during the round five NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on April 2, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Troubled millionaire teen Moses Suli is set to join his third club in just over a month.

Mario Tarak, Suli’s manager, was spotted with Manly officials at Narrabeen on Thursday.

Manly will hand Suli an NRL lifeline, with him scheduled to begin training next Monday with the Northern Beaches club.

The 19-year old impressed in his first season of first grade with the Wests Tigers last season, before signing with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

That stint lasted only a month, with the Bulldogs and Suli mutually agreeing to part ways.

Suli has been criticised for his ‘lazy attitude’ toward playing professional rugby league and was ultimately given several warnings by Canterbury before they pulled the plug on his three-year contract.

With a playing weight of around 110kg, there have been reports that the youngster’s weight has blown out to around 130kg which was one of the factors for the Bulldogs to cut ties with him.


    • Unfairly treated how? he did not meet the terms of agreement and to be honest he was lucky the Dogs even gave him a look in given the reasons that Tigs booted him

  1. All the best Suli, get your head right and dig in mate, you can be as talented as they come if you do. Supporting you 100%

    • Walker won’t be going anywhere, it’ll be more for squad depth and to push Brian Kelly to his best.
      As much as I don’t think it’s a good signing immediately, it could be an amazing signing in the long run. Gonna guess we didn’t get him for what he’s been recently signing for and probably only through him a $200,000 a year contract and said play for your money but it could pay dividends for the club if all works out well

  2. Might be lazy and overweight, but mustn’t like chicken or uncle nicks brown bag payment system hey wood goose….

    • We have plenty of centres Crowey3301 Mitchell, Manu, Robinson Aubusson, Ferguson, Matterson. The Roosters have to bolster up their forwards which they are doing with the signing of international and dual Premiership/World Club Challenge winner in two countries the wrecking ball big Frank-Paul Nuuausala and next week should officially announce the signing of International rep Kurt Baptiste as back up hooker. After that the Roosters still have 300k left to spend. All disgruntled forwards who want a crack at a premiership this year call the Roosters hotline on 02 9386 3200. Ask for Nick

  3. Was promising before he got lazy and fat. Will be a great buy but its all depending on how he changes his attitude. We need some good backs so im happy as long as we spent not to much.

    • And if that doesn’t work he could be a 150kg Prop by mid season, either way nothing but blue sky for a Manly signing.

      You’ve referred to him as lazy and fat, with an attitude problem, and he’s still a good buy. Good luck.

      • Yeah because if he does turn it around he has enormous talent. Thanks for the negativity though, always needed…

        • I agree, if he can turn it around he’s a talented young player.

          The “negativity” is more about the current reality. He’s gained a lot of weight over the off season, (fat, in your own words) and has been sacked by 2 clubs in a month for being “lazy”, and not putting in.

          Just because it’s your club that signed him doesn’t mean you have to see it through a maroon monocle, or pretending to.

        • The thing is mate if he had signed with Parra youd be looking through a blue and gold monacle. Its all about perspective. Plus I’m the realist in this convo, as I acknowledeged his big flaws but also the possible upsides.

        • No, I wouldn’t be happy if we signed him. I can, and do, look at Parra’s signings objectively.

          Yes, you acknowledged his flaws, as did I, and I also agreed he had potential, if he can get his act together.

          But back to why I wouldn’t be happy, aside from the fact we (Parra) don’t need another centre. He’s not responsible, mature and/or hungry enough, at this stage at least, to commit to his career. He turned his back on 2 opportunities, and 2 different clubs, when the deal was $400k p.a for 3 years. Now he has a 1 year deal on (I’d assume) less than half that. I don’t think much, if anything, has changed in the month or so between these 3 scenarios, so what’s your upside Holmsey, especially when it’s a week out from the start of the season and he’s seriously overweight.

        • Yet Parra signed Tony Williams, what’s your point Almighty? Some Parra fans say that he’ll be a good buy and some fans not. Give the kid a break, he’s been a lot through his childhood. He just needs a good environment around him, I think Baz strongest contribution is his relationship with his players and I reckon he’ll help Suli reach his full potential IMO.

        • I’m happy with the Williams signing. He has the size we need, provides depth in the forward pack, was cheap, is injury prone (hence the cheap), and has kept pushing himself to stay playing FG etc etc. It’s a low risk signing, with a reasonable chance of a big, and immediate upside.
          You could argue the same to an extent, a low risk signing with upside, for Suli, but the overall situation is very different, and the potential upside with Suli is potential future loyalty. By that, he won’t (I’d assume, and can’t if he’s not in your 30) play FG this year, and he’s only got a 1 year deal, therefore the potential is him getting his head/body right this year, and signing with Manly for futures years, because of the opportunity / faith they showed in him this year.
          I would have used Hayne as a “what do you think of that signing then Almighty.”. To me, that was the signing I really struggled with, and has more in common with the Suli signing.

  4. Good luck Manly and good luck Suli, it would a shame to see such talent lost to the sport.

    IMO, NRL should not register this contract, or allow him to play, until he has time away and is evaluated. Something in his life isn’t going to plan and it needs to be sorted.

    I also believe this 3 clubs in 4 weeks is embarrassing and a black eye to the game. How did it ever get to this??

  5. Good one manly.You scored yourself a troubled and overweight centre.Well I guess he’s their problem now.

      • And you may be right, but the Doggies gave him a shot, and he shot them back.

        From the reports getting around he’s managed to gain around 20kg in an off season, and it’s now a week out from the start of the season. Good luck.

        I hope Suli can get his act together, but for right now he’s just taken a spot in your 30 man squad (assuming you signed him on a FG contract), that could have been filled by another talented youngster, with the right attitude.

        • Wasn’t signed on first grade contract so nothing at all to loose…
          He did stuff up at dogs, but was thrown in deep end with hue expectation, now come to manly on 2nd tier contract with no expectations, can get his life in tact withoihht pressure on him playing 20’s or reserves maybe until he gets himself fit and mentally healthy…
          Nothing at all for manly to loose…..

  6. They say he was around 130. But in the photo with him and Sharon woods. He looked a lot smaller then woods. So maybe he did gain but I’m guessing most of that is gone. It was more his attitude towards trading as in being repeatedly late is what I read. Just a bit immature. Needs to play reserves for a bit longer to gain the fire and a bit of respect

  7. I don’t think the kid should be restricted from playing but I have to laugh at the desperation and outright arrogance of manly to take him on, so soon. I think less of the kid for taking this, too. It is plainly obvious that he is struggling with the life – he needs to go away and experience the real world to see if values his opportunities – not just bounce from club to club whilst never really being allowed to figure out the privileged position he is in. To me, signing up immediately for another club says he is about the money

  8. The guy clearly has some issues off the field so hopefully Manly are prepared to help him with that. And if it is a second tier contract then there is very little risk on their end.

    Still an odd signing though given the bulldogs exit during the week.

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