SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 17: Paul Carter of the Rabbitohs runs the ball during the round 15 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on June 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have signed utility forward Paul Carter to a one-year deal for 2017.

A former Australian Schoolboys, NSW Under 20s and NSW Residents representative, 24-year-old Carter has played 36 NRL games to date with the Gold Coast Titans and South Sydney Rabbitohs.

“Paul has been working very hard on himself away from football, and we will continue to support those efforts,” said Roosters CEO John Lee.

“There’s no denying Paul’s ability as a footballer, and we believe playing in the Roosters system can help his continued development both on and off the field,” he added.

Carter will officially join the Roosters when the squad begins pre-season training in November.


  1. the ferris wheel is getting some speed this week with the transfers … This guy can play a bit of football, just has a couple squirrels jumping up and down in the noggin’

  2. Paul Carter, Liam Knight, Jake Friend, Blake Ferguson,Kenny Dowell and Mitchell Pearce…now there’s a Mad Monday drink!

    • chookster2013

      On ya pal. And every other supporter here is backing their team to win the comp as well. We all can’t be right.

      The Roosters need to concentrate on their off field discipline if they hope to improve their on field performance next year. They are really starting to assemble their own “magnificent 7” Pearce, Ferguson, SKD, Carter, Knight… Just need 2 more!

      You will notice I left out Jake Friend who is proof within the club that a player can turn things around. He will need to take a more active mentoring role if the Roosters are going to stay in check next season IMO.

      • Off field discipline? From their roster this year what happened which was really so terrible? If you were offended by the Pearce incident you’re as bad as all the other politically correct twats that are wrong with this world. Pearces (exaggerated) punishment arguably didn’t ruin the Roosters season. The majority of their losses were by 2 points or less.

        Let’s have a look at the players you listed, considering you were so quick to bash them.

        Pearce- told a bad joke, everyone got butt hurt and needed some tissues. Media made out like he actually assaulted a dog.

        Ferguson- given a second chance and has completed his second season in a row with the Roosters with no drama

        Friend- same goes ^

        SKD- did nothing wrong? Was found not guilty. She was trying to scam money out of him. Even innocent people go to court. This happened last year regardless.

        Knight- Dui. Never smart. But we all know someone who has done it. Easy mistake to learn from and as a fringe player won’t effect anything.

        Carter- risky. Could pay off. Roosters have reportedly signed him on a base contract with very strict terms. They won’t mind releasing him.

        Roosters will be fine next year

        • Agree with all that, except that Fergo had more than one chance. His busy hands which he got charged for, the breezers on the roof incident, going missing while he was contracted to the Raiders.

  3. Once again the NRL has failed to take a stance on player misbehaviour. Should be one strike then you’re gone forever. No wonder all the other sporting codes view rugby league as a bogan sport, when we’ve got guys like these playing in the top competition.

    • titans2012

      I think Robert Lui (and 2 repeat domestic violence offences) are a far better example of what should merit a life ban. Issues with alcohol, drugs and gambling seem to be endemic amongst NRL players to the point that if we followed your suggestion there would be far less players left to maintain a viable “quality” competition.

      I have said before that it is incumbent upon the NRL and clubs to offer more in the way of education, counselling and assistance with rehabilitation for players who need help.

      If there were the same penalties applied for abuse of drugs, alcohol and gambling in popular culture there would hardly be any bands recording music! Look at problems in Hollywood as well. Youth plus lots of cash without maturity and discernment is a recipe for disaster (or at least trouble).

      Looking at Souths as one example (and most other clubs have similar initiatives) they get their players involved in social community support programs like “Souths cares” and have senior players like Greg Inglis, Sam Burgess etc. mentor younger players and set an example within the club that younger player try to follow. Same thing with the Broncos and Lockyer, Parker and the Storm with Smith, Slater, Cronk and Cowboys with Thurtson and Scott etc. Young players look up to senior players who need to set an example and take an active role in mentoring younger less experienced players.

