SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 22: Bulldogs coach Des Hasler speaks to the media during a NRL Finals series press conference at Rugby League Central on September 22, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

Des Hasler is set to return to Manly as the club’s new head coach, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

It is understood that Hasler will sign a three-year deal with the club, which is expected to be officially announced at 1pm on Monday, with the Sea Eagles calling a press conference.

Hasler is one of Manly’s all time greats as a player and coach, having played 256 games with the Sea Eagles (including two premierships in 1987 and 1996) and having coached them to a further two premierships in 2008 and 2011.

Hasler has beat out Sea Eagles assistant coach John Cartwright for the role, but it is understood that Cartwright will stay on with the club despite interest from the Canberra Raiders.

It is also understood that Hasler has no desire to keep disgruntled departing coach Trent Barrett at the club in any capacity.

“Des is a hard core professional. He does have a fear factor about him,” one source told The Daily Telegraph.

“Look at senior coaches like Wayne Bennett, Trent Robinson and Craig Bellamy. They’re feared to some degree by their players. Des has a dominant and respected personality.”

Hasler’s coaching record is certainly impressive, with two premierships, three grand finals, a 58.2 per cent win rate and 12 straight finals appearances from 2005-2016.


  1. Rejoice all ye Sea Eagle fans for tis a new dawn.
    Today in the sand a line is drawn.
    No longer shall we be the meek who other teams expect to beat.
    From now they will fear a Manly reborn.

    As we walk on the field in the shadow of battle, we will fear no evil, for we will, once again, be the baddest MFs on the field.

    Welcome home Des.

    • Well, you have opened yourself up for some witty (and not so witty) comebacks there haven’t you screaming. I will just say that I hope Des brings with him what you fans are hoping and that his short sighted success planning is a thing of the past, keep away from those back ended deals.

        • Yes yeeees bow down peasants the KING has returned! Thr champ is here the champ is here THE CHAMP IS HERE!


        • I get the feeling that someone is suggesting that Manly have fans. Your top home crowd this year was 4638. That is no fan base fiftyfour

        • Frigid beaver i never goto games doesn’t mean there are no fans pal. Besides i see like 6000 people at anz stadium lol sits 80000 the nrl is dying a slow death… thank the roosters and storm for that

        • “Cringe in fear you will.”

          Are you channeling Yoda there screaming? Because Des will need a LOT of “force” to undo the damage Baz has created.

        • Fiftyfour, mate we know you don’t go to games, and we know you don’t work either, just troll this site with bobfulton as you do!

        • Hey Cletus you are supposed to be my “groupie” don’t two-time me now.

          “Looser”, really Cletus? Clearly 22 years of schooling is going to waste! 😂😂😂😂

        • No Cletus, you’re in hiding and you know it. Scurry back now to your dark little hiding place you little sewer rat before I smack you down and embarrass you some more.

  2. This bloke is finished. Has no big names he used to have taking pay cuts to keep the team. DCE chewing up too much cap.
    Get excited manly fans. You will be disappointed.

    • Crawl back in your crevice buddy, let us have our day you homunculus geez what a negative little Pomeranian

  3. Would be awesome if somehow could get Toovey back around the place in some capacity…
    It’s a step in the right direction atleast

  4. maybe des is going as baz’s assistant ?????
    Surely they can’t be so stupid as to let Des be in charge of contracts and contract negotiations? Or can they?
    I seriously feel as if time has passed ole Dessie by – tactics and man management in particular.
    He didn’t change anything in his years at Bulldogs and gradually slipped down the hill towards the bottom.

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