SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - FEBRUARY 24: Israel Folau of the Waratahs watches on during the round two Super Rugby match between the Waratahs and the Stormers at Allianz Stadium on February 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

A return to where it all started is on the cards for Israel Folau with the cross-code star refusing to rule out a return to the NRL.

Folau is off contract at the end of the year and is in no rush to decide his playing future.

The lure of playing in a second World Cup might not even be enough to keep the star athlete in rugby union.

“Look, (the World Cup) is something I enjoyed last time around. But, in saying that, there’s plenty of options on the line and, when that time comes, I’ll make a decision when I’m ready,” Folau told media on Wednesday.

“There’s no rush. I want to make sure everything is set in position and I feel comfortable and I’ll come out and make that announcement.”

Folau is undoubtedly in the sights of multiple NRL clubs and would be a massive boost for the rugby league to have a player of his statue return to the code.

A rugby league Test representative at just 18, multiple State of Origin series victories with Queensland and a Premiership with Melbourne is a pretty handy resume and Folau’s list of achievements have only grown since joining rugby union.

Folau has now played 62 Tests for the Wallabies since debuting in 2013 and is the only three-time winner of the John Eales Medal.

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At only 28, Folau is at the peak of his powers physically and no doubt will be in high demand, with multiple codes and countries all vying for his signature in the upcoming months.

The Waratahs remain confident they can keep Folau in the 15-man code, with his contract able to be supplemented by a Rugby Australia top-up.

A move from Sydney to Auckland could also weigh heavily into Folau’s plans though, after marrying New Zealand netball star Maria Tutaia last November.


  1. Come on roosters step on down…
    This seems right up there alley, another superstar on 300k of the salary and 2.6mil in an unmarked suitcase

    • No, no. They just “manage” the salary cap very well. Considering how well they “manage” the salary cap, they have been spectacularly unsuccessful. But on another note, whether it was the right decision or not remains to be seen but one has to admire their ruthlessness in getting rid of Pearce. The Dragons don’t have that. Far from it and that is why “managing” the salary cap very well or not, they have been spectacularly unsuccessful period. Supercoach McGregor is still trying to get a monument erected to commemorate the event of the Dragons sneaking into the top 8 three years ago.

    • When Ferguson leaves next season and with the 400K they have not spent this season we will have a spare mil for the big bloke, unless of course Fergo continues to play good like he is doing this year and decides to sign on for another year or two. Otherwise its a three horse race which winger the chooks sign for next season between the Union convert, Ferguson or Mansour

    • Forget that, he wouldn’t be worth whatever he’s asking. Would prefer to see lomax or little Wendell in there.

    • That’s a nice dream but no. We are set for more years of pain. Widdop, who has no running game, no playmaking ability, a poor to very poor kicking game and perhaps the worst defence in the competition is taking too much out of the salary cap and more often than not, not only plays badly himself but sabotages the rest of the team. It’s been happening far more often than not for 4 years. Last night was a classic example, does nothing but catch and pass well away from the opposition defensive line except for when he stupidly puts in a very poor kick rather than pass it and then when McDonald miraculously scores from it, the Dragons hating commentators, Greg Alexander and Warren Smith rave about what a good kick it was. But once again, silence from Gaz. Gaz is the only commentator on Fox who doesn’t rave about what a good player Widdop is. I think that says it all. They, with the exception of Gaz, are mocking us.

      • Did you even watch the game or are you a closet sharks supporter. Me thinks you know very little about this game they call rugby league.

  2. Sorry but Dragons don’t go after big names like that ever..
    The Roosters on the other hand have plenty of cap space left apparently.

      • Hunt ain’t a big signing he’s an overpriced HB who will have a good game here and there
        Im stunned the dragons where willing to pay him that lol So big no over payed yes

  3. Money Bill and Folau to the Rorters, done deal. After they fail this year, they just keep chasing the talent until they eventually win the comp aided and abetted by a corrupt NRL and crook in Greenberg

  4. lol please Roosters will sign him along with SBW and will say they still have a million under the cap lol

  5. Izzy is welcome to solve our FB crisis!
    Put AJ back to wing, GI and Gags to centre, Izzy at FB, Kennar on the other wing!
    Doesn’t sound that bad?!?!?

    Also; heard Jack de Belin will play S.O.O then sign for Souths

  6. Morris boys, Eastwood and no ore paying james Graham at the dragons next year
    That should leave the dogs with about 2.4M-2.8M of salary cap space freed up (5400k is James Graham, 800k is Eastwood), ……

    So izzy sign here …………………..


    and here……………………..

    Welcome to the dogs in 2019

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