NRL head of officiating Graham Annesley has announced that the four officials from the Eels vs Warriors game will be relegated for round 20.

The officials in question made several major errors including missing two stripping calls and a missing a knock-on from each side.

The poor decisions made by the referees ultimately influenced the result of the game with Warriors coach Stephen Kearney notably frustrated in his post-match press conference.

The on-field referees (Chris Sutton and Chris Buttler) and two touch judges (Clayton Sharpe and Adam Cassidy) will not officiate an NRL game for the next round as a punishment for the mistakes made.


  1. Ashley Klein should also be dropped, and he should never, ever, officiate any games that the Panthers play.

  2. The only way Chris Sutton gets a gig is because his big brother does the appointments. Give the Badger another go.

  3. This is fantastic news I hope it’s not just a week but for the season. The referee’s gave the warriors no chance to win that game with horrible call after horrible call. Yes there are bad Singular calls in games that change the game but this has to be the worst refereeing performance over the 80 minutes I have seen period.

    For the eels there is that one knock on which led to the Isaac Luke try, that’s it one very bad call for them.

    The warriors got so many dud calls like the brown knock on, 2 Legal strips penalised, Tuivasa-Sheck’s offload being called forward, the clear illegal strip from parramatta, and Nathan brown clearly offside when he shot up in defence where he nearly tackles maumalo without the ball he shot up so early. All those plays were game changing plays and because of incompetence, we’re ruled wrong.

    Also to add to this game it’s amazing that the effects of a accidental crusher tackle is cured by the blow of a whistle. it reminds of a while back where players were getting knocked out cold but a blow of a whistle would pop them straight back up and cure them of all effects, it’s weird how that happens.

  4. Sorry bro. Its only ever 1 week unfortunately. I think the refs should have gradings like the players and bans should be longer for bigger clangers and repeated errors to get loadings on top. That Chris Butler should never have been promoted to referee. He would be lucky to keep his job as a sub standard touchie at best

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