      • And before anyone else can say it… “Yeah, Carter was at Souths and this didn’t seem to work!”

        Well all I can say he was damaged goods before he arrived and Souths worked with him to the point where he was too ill-disciplined to even make it to training on time. For the sake of discipline within the club, Souths made a call. Something few clubs actually do (Raiders and Panthers notwithstanding). Other clubs just sit back and wait for new talent to come on the market and swoop as lyonstestosterone15 eluded to.

      • SSTID I agree with you, I think if the NRL did more to educate future rugby league players about the dark side of football (drugs, alcohol, gambling), I believe there would be a far lot less player misbehaviour in the game.

  4. It’s wrong that a guy can be sacked from two clubs in two years then be able to join a third a year later. Basically if ur an alright player you will always find a club but if ur just an average player ur made the scapegoat.

    Typical roosters!!

    • Roosters having a shocking party boy culture typical of the eastern suburbs and are a magnet for these guys. The culture is tolerated and you really have to screw up big time to be punted, you get at least 6 chances before that as it’s swept under the carpet.

  5. chookster2013 classic thats what being a footy fan is all about .. good on ya ,, but its the eels in 2017 ,, cheers mate and good luck

  6. Is he really good enough to warrant the risk? He obviously has some talent but I don’t see it as a gamble I’d want my team to be taking.

    That wasn’t a rhetorical question. I’m genuinely asking if others think he’s worth it? I don’t see it.

    • simoncrab

      I liked him at Souths (even though he is too small to play in the backrow), his energy, enthusiasm and commitment often proved infectious and rubbed off on the rest of the team. When he came on the field Souths always seemed to lift. He seemed to be the king of the one percent plays and never looked like he was coasting.

      However, he has been plagued by ill-discipline throughout his career and as lyonstestosterone15 said;

      “It’s wrong that a guy can be sacked from two clubs in two years then be able to join a third a year later.”

      Average players don’t get given this many opportunities but the NRL are willing to turn a blind eye for repeat offenders like Carter and Pearce (who are now team mates!) And let’s throw in James Roberts as well.

  7. i doubt souffs will make the 8 again next year, it’s back to the bottom for them by the looks of things.

    • BroncoMatt

      You are a worse than a muppet “fozzie bear” (half muppet, half clown!)

      Carter is going to the Roosters NOT Souths (learn how to spell it (SOUTHS) because it will probably be on a trophy before the Donkeys!) It certainly has been on one more recently in any case! Did you even read the story? Or do you only look at the pictures instead?

      Let’s have a look at both teams run to the finals in the last 5 games of the regular season:

      Souths won 4 of the last 5 games of the regular season after a narrow controversial golden point loss to the Storm in round 22 when Cam Smith kicked a golden point field goal after Kyle Turner was illegally held at marker by Kenny Bromwich following the play the ball.

      Souths ended the year with 4 wins 1 loss. Souths scored 129 points, conceding 65 for a differential of +64
      Broncos ended the year with 5 wins. Broncos scored 120 points, conceding 64 for a differential of +56

      During their last 5 games Souths played 3 top 8 teams including the premiers (Sharks) and minor premiers/grand finalists (Storm) and also played the Knights (16th)
      During their last 5 games Broncos played only 2 top 8 teams (including the Storm) and also played the Eels (14th) and the Roosters (15th)

      Although I am still not sure how the Broncos stay under the salary cap with 7 QLD SOO players (6 Australian Reps) and that isn’t including Milford or Roberts who are fringe rep players!!

      Can’t wait for the day until the NRL finally shine a light on to the secret TPA deals done by the Broncos which will probably make the Storm and Eels breaches seem insignificant by comparison!

      • You really need to stop biting when BroncoMatt is baiting you. classic trolling and you keep getting sucked in. Just ignore and he will crawl away eventually and we can continue to talk about footy.

