Kangaroos name Four Nations squad

Mal Meninga has named his Four Nations Kangaroos squad, with a few surprise selections including the omission of Paul Gallen and Corey Parker.

Andrew Fifita and Eels winger Semi Radradra have also not been selected due to ongoing investigations into off-field issues.

Kangaroos Squad

Cameron Smith (c)
Darius Boyd
Shannon Boyd
Boyd Cordner
Cooper Cronk
Josh Dugan
Blake Ferguson
Jake Friend
Tyson Frizell
Matt Gillett
Valentine Holmes
Greg Inglis
David Klemmer
James Maloney
Josh Mansour
Trent Merrin
Michael Morgan
Matt Moylan
Justin O’Neill
Josh Papalii
Matt Scott
Sam Thaiday
Johnathan Thurston
Aaron Woods


  1. I don’t understand Shannon body’s selection he only a alright forward don’t think he deserves a kangaroo jumper. Players like Tamou, James, J.trbojevic, Paulo, Napa. All ahead of him imo.

    • Definetely agree exactly, also is bj leuilua injured or something, bought he was a certainty especially over Ferguson

    • eels4thewin

      With you on that one. I don’t understand “Shannon’s body” either, he looks like a block of marble! LOL

      Just kidding buddy, I have more typos and mistakes here than anyone. 😉

  2. BINGLIS? FERGUSON? DUGAN? Really? These guys all had shocking seasons. The rest fair enough (except S.Boyd way to early to call him up as others have said plenty of big guys in front of him easily).

    SmellYaFinger and selectors need to have a look at themselves. You’d think that Luke Lewis would be there based on his season. Heighington and Prior should be there based on their season.

  3. No Leilua no Croker??? WTF??? I know Croker has an injury but they are the two best center’s in the game right now…by far!!!

    • I hope Australia get smashed….Again!!! Australia continues to pick the same team that got rolled last time…they just wil not learn

    • Croker was interviewed and said he’d be fine! The Canberra centres deserved selection. Mal does seem pretty loyal to some guys, maybe O’Neill snuck in being a Queenslander.

      And a belated congrats to Cronulla on a deserved premiership victory. I’m sure the party’s still going.

      • At first i thought shannon boyd snuck in being a raider (cuz mal played for raiders) but then i see none of their centres in the squad so I don’t know whats goin on.

        • “Apparently”…Leilua and Croker are both injured and Mel doesn’t want to risk them…which I think is a load of BS!!! Inglis and Dugan better play a killer series, cos Croker and Leilua are close to taking their spots…im pretty sure that Inglis, Dugan and Fergo know that they all better play well or else they are gone! Teddy was also an unluckyone…

  4. Gallen got cut after Grand Final win. Boyd shouldnt of been picked ahead of G-Train, Tamou, James etc. And Mal chose Moylan over Tedesco -_- wot

  5. Was going to have a whinge about some of the selections but it’s already been said.
    Most of the squad is on point.
    Can’t help but feel Mal is trying to give QLD a leg up for next year by taking Shannon Boyd

  6. Shannon Boyd ?? Justin Oneil? Both ordinary players.

    I don’t like gallen but he should of been picked on form and leading the sharks to a gf win.

    Leilua and James should of made it. I hope NZ smash them

  7. 1. Boyd
    2. Mansour
    3. Inglis
    4. Dugan
    5. Ferguson
    6. JT
    7. Cronk
    8. Scott
    9. Smith
    10. Woodsy
    11. Gillett
    12. Thaiday
    13. Frizell

    14. Morgan
    15. Merrin
    16. Cordner
    17. Papalii
    18. Maloney

    Or maybe Papalii to second row, and Thaiday to lock and Frizell to bench.

      • Agree! Chambers I can kind of understand inly because he missed majority of the season. Ferguson and even Dugan had average seasons I thought Oates was in with a shot he had a great season, starts the sets off so well and I think has one of the highest tackle breaks for a winger this season.

  8. Not a Sharks fan but congrats on the win. As a fellow nrl tragic I know the excitement of watching your team win a gf, so it doesn’t matter who you go for you have to love the fact it’s the sharks first time feeling that emotion (players and fans). Well played sharks but surprisingly only 2 sharks players have been named, thought graham was unlucky not to be named.

