SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 07: Tevita Pangai Junior of the Broncos looks to pass during the round 16 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Brisbane Broncos at Shark Park on July 07, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Tevita Pangai Junior might have played his last game for 2019 after being unsuccessful in having his dangerous contact charge downgraded at the NRL judiciary.

Pangai will now require Brisbane to progress to a grand final qualifier for him to play again this season after copping a five-game ban following his crusher tackle on James Maloney last Friday.

“Disappointed. It was an accident,” Pangai said following the hearing.

“But where the game’s heading player safety is very important and I’ve just got to do my best not to come back down here.

“I play with a lot of physicality but the way the game’s going player safety is very important. It was a fair hearing as well.

“In the position I play, we have to be physical. I’ve watched a lot of players that were physical — Gorden Tallis, Sam Burgess. I think it’s important to know this was an accident and I didn’t mean it.

“I apologised straight away with Jimmy Maloney, but with the way the game’s going I think it’s the right call by the judiciary.”

The Broncos have a tenuous hold on the Top 8 and will find the challenge even harder with makeshift half Jake Turpin also suspended for two matches after a dangerous contact charge following a shot on Panthers fullback Dylan Edwards.


  1. Well I’ve seen it all, the NRL can go suck a fat c#ck. They have absolutely no idea, Sam Burgess knocks moylans head off and he gets nothing, solamona does a text book crusher tackle doesn’t even get penalised but Pangai jumps on a player thats ready to get up and run and its 5 weeks. I understand that Maloney was in an awkward position but it was by his own doing. Pangai had every right to jump on him. So all in all a penalty at best but 5 weeks what a joke.

  2. Well Torpin got off lightly. A swinging stiff arm hit to a player laying on the ground. should have been 5 weeks for that.

  3. I agree with the all the arguments about the inconsistent judiciary, but this was a grub act. The Broncos have lost the plot. There’s a difference between playing the game hard and taking cheap shots like this. I find it hard to support the Broncs while this guy and Lodge are playing for them.

  4. Its irrelevant how Pangi got himself into the position that resulted in a crusher tackle.
    The bottom line is Maloney could have received a serious injury.
    I do not think there was intent but there was no intent from McLean on McKinnon either.
    This sort of tackle needs to be removed from the game at all costs.
    Its a game and there is life after football.

  5. If you go on your date EDWoodChoook which of your aliases are you going as?
    And remember its Moet not Moey

  6. Rogue I understand what your saying but in this situation Pangai had every right to jump on him, Maloney got himself in that position by sitting up. So it was unfortunate for him. Pangai did not lift him up than crush him, he was completing a tackle. If that’s to rough than I suggest NRL make a rule where the tackle is competed once someone drops to the ground because that’s the way we are going. Anything that looks to be aggressive is now frowned upon instead of applause which made NRL.

  7. I hear you Siesy but a man prone on the ground is a completed tackle simply by putting a hand on him, just like when a player dives on a ball and lays there. Once you put your hands on him the tackle is complete, you cant drag him in goal or over the sideline.
    I know its played at speed but he did have an option.
    Pangai will be an absolute gun, he just needs to get the silly things out of his game.

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