Mitchell Pearce and John Asiata

Unfortunately, Mitchell Pearce and John Asiata suffered pectoral ruptures in Rd 7. Both had surgery last week, and luckily avoided any damage to their shoulder joints. Despite initial reports of a 16-week return to play, I would expect a recovery in the 10-14 week range

Josh McGuire

Mixed news for Josh McGuire - no damage to previously repaired Achilles tendon, but there is a tear in the "anterior ligament" (another way of saying high ankle sprain). Luckily surgery is not required for McGuire; he will be aiming for a 4-6 week return to play. Means Origin 1 will be touch and go for him

Lachlan Croker

Horrible to see Lachlan Croker suffer an ACL rupture, will require surgery and 6-9 months recovery. Really tough to see his 3rd ACL injury. An ACL rupture occurs when the tibia (shin bone) shifts forward/rotates on the femur (thigh bone) causing ACL to rupture. Can, unfortunately, see this happen in Lachlan Croker’s knee. Test by trainer examines the amount of forward movement the tibia has (if significant/knee is “loose”, ACL likely ruptured). Wish him the very best for surgery and recovery

Tony Williams

Unfortunately, it has also been confirmed Tony Williams suffered a right ACL rupture last round, his second within 12 months after rupturing his left ACL playing for Tonga last year. Likely surgery and ~ 9 month recovery period ahead, wish him the best

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is aiming for a return this week (Rd9) for @TheParraEels after suffering an ankle sprain a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, he is still struggling to get the swelling down in his ankle so there is a possibility he is still another week away

Curtis Scott

Curtis Scott’s high ankle sprain is not as bad as first feared, and if he pulls up well tomorrow will be named & given every chance to play this weekend. But much more likely to return next weekend in Rd10

Dylan Edwards

Dylan Edwards dislocated his shoulder & whilst it was relocated quickly he, unfortunately, suffered a labral (cartilage) tear and damage to the humeral head (ball of the ball & socket shoulder joint). He is meeting with a specialist this week to discuss treatment options. Edwards’ likely treatment options are:

  • damage/instability is too severe & risk of further injury is too high: surgery & 4-6 months recovery
  • specialist happy location/severity of damage will enable shoulder to be stable: no surgery, strengthening rehab for 4-6 weeks

Even though the damage sustained to Edwards shoulder joint appears significant, we have seen sometimes that surgery can be put off til off-season (eg Harawira-Naera last season). Each case is different & needs to be treated on an individual basis

Issac Luke

Issac Luke is expected to miss 3-4 weeks with a knee injury, no clarification on injury specifics as yet but is likely a minor cartilage injury.

Richie Kennar

In some good news, it appears Richie Kennar’s scans came back better than expected, and he is only expected to miss 1-2 weeks. A relief for him and @SSFCRABBITOHS after initial reports were a Lisfranc injury & 12+ weeks on the sideline

Andrew McCullough

Andrew McCullough trained with the Broncos yesterday and is pushing to return this week. He has only missed one week after suffering a ligament and tendon injury to his elbow, which was expected to sideline him for 4-6 weeks. Would say chances of him playing this week are questionable, but a return next week looking all but certain

Jack Gosiewski

Jack Gosiewski suffered a broken hand in Rd 8. Will require a 4-6 week recovery

Suliasi Vunivalu

Suliasi Vunivalu was ruled out for @storm last week with a low-grade hamstring injury. With the long turnaround, Storm are hoping he will be fit to return in Round 9, but they will take a conservative approach to his return with hamstring strains having a high re-injury rate if not 100%

Luke Lewis

Is expected to miss another 3 weeks with a calf strain. Likely grade 2 strain with that recovery timeframe

Jesse Bromwich

Confirmation of a grade 2 MCL sprain for Jesse Bromwich, is expected to miss 4 weeks. Most grade 2 MCL injuries return to play in the 3-6 week range.

Tim Glasby

Tim Glasby had surgery on a broken thumb last week, similar to Dale Finucane is expected to miss 4-6 weeks

Nathan Cleary

Nathan Cleary started running on the anti-gravity treadmill 2 weeks ago, hoped to resume field running late last week. Is still aiming for a 7-8 week return to play from his grade 3 MCL injury (Rd10-11)

Leivaha Pulu

Leivaha Pulu will be out for 12 weeks (til Rd20) after suffering a foot injury for @NZWarriors 2 weeks ago. No word on injury specifics yet

Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne is expected to miss another 3 weeks with a hip flexor strain suffered in his return game from a similar hip flexor injury. The word from the club is this injury is to a different hip flexor muscle than last time

Brad Parker

After a very innocuous injury getting up to play the ball last week, it was confirmed Brad Parker suffered a meniscal (cartilage) tear in his knee. Is expected to miss 4-6 weeks

Josh Hodgson

Josh Hodgson’s rehab from an ACL reconstruction is progressing well. Is still aiming for a return Rd16-18, which would be just over 7 months since the initial injury

James Roberts

James Roberts has been managing a cartilage injury in his knee for the past few weeks. Didn’t look 100% at times during last week’s game, but is an issue he should be able to play through moving forward

Tim Browne

Tim Browne has retired after suffering a ruptured bowel earlier this season, an injury more commonly found in rodeo riders. That to go along with a fractured skull & an infection which almost caused him to lose his leg in the past few seasons. Wish him the very best in retirement

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