SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters celebrates winning the 2018 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Newcastle's Adam O'Brien has suggested that the Knights will be in contention to sign in-demand Latrell Mitchell after he revealed an interest in a move to North Queensland.

The Roosters withdrew their contract extension offer for 2021 and beyond after the 22-year-old wanted to explore his options instead.

O'Brien worked with the youngster in 2019 as the Roosters' attack coach and stated that every club would be interested in taking him.

“I think any team in the comp would be lying if they [said they] wouldn’t be interested in him, but the salary cap … is the biggest variable in this,” he said.

“I connected really well with Latrell but having said that there’s a lot of things to get through in terms of our own (players).”

“I’m really reluctant to talk publicly. A lot of our recruitment and retention will be done in-house.”

One club now admitting interest is North Queensland after The Courier Mail revealed that a close associate of the player has contacted them to outline the player's interest in a move.

A formal offer is yet to be made by the Cowboys but they are reportedly considering their salary cap. They had set aside some money to sign Valentine Holmes, currently playing for the New York Jets in the NFL, but admit they can't sign both.

The Cowboys also have a link to Mitchell through their football-operations chief Peter Parr who has been the manager for the NSW Origins team and worked with Mitchell for two years.

Former Cowboys centre Brent Tate suggested that the North Queensland atmosphere would be perfect for Mitchell.

“The Cowboys would be a great fit for Latrell if he is keen to be there,” Tate said.

“Latrell has a young family and for an NRL player looking for that life balance, the Cowboys tick all the boxes.”

“Latrell has copped a lot of criticism for such a young bloke and the media scrutiny in Townsville is certainly not at the level of what he would face in the fishbowl of Sydney.”

Canterbury-Bankstown, South Sydney and Wests Tigers make up several more teams preparing bids for the centre that could be around $1 million per season.

An Instagram post from the star on Tuesday night made no apologies for his asking price.

“I’ll do what’s right for my family & I. Now I have the responsibility of giving my kids a life I didn’t have!!” he said.


  1. If Holmes decides in the next few days to re-join the NRL at the Cowboys, the LM saga could become very interesting. I don’t think there are any teams still interested with the sort of money he is looking for.

  2. If Holmes decides in the next few days to re-join Rugby League, his best bet might be in Canada rather than at the Cowboys.

  3. If Holmes decides in the next few days to re-join Rugby League, his best bet might be the Roosters as a centre for 800k, the same amount “BIG HEAD MITCHELL” knocked back.

  4. South Sydney have taken the extraordinary step of encouraging Latrell Mitchell to remain at the Rabbitohs’ bitter rivals the Sydney Roosters.

    Source: Todays Daily Telegraph.
    BwahahahahahahahahahahA !!!!!
    TwitOne and his merry burrow of Soufths N1TW1TS…Please take note.

  5. Whoever pays Mitchell a million will be ripped off. These are his stats for the this years semis and grand final.

    Vs Souths Semi win 30-6
    Mitchell 6 carries for 49m
    Manu 14 carries for 130m

    Vs Melbourne Semi win 14-6
    Mitchell 10 carries for 82m
    Manu 11 carries for 67m

    Vs Canberra Grand Final 14-8
    Mitchell 6 carries for 57m
    Manu 7 carries for 48m

    Mitchell 22 carries for 188m
    Manu 32 carries for 245m

    Mitchell wants one milion
    Manu extended for 550k

    Mitchell living in the “Dream Time”
    Manu a great loyal Rooster realist.

  6. Looking at the above stats in the seasons biggest games.
    Who would pay Mitchell 1 milion for an average of touching the football 7 times per big game.

    A million dollar contract at 1 million a season works out to be around 19.2k per week, every week, all year.

    So with an average of 7 carries a game at 19.2k for the weeks pay, every carry Mitchell completes of about 6m run, would cost 2700 dollars.

  7. Lets hope Soufths buy the Swollen Head Mitchell, also the presure is to much for him and he can’t handle the goal kicks in the big games.

