SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Billy Slater of the Storm is applauded as he leaves the field after playing his final NRL match following the 2018 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Cameron Smith has criticized the lack of respect shown to retiring champion Billy Slater following the Storm’s 21-6 defeat to the Roosters on Sunday’s NRL Grand Final, according to the Herald Sun.

Slater was booed continuously throughout the Grand Final – beginning when footage was shown of him preparing for the match inside the dressing rooms, persisting through the pre-match ceremony for retirees and during the match itself, and even continuing post-game when his final on-field interview was displayed on the stadium screens.

When prompted about the disrespect shown by the crowd. Smith said: “I don’t think there is any other way to say that.

“He’s only ever been someone good for the game, I think he deserved a bit more respect than that.”

Speaking after the match, Slater himself congratulated the Roosters and said he was grateful for his NRL career.

“It’s now how it’s panned out, that’s footy,” Slater said.

“We tried our best but that’s the way it goes. I’m really grateful for the career I’ve had, the friends I’ve made and what rugby league has done for me.

“It taught me lots of things – selflessness, respect. I appreciate everything everyone has done for me

“We didn’t help ourselves. We dropped the ball…we couldn’t handle their big guys. That’s footy. It’s the way it went.”

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Slater played 319 games for the Storm in which he scored 190 tries and won two grand finals.


  1. Smith carrying on like a sook as usual. Considering slater shouldn’t have been playing what did he expect? Sick to goddamn death of the slater love-in and preferential treatment. As much as I can’t stand the rorters it was good to see smith and co get their noses rubbed in it.

  2. Has gotten away with cheap shots, taking dives, milking penalties and being a regular grub – and the powers that be continually turned a blind eye, so as to not tarnish the record of a ‘future immortal.’ What did Smith expect – a standing ovation? If Smith thinks that was hard to take – his own last game in Sydney will be interesting!

  3. Come on, I think even Smith would know Slater was lucky to be there. The fans are there to have an opinion, and the Roosters fans there clearly felt hard done by that Slater even took the field. Deep down, they weren’t booing him, they were booing the judiciary that allowed him to be there.

  4. To boo during the pre game : all good.
    To boo during the game : all good.
    To boo once the game has finished: an utterly classless act.
    I know he broke your hearts wearing the purple and the maroon but you seriously need to grow up.

  5. Biggest grub in the game and deserved to be booed. The game will be better off without this two bit grub. The fact that he could end up being an immortal is a disgrace.
    I hope the pigeons at AAMI park cover his statue in droppings all day long.

  6. I don’t disagree with a lot of the comments about Slater. He shouldn’t have been playing the Grand Final either, after the obvious shoulder charge.
    However, is he a bigger grub or dirty player than Jarod Waerea- Hargreaves? Don’t think so. Hargreaves clearly put a shoulder into the head of Campbell- Guillard earlier this year ( breaking his jaw ) & walked away with a man of the match award. Just one in a list of his indiscretions .
    Or for the Manly faithful leaving Slater comments. Who can forget Steve Matai? Faded away through injury. No bigger cheat or dirty grub than he.

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