during the round 10 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the New Zealand Warriors at AMI Stadium on May 14, 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The NRL and the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) are moving towards introducing new regulations, which could see player agents and managers abide by the same rules as NRL players and officials in a bid to rid the league of salary cap issues.

Following Parramatta’s recent salary cap saga, only one player agent was issued with a show-cause notice according to the Sydney Morning Herald, despite evidence suggesting multiple agents should have been hit with the same penalty.

A number of those inside the Eels during the scandal stepped down or were sacked, while the careers of some administrators involved also took a severe hit, just one player agent was issued a notice, from two years of investigations.

The NRL and RLPA hope the new regulations could be introduced by November 1, although some agents are trying to resist the change, and those are more than likely the ones who escaped punishment during the Parramatta scandal.

The current scheme sees two members of the committee as current player agents, which the NRL and RLPA see as a major conflict of interest.

The new scheme would see it become easier for the governing bodies to punish agents for bringing the game into disrepute.


  1. Wow implementing procedure change when structural change required. p*$$ weak from the NRL as per usual. One obvious ARL club and several super league clubs getting away with murder. Start by publishing 3rd party agreements. Its called transparency. Pretty simple stuff. NRL wont do it cause it would be highly embarrassing for them.

    • What do you expect from the incompetent Greenberg? This guy was a clown at the Bulldogs that tried to sweep a lot of cr@p under the carpet then gets jettisoned into the top job to replace the uber dud Gallop. NRL has been a total joke since the days of Gallop and then we find this clown to replace him. The game will die if we keep going down the same road.

  2. I would like to see a more open style of contracts every club should have the right to match the offer eg roosters attempt to sign Cleary for 700k panthers hold the right to match the offer and the player stays or the roosters have to come up with 10% more of an offer this way the player will earn top dollar plus there is no hidden extras

    • In theory that sounds OK but in practice there are so many Legal hurdles to your proposal.
      Clubs at the bottom need to pay overs but why should a player who prefers to stay at say his Junior Club…
      Why would his club be forced to pay more just because a SCUM club offers more?

      I could inflate the market by making an offer I had no intentions of honouring just to force another club to match my offer so therefore that club will need to spend more under the Cap…

      I am sure that an ensuing Court case will be needed and expensive.

  3. Scrap the salary cap altogether. Has it worked this year with 16 equal teams. No there are two divisions from about the half way mark of this season when the top eight was already decided. Last year it did not keep Melbourne from buying all the talent and flogging everyone along their journey to premiership glory. The time is here for multimillionaire people to own out right their League team like the gridiron teams in the USA. Wasn’t there some billionaire from Arab land wanting to buy a footy side recently. Let it happen and perhaps some Yank may want a footy side next and promote the game there.😎

  4. I would suggest that any junior players that have played 3 seasons have a 10% discount on there contract meaning 10% won’t count on your clubs salary this should lead more clubs to go out and grow the game by investing more in grass roots footy…also with all the money the nrl has I think they should think about lowering registration fees for junior players let’s say kids 13 and up pay half price let’s encourage the parents to see the monetary value

    • You get my vote – any rules favouring signing local juniors has to be a good thing for clubs & their fans.

      I am also all for any rule whereby the junior club gets a slice of the money throughout the players entire career – every time he signs a new contract – wherever he is playing.

      • Yeah something like 1% of every nrl player contract should go towards junior funding I’m sure it could be a tax write off aswell

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