The NRL has handed out seven weeks worth of suspensions for round 15 charges, while fines have been handed out for two other incidents.

Announced by the league on, Dragons prop Paul Vaughan has been hit with a two-match ban for a crusher tackle on Bronco Richie Kennar.

Vaughan could be hit with a three-game suspension if he pleads not guilty and is found guilty by the NRL judiciary.

Panthers second-rower Viliame Kikau is also facing a two week ban after being charged with a grade two dangerous contact charge after a collision with Cronulla player Braydon Trindall.

Kikau could face two weeks out with suspension if an early guilty plea is unsuccessful.

A one-match ban has been handed out to Brisbane player Isaac Luke, with the Broncos hooker being charged with a grade one dangerous contact charge.

Luke will serve one-match suspension despite any early guilty plea as two prior offences sit on his record.

Parramatta forward Marata Niukore has been hit with a two-game suspension for a grade one crusher tackle charge on Storm forward Tom Eisenhuth.

The suspension can be reduced to one week with a successful early guilty plea.

Broncos second-rower Kotoni Staggs and Melbourne prop Nelson Asofa-Solomona have been handed fines for respective incidents.

Staggs will be hit with a fine between $750 and $1,150 depending on an early guilty plea after being charged with a careless high tackle.

Asofa-Solomona will receive $750 to $900 for a similar offence.






  1. So let me get this straight.

    Marata Niukore doesn’t get penalised for a supposed crusher tackle in the game but is now facing a 2 week ban for one.
    On the other hand, two storm players got penalised during the game and put on report for crusher tackles but neither will face the judiciary and both are free to play next week.
    Nelson Asofa Solomona intentionally smashes Niukore in the face with his shoulder breaking his nose and gets 10 in the bin but all he gets is a $750 fine and is free to play next week.
    Olam coat hangers Moses sending him spinning through the air and almost landing on his head and not only did it not gain a penalty on the field the judiciary saw fit not to charge him and he is fine to play next week.

    Now can anyone logically explain to me why 0 out of 4 Storm players are facing the judiciary.

    the two players who were put on report for crusher tackles should be facing 2 weeks.
    Both Solomona and Olam should be facing 3-4 weeks for their intentional high shots.

    The only logical reason I can see that none of them are facing the judiciary is they are helping the Storm keep their squad as strong as they can.

    Is it to give Cam Smith the best chance at a fairy tale farewell?
    Is it because the Storm are the only team in AFL heartland and the NRL needs them to succeed?
    Is it because their myth of a coach sooked at the press conference about how hard done they were instead of the fact they got beaten by a better team on the night and were kept scoreless?

    Personally I think it is all of the above which proves without a doubt how corrupt the NRL has really become.

    Now Parra lose one of their best forwards for no reason just to make it even easier for the Stormcheats to cheat their way to another unearned and undeserved premiership.


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