    This semi series including the grand final the .bighead.clown. kicked only 9 from 16 at a dud percetage of 56%

  8. Lets face it, Mitchell played one excellent game when he scored 3 tries from 7 runs against Wests and the media blew it up so big that they gave him a 10 out of 10 and labeled him the next 1 milion dollar man and it went to his head.

    The team mates around him Tedesco, Keary, Cronk are the players that created space to run. What other teams have those players? Mitchell will look extra ordinary in a team that in is only ordinary like the teams that are interested in him.

    Cowboys, Wests, Canterbury, Newcastle are bottom eight teams. Souths if they change their mind will also be a bottom eight team with the two best Burgess brothers gone along with Sutton and Kyle Turner.

    When the bighead Mitchell starts playing for another club he will have regrets so massive that he will be mentally strained and his form will be suffering. He will also have all the presure on him to get that team into the eight as a marquee player. The responsibility is to much for a 22yr old big kid.

    Start packing your bags big head. There is no one player at the Roosters who is not on board with becomong a three time premiership winner. Except Mitchell. Pizz him and his big mouth family friend Mundine off, now Nick Politis before this one bad apple spoils the entire fruit box.

  9. I was hoping for an early release, the way things are stacking up, he’ll play 2020 with us at $550k.
    Poison chalice, me thinks.

  10. The Roosters as we all know are absolutely brilliant at keeping secrets. The club is a tight loyal unit.

    However there has been some disharmony brewing before the semis when an official from the Dogs has been lending his 350k MB car to the big head Mitchell. With the vuew to convince him to be a dog. Thats right Mundine….a dog.

    Anyway players at the Roosters are jack of Mitchells cheekiness and for the keen stydent of the game. Nay have noticed how many little opportunities Mitchell has seen with the ball.

    On a countback the Roosters all powerful left side attack was the favoured side BUT during the last for games of the year including the GF, Manu seen much more footy as the players shunned the big head Mitchell. Mitchell never celebrates with the other team mates when tries are awarded.

    Mundine and his Merc have alienated Him from the Roosters. Ask yourself why was Mitchell crying after winning this years grand final when he did not cry in last years premiership victory, because Mundine is inside of his head.

  11. He signed a letter of intent earlier this year and then jerked easts around.
    Fittler Daley Thurston Gallen all think he should stay with the roosters.
    These are the people he should have listened to not disloyal scatter brain like Mundine.
    But it looks like he has pissed off a few of the heavyweights at the chooks and they dont take kindly to being dissed.

  12. You’re right Ben H…mundine IS an out and out dog…..although it’s probably insulting to dogs calling him by that title

  13. Playing mind games holding off on a Roosters great offer and going to Canterbury officials houses, throwing himself out there to them.
    Then having scatter brain Mundine as a family friend negotiating a Dogs deal when every person in Australia love seeing the big headed big mouth Mundine getting bashed stupid, because that is what he is.

    For Mitchell to take advise off this clown automatically puts Mitchell in the lD10T category. Sack him and send him on walkabout to Souths. Thats what his foolish family desire.

  14. 100% right Timmah, Dog animals are loyal but human dogs are trouble making big mouth ungrateful, disloyal Mundines.

    Mundine is a money grabbing selfish human who ony ever thinks about looking after number 1, himself. Thats why the dog took off from a team sport to be an individual greedy all about me and me only sport.

    For Mundine to say the Roosters ” Ain’t Loyal” is a typical lie from the greedy dog.

    The Roosters have shown loyalty to five current long term players Aubuson 13 yrs, Friend 12 yrs JWH 10yrs, Cordner 10yrs Tupou 8yrs Liu 8yrs Taukeiaho 7yrs many leave chasing more money.

    How many clubs have 4 ten year players within their team today? Probably none other than the Sydney Roosters.

  15. Coming home to Souths for $800k/year for 3 years, just waiting for Sammy’s $3.3m to be cleared.
    Needs a decent coach and family culture like the Rabbitohs to reignite the talent that the sombreros almost ruined.

  16. BenHudson November 7, 2019 at 11:39 pm
    “The Roosters as we all know are absolutely brilliant at keeping secrets.”
    No argument there BenTheHubcap if their salary cap management is anything to go by.

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