SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 02: South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Greg Inglis speaks to the media during a press conference at Redfern Oval on October 2, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Inglis was yesterday charged with a drink driving offence. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

South Sydney star Greg Inglis has escaped conviction for speeding and drink driving, following an incident back in October.

Inglis was announced as the Kangaroos’ captain on the morning of October 1, before being pulled over for speeding by police later that same afternoon.

He then returned a positive breath test, and was charged with speeding and drink driving.

However, the NRL veteran has escaped conviction for the charges, after a Magistrate noted his contribution to the local community.


    • You do know not having a conviction recorded does not mean he got off, don’t you?

      Everyone complains about consistency but it has to work both ways. Why should a footballer get a worse punishment than any other member of the public, Not having a conviction recorded for a first time, low range drink driving offence is standard.

      • Hello McFly✈…….Inglis was MID RANGE and 19kms over the speed limit. No body in Australia’s history since 1788 has a person been let off for MID RANGE DRINK DRIVING AND SPEEDING. Give yourself an uppercut💪😮🥊

        • Inglis was NOT let off. You obviously have absolutely no idea what “no conviction recorded” means.

          Inglis pled guilty, was given a good behaviour bond, with a licence suspension. All no conviction recorded means that if he is required to produce a criminal or traffic history for any purpose other for a legal reason this offence is not recorded on it. This is a completely standard punishment for a first time drink driver. The speeding was dealt with by an infringement notice, once again standard. I spent over 25 years as a cop so maybe I know i bit more than you.

          So about that uppercut….

        • “I spent over 25 years as a cop so maybe I know i bit more than you.”

          That explains a lot, you bottom dwelling maggot

        • Don’t provoke me Mr ex Cun.tstable Tommyknockers or I will ring up Dylan Napa who will give you a Turkey Slap💪👴👉 Give yourself a baton strike to the lower jaw

    • Of course he lost his licence. Where does it say he did not. He pled guilty and a loss of licence is mandatory. Do you people even understand what a “No conviction recorded even means”?

      • I’ve had a read of many articles and I have found none saying that he did lose his licence Contstable TommyNockers. Could you paste a link for us all so we can see he was suspended.💪👴👍🥊🐔🥊

    • “Bulldogs have nothing on Souths”, What about Napa…… Oh hang on, he was at Roosters then. Don’t worry.

      • I am sure there’s a point here, struggling to find what it is. I mean you bring in off content topic for no direct point except to insinuate something.

        I mean if this had surfaced the Roosters do have an extended history of standing down, fining and suspended players who are proven to bring game into disrepute. It’s not like Manly who are proven to ‘sweep’ things particularly their ‘factual’ salary cap cheating under a rug.

        • 😂😆🤣😆😁😂😆🤣 Spot on MadRooster, The NRL suspended Pearce but the Rooster acted with a 125k fine and stripped him of his captaincy and that was for a lot less than breaking the Law of the land with a Mid Range drink driving and 19 kms over the speed limit that could of killed innocent people. Inglis did not even get fined for speeding. Pearce got fined 125k for getting drunk in a private house. Look I am not racial prejudice but this is a shambles and ridiculous. If a non aboriginal bloke who appears at schools to encourage all nationalities to play League and do good in life. Would the courts be so lenient❓❓❓❓❓❓ All this does is make the court system racial prejudice against whities. I have never ever heard of anybody in Australia’s history getting off on a MID RANGE DRINK DRIVING OFFENCE. The courts have been known for leniency for first offender only when they are just over the limit with a low range but not a mid range drunk speeding. This is a disgraceful act from the court system.

          As for Manly cheating and sweeping again you are 100% correct.💪😮👎

  1. Is it any wonder that NRL players continue to act beyond the law when they are never held to account? He wasn’t a bit over the limit, he went mid range. He wasn’t just speeding, he was 19km/h over. I can’t believe the magistrate said he can’t think of a bigger punishment than losing the Kangaroos captaincy- clearly he hasn’t lost a loved one to a speeding, pissed driver, that’s punishment copped by victims families all too often. I find actions of Inglis reprehensible, the actions of the magistrate even worse.

      • But correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the “urinator” have at least 1 of each of the following:
        Reckless driving
        Driving whilst disqualified
        Failing to stop, causing police presuit
        Speeding (way over speed limits)
        Breaching conditions of his alcohol bans
        Most of which were on seperate occasions
        One could also add he was alleged to have urinated on an individual (seperate to him filming himself urinating into his own mouth), and aledeged to have set a mans pance on fire, on a seperate occasion.
        Yeah, maybe he was hard done by and, “lucky Inglis didn’t urinate in his mouth”.

  2. So he committed two serious driving offences, and her got off? How pathetic, he could have caused a serious car accident.

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