  9. Apparently leuilua can’t play first game therefore they hide not to play him, think he still should of been there for tour though.
    Little off topic but was thinking if nsw can pick the correct players next year they have to be in with a decent sho. How many points are in a team with a back 7 of
    3. Crocker
    4. Leuilua
    5. Turbo Tom
    6. Maloney
    7. A. Reynolds ??? Or maybe someone
    But that is excitement which ever way you look at it imo

    • Perfect mate – I called that at the start of the season and am hoping that is indeed the backline we kickstart the series with in 2017. I’d have Moylan starting at 6 (especially if he keeps up his form over the last couple of months) and have Maloney at 7. If we drop Tamou and start with Woods/James prop rotation, and continue with the like of Frizzell, Jackson, Graham, J Bird etc we will hopefully start a dynasty of our own soon.

  10. It’s a good squad with good balance. But for me, Fergo, S.Boyd, Cordner and O’neill out. Jack Bird, Leuilua, Ryan James and Graham in.

    Chambers & J Jackson are unlucky.

  11. WTF – how does Ferguson keep getting picked for these rep games? Seriously the guy has done nothing to warrant selection.
    Is Jake Friend really the second best Aussie hooker going round? Surely Granville has moved ahead of Friend?
    Shannon Boyds selection is a curious one too, as much as he is a grub, McGuire could have been a better selection, or Tamou, Ryan James, even Timmy Mannah

    • Friend is there in case of injury to Smith, they want an 80 minute hooker and Granville is not that.

      Absolutely agree about Ferguson tho, the guy has no right to be playing rep footy.

      Ryan James had the season of his career and still didn’t get selected

    • billy

      “how does Ferguson keep getting picked for these rep games? Seriously the guy has done nothing to warrant selection.”

      Can anyone here disagree? Anyone?

      • then add to the fact Mal Malingerer wants to institute a no DH policy and he keeps dugan and ferguson in the squad?
        Smacks of dbl standards to me or a convenient time to forget the recent past.

  12. Shannon Boyd has been killing it. Big body, 10m hit ups and a quick play the ball and he is from NSW! Glad he got picked.

    • hussell99

      I’ve got to admit I am a big fan of the Raiders 1, 2 combo with Boyd and Junior Paulo but I have to say I am still one of the minority who believe players need to go through origin before being selected to represent their country. Chanel Mata’utia is just one example of this. I know the Morris brothers went the other way around but I think origin football is a testing ground for International rep selection IMO.

        • warriors2015

          “Sione Matautia you mean?”

          Spot on champ. “Too many Matautia to tell apart.” Now say that three times fast! Hahahaha

          What was Chanel’s number anyway, 5? 😉

          “That was just a terrible call from whoever made it.”

          Yeah, they really dropped the kid in it and his form seems to have suffered as a result. That and a loss of playing time following talk of issues with the coach. He hasn’t been the same since but the kid does have talent.

  13. Jake friend?

    I would think even if Cam Smith couldn’t play friend will not be there. Another dud selection.

  14. if for some reason smith was out im pretty sure maloney would slot in at 9,can see maloney slotting into the 9 over next few years so i cant see why take a second 9(whos crap anyway,take peats if your taking another)

    • I dont think Maloney would be a good pick for 9, attacking wise yes but defending in the middle I dont think he could handle it. I agree with Peats though or Andrew McCullough if you’re taking a second 9 or even a real utility who could fill in like Moses Mbye.