        On a side note, but related I guess, what has happened to Ronnie? I was away over the weekend so haven’t really seen any articles before yesterday, but he seems to be missing? And Believethis is posting positive comments on articles, two big improvements on the site.

        • He hasn’t been sighted. I’m working on the theory that the Sharks victory has brought back Harold Holt and banished Ronnie.

          I actually appreciate the fact he didn’t come on here claiming conspiracy, outside of those two Souths fans Tnutt and Shadow, the rest of the players of ZT allowed the Sharks to celebrate their victory.

        • eels47

          Cheers mate. Still learning. If I was a fish I would get caught every time.

          Too much energy wasted chasing trolls, you guys are right.

          Would rather stay on topic.

  8. Well TBH, TPC’s need to be curbed but how? You can exactly punish a club for doing well financially. Dragons are a club with terrible management/administration that’s why they are paying over for players because of lack of TPC’s.

    Any great minds want to find a solution?

    • sunnybill

      The answer to your question is: there is no solution unless either 1. Sydney clubs merge, disappear or relocate or 2. the NRL address the inequity of the system and dip into their deep 1 billion dollar war chest to assist with TPA’s for Sydney clubs (which frankly won’t happen).

      Yes, poor management/administration can be a problem but this is only because 9 Sydney based teams compete for the same slice of pie while QLD get half the pie for themselves!

      I have written too much about this already so you may need to go back over old posts but teams like the Broncos have the corporate support of ALL of QLD behind them, NZ Warriors have ALL of NZ (but have to compete with NZ Rugby). Likewise, the Storm have ALL of Melbourne VIC but are a small fish in the ocean compared to the AFL clubs’ profiles down south.

      Meanwhile 9 Sydney based clubs have to divide up the spoils of corporate support in Sydney NSW (while the Knights have only Newcastle to rely upon). Not really an even playing field.

      Irrespective of all other arguments it is inherently a flawed and inequitable system. Going forward, the ultimate result (and I think aim of the NRL) is to see less Sydney based teams in the NRL. That includes your Sharks sunnybill.

      Supporters of clubs outside of NSW won’t give a rats because they have too much to gain from the status quo. Supporters of Sydney based clubs need to wake up and see what is happening before we have a repeat of the Super League fiasco that nearly ruined the game and Sydney based clubs are either forced to merge, relocate or are driven out of the competition.

      The NRL continually hint at wanting to grow the game into other areas and increase their market share but cannot do this with the current number of teams (particularly with 9 based in the same small geographic location).

      Remember sunnybill, until the Sharks recent change in their financial positio,n the Sharks were one of the clubs first in line for the guillotine! As were Souths before Crowe, Holmes A’court and Packer. Financially I think Souths are one of the most secure Sydney based clubs but I remember how things were before and would not like to see this repeated with any other club.

      • Any thoughts danielle? Or are you just looking for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? I would love to know if you had an actual opinion on the game of Rugby League for a change. Wouldn’t that be novel!

        • Sorry, not intending on having a go at you, but what is with the constant comments at Danielle that aren’t replies? I enjoy your footy comments, they are generally well thought out, and while you are obviously a die hard Souths fan, you are one of the few on this site, from any team, who can provide neutral comments.

          Obviously you are no where near them, but try to keep to the footy and avoid the risk of becoming like some of the others on here, who are just trying to get a rise out of people.

          Like I said, not having a go, just an observation.

        • eels47

          Fair call.

          If you ARE interested in an explanation read on, if not, you are right there ARE more important and relevant things to discuss on this forum. But I so hate cheap shots and hit and run tactics.

          I’m still just pissed about an ambush and her constant sniping sarcastic comments on GF night. She came in under comments to others with sarcastic little attacks, called me a troll and after researching her past record I found multiple instances of her doing worse than the things I stood accused of.

