SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 21: John Sutton of the Rabbitohs is tackled during the round 19 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on July 21, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

After becoming the first Rabbitoh to play 300 NRL games, John Sutton’s career could extend into a 16th season, with both Sutton and South Sydney nearing a deal to see the 33-year-old go around again.

According to,Β only salary cap issues stand in the way of Sutton’s re-signing, with the club needing to find room on their books to keep the veteran around.

Rabbitohs coach Anthony Seibold says he wants to keep Sutton around, given he’s played a part in the Bunnies’ rise up the table in 2018.

“From my point of view, I’d like him to play on and Sutto would like to play on,” Seibold said.

Despite falling to the Tigers 22-6 in his 300th, Sutton ran for 155 metres (the second most in the game), and laid 24 tackles.


  1. Salary cap issues, how could that be, Crichton gone, Farah leaving early, Clark going, plus other players leaving, i don’t get it, during the coverage of the Easts Manly game, the injured EASTS players they showed being Napa and Aubassen to still come into the team, and next year they signed Morris, Crichton and Hall from England, and only losing Ferguson that i know of, can’t figure that one out, not a level playing field in my opinion, anyway hopefully something can be done for Sutton to stay.

    • Morris not signed, Ferguson gone Hall his replacement. The Roosters will have money freed up from Kurt Baptiste, Mitch Cornish, Brock Gray, Frank-Paul Nu’uausala, Reece Robinson, Eloni Vunakece and remember at the start of this season we were still 650k under the cap.

      Why we still had Liu, Napa and Aubo on the side line means we had our development players who come become first graders from our lower grades playing in there place in the likes of Collins, Butcher and Radley. Some people call them local product or juniors. But we at the professionally run club known as the Roosters. We call them players we developed from our development program.

      Other players who have come through the Roosters development program are Aubusson, Radley, Mitchell, Cordner, Butcher, Napa, Manu, Friend, Nuuausala, Liu, Tupouniua, Momirovski and Faamausili. The Roosters have developed so much back up if an NRL Rooster player has a sore fingernail or something minor we can rest them up and use our developed players we nutured in our lower grades. Mr PensoπŸ’ͺπŸ‘΄πŸ‘

      • BTW.. Morris has signed confirmed by the CEO of the Bank of Crete.

        Since you know their financial position can you publish it in Cyberspace for the world to see to show the Roosters are under the cap to stop all this negative inuendo about Uncle Nick and sombrero’s etc.
        I’m sure all the Roosters supporters are sick of people trying to knock their champion club.
        Do it once and all the doomsayers will shut up forever.
        But great story here Woodduck, entertaining read.. belongs on the back page of the Tele.

  2. Ingliss 1.2 mil, 3x Burgess bros 3 mil, Reynolds 850k, Gagai 750k, Walker 600k Johnson 700k = 7mil 100k in just 8 players. Can’t Uncle Russell get them a third party Hollywood deal or something?😎

    • Those figures are way off woody, your response earlier doesn’t address the amount of talent you have in that team already , but still able to sign three big name players, those players you mentioned leaving are low cost players, plus your excuse for no juniors but calling the development players is quite amusing, but you are not fooling anyone with that, what i will say is that Easts are looking good and your comment earlier in the year was right, they are peaking at the right end of the season,, lets hope Souths v Easts final.

      • That would be a fantastic grand final with the two 1908 clubs. But Penso we have 20 players out of the 30 that made their NRL debut with the Sydney Roosters and two players we purchased as Rookies who have gone onto make a huge name from themselves at the Roosters. JWH played 6 for Manly and 186 so far at the Roosters, same goes for Taukiaho who played 1 game for the Warriors and 80 now at the Roosters so they were rookies that made their huge reputation at the Roosters. The only players who we have purchased that is of any value in the NRL that has not come through the Roosters development program are Cronk, Tedesco, Ferguson, Keary, Tetevano Baptiste all the rest of the 30 man squad made their debut and name at the Roosters. Penso that means that 80% of the Roosters team has come through the Roosters development program.

        Reece Robinson and Kirk Baptist are 200k each while Nuuausala a premiership winner and international rep is 450k, so there is 850k add 500k for Fergo and 650k already under the cap at seasons beginning = 1.8 mil add all the dribs and drabs for the low cost players = 2 mil.

        Now like I said before penso we purchased the big Pommie Winger for what Fergo’s on and we have signed Crighton for 750k not the garbage amount bandied around on the web of 1mil. We have also not signed Morris regardless of the rumors, so at this stage the Roosters have at least 750k left for another player or two. 😎

        • Ok woody. i’ll run with that development thing, bringing in rookies is a good thing, just can’t get my head around how many good players Easts have, anyway the Morris signing was on the news the other night, me personally, i think he is past it, better younger players around, Cricthon was signed for 750k most Souths guys know that, anyway the comp is shaping up as a beauty, it seems each week new prem. fav emerges, i keep thinking Cronulla hard to beat and big test for them this week, if Easts perform this week like last week against Manly, Saints will know where they stand in the comp, Souths will know over the next three weeks after Parra how good they are, not conviced quite yet of our favouritism, interesting matches coming up.

  3. My Info is that a deal was struck 2 weeks ago with John Sutton.
    The Rabbitohs are waiting for the NRL and the RLPA to announce what the revised amount for the Long Serving Players Allowance will be, outside of the Salary Cap!

    Last season I announced on May the 9th that Sutton had RE-SIGNED for 2018, It was finally confirmed Months later on September 21.
    The Same Source…

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