SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 08: Tariq Sims of the Dragons looks on ahead of the round one NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Brisbane Broncos at UOW Jubilee Oval on March 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Cronulla’s Matt Prior and Canberra’s Joseph Tapine were both handed financial sanctions following grade one charges from round six matches.

Prior has been fined $1350 for a high tackle on Dragons prop James Graham, midway through the second half of their clash on Friday night.

Tapine has been fined $1100 for tripping Paramatta’s Kenny Edwards in the 40th minute of their clash on Saturday.

Finally, Dragons forward Tariq Sims has been cleared to play this weekend after entering a guilty plea for making dangerous contact to the head or neck of Sharks halfback Chad Townsend.

Sims will now have 90 carryover points, meaning his next offence will result in a ban.


  1. Phew! i thought Sims would be gone for a couple …

    Apparently there’s a bug going thru the Saints camp atm. Hopefully they can provide a good match against the Warriors on Friday.

    • Pedro, he was lucky he didn’t get charged when they played Souths. He was the player that put Adam Reynolds out of the game when he hit him high, enough for a ”head check” ( I don’t know what you call it) and have him off for the remainder of the game. Rugby league is funny that way.

      • I agree that he has to keep a check on the hits – I remember Prior starting the same way and ending up with 6 weeks on the side with a loose hit on Thurston.
        I see your ol mate 3 hats blowing his lid on how lucky Saints have had it (over on Roar). lol – Hes funny that way.
        Its nice to see Souths play into some form and with the momentum heading that way it will be a welcome return for Sam.
        I was chatting to an old school mate last month – he rates you guys a big chance and i asked him why.
        He said Souths went and got an educated coach – a guy that can do the numbers, look at the culture and is smart about the decisions he makes. The rest of us are relying on recruitment / injury free periods and too some degree energy and then the coaching.

        • I was NOT “blowing my lid” Pedro!

          I just mentioned how lucky the Dragons were with those 50/50 calls with about 6 against the Rabbitohs that led to 2 Penalty Goals and a try.
          3 Penalty goals in all against the Rabbitohs.
          Their second Penalty goal was warranted.

          The facts are that they have kicked 15 penalty Goals in 5 of their 6 matches which helped them win 2 of those 6 games. by only 4 points!
          The reason the then NSWRL increased the value of a try from 3 points to 4 points in 1983

          That bit about Souths “Educated Coach” I wrote that 6 months ago somewhere.
          So your mate must be a fan, maybe he is in my Facebook Group where I save the best stuff for there!

          P.S. Pedro, I am a Saints Junior, I played Matts, Ball and also Flegg.
          I was graded for St George but being hit by a 1 1/2 tonne Ute in the pre-season ended my playing career, in the late 80s.
          I was on my way to training.
          The Dragons were pathetic in helping their injured juniors back in those days, I had to sue the club just to get them to pay some medical debts.
          I hate their GUTS, after that.
          9 months of bloody pain, my left shoulder still hurts even now after 30 years!

          I was way faster than Turtle… You know whom I am talking about
          but not quite as quick as Damien Cook but not far behind him either.
          Halfback/Hooker was my go!

  2. @ 2 Hats – Hate leads to fear, fear leads to the dark side.
    The mate of mine is a Manly supporter thru and thru.
    Good luck on the weekend – ive always supported Souths being in the comp as a heritage team.
    I dont hate any teams except possibly the drizzle with all their success. . .

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