait for Jai Arrow.

The Souths this off-season signed the rising star to a four-year deal from 2021 with hopes of getting him a year early, even willing to part with a player to make it happen.

But with James on the shelf, Titans head of performance and culture Mal Meninga said the club could not afford to release Arrow early.

“We’re down with troops in the middle with Ryan going,” Meninga told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It will take a fair effort to get Jai Arrow out of our club this year. He’s probably our best middle player. At this stage, losing Jai, with Ryan going down, it’s highly unlikely we will release him.”


  1. Will just use the money on another top forward for this year and some minor housekeeping for 2021 onwards will also include Arrow.

  2. Brennan.Lane
    February 3, 2020 at 2:27 pm
    “Now it appears all our South Sydney Rabbitoh fans are infected by the virus Sombrero.itus”

    What about the rooster virus Ratherplayelswhereforlessitus.?

  3. The best way to overcome this idiot(s) is to ignore him. He will soon get sick of talking to himself and ZERO TACKLE might understand why they are losing advertisers.

  4. Lane, you bag out your team that’s it. Just shut up and support your team. You’re Not the manager or the coach or the salary cap auditor. Either support your team or don’t simple as mate. Deadset mate.

  5. Brennan supports his team with every WoodBreath. The Let’s buy a premiership again Import Nuggets . Also known as the French Dressed Chickens.
    Have to ask. How was this even a story , yet again? It was just stating the bleeding obvious.

  6. Brennsy, that’s 8 posts or so in a row.
    Mate, get used to it, Latrell has come home.
    Deal with it.

  7. On a positive note for the roosters they have had 2 new membership signings in the past week.
    Despite being 2 pets, they all count.

  8. Brennan Lane … you are a genius!

    Please come over to the roosters to share the greatness.
    We are a happy family here led by the supreme Mr Politis…. a mans man… We are without an aching jealousy or skewed moral compass the result of half a century of failure due to our club being run by yokels.

    Come over Brennan, we can use your ideas

  9. girls, girls girls……!!!
    let me throw in my two bobs worth
    I think what BL is trying to tell his fellow Souffs knuckle heads is that your administration sucks. The constant turnover of players is not doing anything that would do your club any long term benefits, Benny is panic buying in the hope of snaring a last premiership (unless the NRL ‘help’) before, he also, is escorted to that well used transit lounge…..

    21, you are a dope. LM’s home was EASTs, …. we sacked him, he met with Uncle Nick and Robbo, he was crying to let him back … he was told to be gone before years end…Remember?? …. No one player is bigger than the club .. Souffs hav a different philosophy .

    21 & Fao Poi, you are both dogs, you know why…

  10. Sucked in 21….no ado carr, no arrow for soufs this year….you were WRONG,WRONG,WRONG….No decent forwards = soufs CHOKING AGAIN this year to make it ONE….count it, ONE premiership in the past 50 years bahahaha

  11. Oh well we got the other Mitchell 😂. I’m sure Souths have a plan. Not worried. Lane will have his 2 cents soon 🙄. Lane got a deal for you, Souths do very well this season you are no longer allowed to support the bunnies. They do crap I’ll humble myself and say you’re right, deal?

  12. Since Latrell has publicly expressed his passionate desire to come HOME to his beloved Rabbitohs (for less) he has thrived along side his brothers and new teammates.
    Has been a big celebration for him and his family detaching themselves from the club void of any indigenous presence in their culture.
    Welcome HOME Latrell.

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