The Newcastle Knights have confirmed the departure of five players at their end of season awards.

Winger Nathan Ross was forced into retirement earlier in the year due to ongoing injuries.

While another winger Shaun Kenny-Dowall will also leave the club, with reports linking him to a move to the Super League in 2020.

The club has also confirmed that Jamie Buhrer, Slade Griffin and Zac Woolford will not return next season.

Knights 2025 Player Movements

2025 Gains
2025 Losses
David Armstrong (Leigh Leopards), Jed Cartwright (Hull FC), Myles Martin (Canberra Raiders), Fletcher Myers (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
Bradman Best (2027), Dane Gagai (2027), Tyson Gamble (2026), Jacob Saifiti (2027)
Off Contract 2024
Mat Croker, Brodie Jones, Krystian Mapapalangi, Enari Tuala, Toni Tupouniua


  1. Jamie NEVER played for PARRA Reps he came to Manly as a 17-18yr old and played NYC
    He played for his school Patrician Brothers Blacktown then he played for Hills District Bulls-
    which is a Parramatta District junior.
    So to answer the question.. to come home would be the Bulls- but as a NRL and junior representative player would be Manly.

  2. Was it Jamie Buhrer that was eye gouged by DCE in in a manly – newcastle game in 2018 ? It was a Dog act that was quickly buried due to Jamie not reporting.
    Manlys been robbing the Parra/Penriff nursery since 1947.
    I reckon the Turbo boys will NOT reach their full potential at manly and need to move to a decent club and benefit from the professionalism they don’t have access to atm.

  3. the warriors should sign slade griffen , he made it into the kiwis before that horrible injury tbh , dont know how he is going with recovery he hasn’t been mentioned all year , he might just retire , then again going after another injury prone hooker probably isnt the best idea , but when he was fit he was a machine

  4. Kenny-Dowall- more errors and missed tackles than any other winger, good riddance
    Slade Griffin- very good player when fit but unfortunately his knees are cactus and he will probably retire
    Jamie Buhrer – a solid bench player or reserve grader but not up to NRL standards anymore
    Ross Dog – always tried hard but physically stuffed now
    Zac Woolford – reserve grader at best ,no big loss
    Aiden Guerra- was Knights best forward 2018 but injuries finished him earlier than expected

    Now we need a 5/8 ,a good winger and another centre and we SHOULD improve next year

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