The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and Moses Suli have today agreed to part company.

Both parties sat down this week and decided that it was in the best interests of the club and the individual if they parted ways.

Bulldogs Chief Executive Andrew Hill said the time was right for the decision to be made.

“Right from the start the Bulldogs were committed to giving Moses every opportunity to fulfil his potential and become part of the Bulldogs,” said Hill.

“Unfortunately, Moses has not been able to adapt to the high standards that Dean and the coaching staff have asked from all players and as such we think that it is in the best interests of both parties if we part ways.

“This is not the end for Moses as a footballer and if he can regain the desire and drive to reach the standards required then I believe that he can still be successful. The club wishes him all the best going forward.”

Suli agreed that the time was right for a change.

“I think that it is right for me and the Bulldogs that I take some time away from the game to re-assess what the future holds for me,” said Suli.

“I want to thank the Bulldogs for the opportunity that they have given me and I leave the club with no hard feelings whatsoever.”


  1. Signing a month ago: Yeeeeeah
    Today Naaaaa

    Something’s obviously happened. Funny if he now goes back to the Tigers

    • Yeah, probably worthy of a nomination, but the prize would have to go to DCE would it not? Given he signed and backflipped on the Titans contract before he got passed the front office. That said, and in fairness, he averaged it out by signing a contract that will likely go beyond his playing career.

  2. The Roosters could do with a back up centre, H ewould only cost about 60K & the Roosters still have 600K to spend. Could be a future Mark Harris under Robbo’s watchful eye. Food for thought Uncle Nick.

    • I’m no fisherman but I thought your choice of bait was O.K, so maybe they’re just not bitting tonight.

      That aside, if you want him, knock yourself out, but I think the min is $100k for a player (in the 30 man squad).

      • I see you are a wise fisherman also, I shall remember the 100K tag for my next outing eelsalmighty. Might get a bite then. By the way I think Parra is in for a huge 2018, I believe they have the team to make the grand final. My prediction for 2018 is a Roosters vs Parra grand final.

        • You don’t get a bite, cause your a hopeless fisherman..
          No one cares about the roosters, but I do like how you sucked up to eels cause he was the only one who commented on ya post… maybe it’s love

        • crowy, It only appears that I sucked up to eelsalmighty because that was the bait I used to catch a crowy3301. Ahahahahahahah🤣 Parra are the team that has the most depth in the comp, Parra are also like the Roosters last year were able to push Melbourne to the limits. Both sides have improved with their signings and both sides last year finished in the top four. Melbourne has no halfback and the Cowboys have two passengers in Scott and Thurston that alters the magic fluke run they had in last years semis.

          I tell you what Crowy3301, I’m so glad I went fishing and caught a Crowy3301, that stuff I wanted to share on this story but just couldn’t find an opening to tell it. That is until I caught you. Thank you, Thank you and God Bless. I hope you liked the Show. (Bon Scott) ©

        • You caught nothing,
          Like usual you had a post about nothing that no one read because everyone knows you don’t know footy and that you just a 14 year old girl on her daddy’s computer looking for a friend.
          So you take that as a bite all you like but see you carry on about the rorters like they are unstoppable this year is giving me good laughs, and when they don’t make the 4 especially don’t make the grand final let alone win it. Be sure to remember I’ll be first to say suck sh#t

  3. dean pay needs 2 be congratulated on no d**kh**d player policy in the club i say maybe he should be
    returned 2 sender which was the tigers address unknow concord oval or return to sender i actually like that song
    even news out belmore way is adian toleman is for sale but there is very minimal interest from any clubs for his services

    • Yeah, apparently was offered to the Eels effective immediately, but we politely declined. Tolman is a good honest toiler, but that isn’t the player the Eels need.

      • Sterlo recons you need to bolster up the front row, Toleman is underated and the only reason Pay wants to ship him out is because he needs a halfback and is confident his forward pack is strong enough with Woods there in his place. I read they were interested in Hastings. The Roosters have got 600k to spare, perhaps they may sign Toleman for a couple of hundred K. and hang on to 300k incase Sony Bill decides to play his four game stint before the semis start

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