          What p!sses me off no end is people who want to sit there and snipe away at others without ever making a worthwhile, constructive, original or relevant contribution of their own or use pseudo intellectual BS to bully and intimidate others for mistakes in spelling and grammar yet offer no real opinion of their own or argue a case on it’s merits.

          At least 10 other people here have criticised her for her puerile, irrelevant, and mean spirited attacks on others here who are just trying to make a point:

          “but try to keep to the footy and avoid the risk of becoming like some of the others on here”

          Will do from this point unless provoked again.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from. All I am saying is just scroll past and ignore them, eventually they will go away.

        • Sorry mate, the secret to survival on this site is to not get personal. Sometimes you could jump through the screen and choke the troll, but that’s what they want. I like reading your comments, they are well thought out and demonstrate you have a knowledge of the game.

          Remember, don’t let them drag you down to their level………………!

        • chalky

          Passion takes over mate but you are right. From this point I will try to ignore the pests BUT this time I am better prepared! Like eels47 says there ARE better things to talk about here which is what I came on here to participate in (but got side tracked by others who made it personal). I have never initiated a quarrel here and try my best to respect others and there opinions. I just have a real thing for standing up to bullies. Something you need to do to survive Redfern as you know.

          Let’s turn the page then…

      • Seeing as u yet again personally invited me into this discussion, I totally agree with on these words u wrote: “I’ve written too much about this already…”

        • danielle

          Hahahahahahahaha. You are hilarious, and a joke!

          danielle October 7, 2016 at 1:14 am

          Once again you hide in the shadows and snipe away from safety. Pathetic! Once again you offer NO relevant opinion on the topics being discussed that are pertinent to this site.

          Do us ALL here a favour and take your irrelevant little grumblings to a Reader’s Digest forum you lightweight!

        • danielle

          It is generally understood that self-deprecating humour is rhetorical. Do you understand what rhetorical means? (rhetorical = asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information). I am surprised that I would have to explain that to a Reader’s Digest enthusiast like yourself! Save YOURSELF the embarrassment next time.

          For the record you started this not me, you know your over reaction and continued cheap shots were unjustified given my record here. You give the appearance of someone who has at least enough intelligence to understand the difference between a joke and bit of fun and a genuine attack (as BOTH ronald-m and believethis did).

          Also for the record danielle I am more than happy to let this go if you start making relevant comments pertaining to RL and stop pretending to be a high school English teacher. No doubt there are people here who might feel nervous about posting an opinion here worrying that it will be criticised on spelling and grammar instead of its own merits.

          If you are really a RL fan then why don’t you just answer the 10 questions on the following link (without help of course), if you can?

          Somehow I think you just enjoy the attention but I am getting tired of p!ssing people off here who (like me) just want to talk about a subject you know little about… Rugby League.

  9. Once again the NRL fails to support a strong stance from one club regarding player behavior by letting them sign with another after such a short period of time. And just hours after themselves taking a stance by excluding Fafita and Radradra from the Kangaroos squad. More inconsistency…..

    Feel for the Souths supporters who lost a good young player with loads of potential but some off field issues, only for the Roosters to pick him up.

  10. Would have kept him, solid player. Unless NRL comes down as says “If your contract is terminated for repeated ill discipline breaches – you will not be allowed to register for another club for 12months, 2nd offence 24 months”, etc,etc.
    This BS about sponsors pulling out is rubbish (doesn’t seem to effect sponsors of where the “culprit” ends up).

  11. I honestly don’t see the issue. Souths had the opportunity to pull him aside and either warn him, fine him, stand him down or put him through counselling/rehab ( or all the above ). They worked through all of those choices and decided instead that the best thing for them as a club was to release him. That was their ‘considered’ decision. After weighing up all the different options open to them, they decided to let him go. The club decided, not the player. Therefore, that player is now a free agent. Any clubs interested in signing that player would also go through a process of deciding if this now available player would be a benefit in their team. Weigh the pros and cons. There are a number of examples of bad boys coming good with a change of club and culture. Good luck to him.

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