during the round seven NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at Central Coast Stadium on April 21, 2018 in Gosford, Australia.

South Sydney coach Anthony Seibold has declared that skipper Greg Inglis has the credentials to be a coach one day and also believes winger Robert Jennings is nearing a contract extension.

Inglis will return from injury for the Rabbitohs in Saturday’s clash against the Raiders, along with fullback Alex Johnston and youngster Campbell Graham, while Jennings is currently sidelined with a hamstring complaint.

Jennngs has enjoyed a stellar season for South Sydney, leading the club with 17 tries from as many appearances prior to his injury.

And according toNRL.com,the 22-year old is due for a substantial pay rise in his deal deal.

Meanwhile, Inglis has been supporting Seibold in the coach’s box during his two-month injury layoff, and the Rabbitohs mentor praised the star centre for leadership.

“We had him (Inglis) doing a specific role there,” Seibold toldNRL.com.

“He was looking at the opposition attacking playmakers. We had him looking at our back five as well.

“He took on a mentoring role with some of the younger players in our group.

“The last couple of weeks we had some young guys playing out of position and getting opportunities in our backline. He’s taken a real shine to those guys and been a really good mentor for those guys over the last few weeks.

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“Greg’s like having another coach. At half-time he [would] get around to some of the guys, particularly in the positions that he’s very experienced in at fullback and the outside backs.”

Seibold recognised that Inglis has the potential to be an assistant coach some day, joking that he may not have the “patience” to take the top job.

“I think he’d be great as a positional coach. I’m not sure whether Greggy would like to dig through all the amount of video though. Probably doesn’t have the patience for that,” Seibold said.

Seibold added that the captain is primed to return to action today after training well earlier in the week.

“He really dived into getting better physically, he worked really hard,” Seibold said.

“He’s in very good condition, I’m sure anyone who’s seen him during the week would know how physically fit he looks.

“He’s hit the ground running this week at training and we’re looking forward to welcoming back our captain. He’s been out for six or seven games now.

“To have him back on the park is a big in for us.”



  1. Good that Jennings may stay, but Souths need another tough forward also to complete our pack, and if possible an outside back, Walker i hear wants back he would be good, I just think Souths are just that bit behind the other teams in contention, hope i’m wrong, Seibold needs to show why he’s he the most sought after coach now that the pressure is on, let’s hope he comes through, if not he will be a far better coach for the experience.

    • Penso old chap, I do agree that our Rabbits are behind the others, getting defeated by Canberra with all our stars back less Jennings is a major disappointment, this loss shows we are in big trouble this close to the semis, Munster or Maloney is the missing link for South Sydney. A hole running 5/8 with plenty of ball skills to set up our backline is a necessity. When we took the premiership in 2014 Keary was brilliant that year as a running link man. We need a similar player to get the premiership back. Losing 4 of our last 6 games with 3 of those in a row tells me the alarm bells are ringing extremely loud. With Crichton leaving I think we need to bolster the pack with Taupua and try hard for Dylan Walker in the centre with Gagai back on the wing. We most definitely need a super 5/8 as mentioned above. The way Brisbane is playing beating up those Roosters tonight could be a blessing in disguise with the Broncos hitting form Bennett may even get that contract extension and leave our rookie coach to concentrate on his trade at South Sydney.

      • Anyone would have thought that Keary was the key to the 2014 grand final appearance & win. Would have been far better to just pay what was required to keep him there first. Worry about the others later.
        Having said that, the current 5/8th does a good job, when the forwards do theirs .

        • Keary wanted to stay at the Rabbits, When the wheels had fallen of Souths season Crowe put the emphasis of blame on the 5/8 for there poor season and basically chased Keary all the way to our number one enemy the roosters. He was instrumental in bringing the premiership home after so long an absence, as soon as Souths had a really bad year Crowe belittled him up at Coffs Harbour blaming him practically with the entire blame. to the point where he up and left Crowes farm. Keary is playing a big role now helping Easts to a premiership. Crowe stuffed up and we need a top of the line 5/8 like Maloney or Munster. With the side we have now and a super star 5/8 will bring home the premiership.

    • Penso Penso Penso Penso Penso, Jennings will do nothing to save Souths rabbit, all he did was score four tries against the lowly ranked Parra, he may of scored a few more tries this year but he is not an x factor, its about time you have awaken from your dream of premiership number 22. That dream of yours will be just that for the remainder of your life, a dream. While ever we have Russell Crowe’s scape goat Keary at the mighty Roosters a premiership is a real possibility, but Souths 5/8 Walker is showing his lack of big game experience and is your teams weak link.不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  2. Agree, Souths need an experienced outside back. They looked confused against the Raiders. Looks like they have some good young talent coming through, but need some guidance out wide, and a few of them are very suspect under the hill ball. I think next week will be crunch time for the top 8 teams in terms of getting confidence for the semis. To me, no team has really stood out in the last month – some are losing, other winning, but ugly. Broncos are probably looking the best – but I am not convinced Nikorima is their answer.

    • Brisbane have been lucky, thay played us Rabbits with all our three quarter line out injured and the beat easts with two players in the bin and the roosters could not handle the slippery conditions with a 60% completion rate. Brisbane will not play in this years grand final and neither will Melbourne, It is a three horse race between Souths, Easts and Cronulla

  3. Our biggest problem is our bench – we’ve got no impact off the bench, C.Murray is developing into a very good player and should be our starting lock next year when Critchon moves on with Sammy going to the edges.. But our biggest problem at the moment is when the twins run out of steam we’ve got no one with size and mobility to inflict any damage off (and they’re still a bit of a hit and miss).. I also firmly believe Cookie needed a couple of weeks off after SOO (he looks tired to me). It also scares me a bit that now all of a sudden we’re talking “building pressure” – don’t remember those words being used when we were winning.. lets make sure we don’t stop playing footy boyz.

  4. Look we will do you blokes a favour this week. Roosters thrash Parra and win the minor premiership, Penrith defeat Melbourne. SO WEEK 1 Of the semis Roosters win, Souths Win we then both win our preliminary finals and Roosters win the Grand final against Souths 41-nil to regain the biggest winning margin for grand finals.

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