Penrith Panthers prop Spencer Leniu will take the field in this Sunday’s NRL Grand Final, but has admitted he admitted he ‘can’t remember’ moments from last week’s preliminary final win over South Sydney following a high shot from Taane Milne.

The incident took place with 15 minutes left in the heated contest, and Milne was immediately sent-off for the reckless challenge.

But while Milne now faces a six-week stint on the sidelines for the terrible tackle, Leniu has already been cleared to play on Sunday.

“I can’t really remember much to be honest,” Leniu told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I was concussed. The first time I was rattled, but the second I was worse

“I don’t remember much from the night. I’ve watched the game back over. I’ll follow the normal procedures everyone else takes. I saw a doctor on Monday and he cleared me.

Despite his uncompromising style of play on the field, Leniu revealed that he’s never faced these types of challenges before.

“I’ve never been concussed in my whole 20 years of playing league. The doc was pretty shocked when I told him that. Because there’s no history, it made me easier for him to clear me.”

Though the hit in question rubbed Leniu out of the game and saw the players leave the field with Leniu trying to fight his opponent, the giant Panther says he holds no grudges.

“Whatever happens on the field stays on the field,” Leniu said.

“I honestly can’t say I remember too much what happened (after the incident). I just remember our coaching staff pulling me up the tunnel.

“I pulled up really well after the game. I couldn’t sleep, but that was more the adrenaline.

“The possibility I might be ruled out of a GF was probably the reason I was so angry. But I’ve been cleared now.”

Leniu has been named on the bench for Sunday’s game.