  15. pretty sure big mal did a school yard selection process,kevvy you have first pick,ok laurie your turn……

  16. Shannon Boyd ??? Would definitely have Gallen Tamou MacQuire and especially Fifita over him. Ferguson really he’s hopeless. Bird Oates Chambers Leilua all better. Thaiday why? 30+ and average. Graham Jackson all smarter decisions. I’d have
    1. Boyd
    2. Mansour
    3. GI
    4. Chambers
    5. Holmes
    6. Thurston
    7. Cronk
    8. Scott
    9. Smith
    10. Woods
    11. Frizzell
    12. Gillett
    13. Gallen

    14. Morgan
    15. Tamou
    16. Pappali
    17. Merrin

    18. Klemmer
    19. Cordner
    20. Graham
    21. Fifita
    22. Maloney
    23. Dugan
    24. Leilua or Crocker

    Chambers and Tamou and Gallen should feel unlucky

    • Gallen not getting picked makes a lot of sense when you consider the 4 nations as a test run for the world cup. Gallen in all likelihood won’t be in the world cup side so blooding someone new is the right move. I don’t think they picked the right player to blood but whatever. I also think Tamou was due to be sat down as he hasn’t performed well the last few rep level matches he has been selected for.

      I like it how Ferguson is found guilty of groping a woman and gets a jersey but Fifita writes something on his armband and gets dumped for bringing the game into disrepute.

  17. This should be the back line:

    1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour
    3. Croker
    4. Leilua
    5. Boyd/Holmes
    6. Thurston
    7. Cronk

  18. I can understand the selections and agree with overlooking Fifita. To play for the Roos you should show good character as well as good football ability. This does not mean Fifita is earmarked “never again” but at this time he has shown little remorse for his previous indiscretions. Hopefully he learns from this and can earn Test jumper in the future. However some of the other selection are odd. That said Lockyer, Meninga and Fulton have depths of knowledge about the game that is beyond reproach.

    but my squad would have been
    1. Cameron Smith
    2. Jonathan Thurston
    3. Cooper Cronk
    4. Paul Gallen
    5. Greg Inglis
    6. Darius Boyd
    7. Matt Scott
    8. Matt Gillett
    8. Tyson Frizell
    9. Josh Mansour
    10. David Klemmer
    11. James Tedesco
    12. Jake Friend
    13. Josh Papali
    14. Luke Lewis (I am biased, my favourite player and IMO any Rep team that does not pick him is mad)
    15. Ryan James
    16. James Maloney
    17. Josh Jackson
    18. Jarred Croker
    19. Michael Morgan
    20. Aaron Woods
    21. Sam Thaiday
    22. Trent Merrin
    23. BJ Leilua
    24. Ash Taylor (I know young but to learn from Cronk and JT)

    • Maybe one more winger could be handy. If I could squeeze a winger in, Brett Morris would still get a jumper.

  19. Fulton a selector , need i say anymore, look at what he is doing at Manly, get rid of him let him just ruin Manly at least the NSW side saw the light and got rid of him

  20. Im very surprised with some of the selections. I can understand Chambers missing out only because he missed most of the year. I did the joey leilua would have been selected I dont think Ferguson or Dugan should be there they had very inconsistent seasons. And I thought Josh McGuire and Napa would be there. Quite a few can consider themselves very unlucky. Heres my team and I took into account how they played in origin as well. Ps. I know Im bias picking Anthony Milford haha but I do think he’ll be there in the squad next year.

    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Joey Leilua
    5. Josh Mansour
    6. John Thurston
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Matt Scott
    9. Cam Smith
    10. Aaron Woods
    11. Tyson Frizell
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Josh Papalii

    14. Anthony Milford
    15. Josh McGuire
    16. Ryan James
    17. Boyd Cordner

    18. James Maloney
    19. Jarrod Croker
    20. Dane Gagai
    21. James Tedesco
    22. Josh Jackson
    23. Dylan Napa
    24. Trent Merrin

  21. Have to say this is one of the worst test sides I have seen in a long time. We won’t beat the kiwis with this squad and in all honesty we will struggle to beat the pommies!

      • You can’t be serious. Any Aussie team with big forwards and decent defense that is run by JT, Cronk and Smith would be odds on to beat any of the opposition. I can’t see what is so bad about this squad. A couple of bolters but overall a very strong group of experienced players.

  22. Mal Meninga is a joke why would anyone pick Darius Boyd over Moylan, Coote, or Tedesco. Boyd is only still in first grade because of uncle wayne, he is simply a joke of a player

    • You are obviously no mastermind. Boyd has had a great season and fully deserves his position in the Australian team.

  23. Has everybody forgot about Billy Slater? I’d say if he’s fit and ready playing how he was then he’s definitely the starting Fullback next year

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